Caniballisitic Ravenous Under Dwellers

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Automation..... Machines used to replace those natural elements of life's existence..... The sun, once thought to be unsalvageable past apocalyptic events of star's destruction; replaced by a clockwork machine.... What happens, when the machine fails?

Scifi / Horror
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Prologue: Eternal Sun


Ages void of light. Species natural to the pitch of painted black; wandering free from those hidden worlds that lay beneath.....

Primordial existences once reigned uncontested.....

Constant with the known sciences, as with all great mysteries in understanding of vital energy resources; stars bringing the morning illumination and lighting the path of the interstellar travelers way.....

Suns great in necessity to life's continuity, dying to spark once again in a gathering of gases and of energies; allowing science to intercede by adaption, in timed predictability of catastrophic happenings.....

Reinforced by new age technology, supported within a sphere exoskeleton structure of systematically operating shade visors and of multiple opening illumination ports, and of automated timed functions of a continually working machine; this sun is now thought to be eternal- controlled by remote operational- systems, that are regularly monitored by those specialists with the understanding of the solar sciences.

The energies and the gases within this eternal sun, constantly recycling solar illumination.....

It is the twenty seventh century.....

The ages of eternal darkness have now long passed.....

Those primordial dwellers from beneath have been forced back to the depths from where they came, and light from the earth's- star shines down upon the restored planet once again.....

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