Lonely Divide

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Chapter 11

Chapter 4.2

His Mistake

You are Jaden, back at the base with the others and your CO, about to punch someone.

"So it was some kind of illusion?" you ask.

"Yes. Someone, probably made invisible through magic, cast an illusion spell to try and trick us into going with them. They would have needed to see the illusion to make it respond to us, so that's who Jake probably felt when it went away. Then they set off the fire trap they had put over the door earlier thinking we would run to deal with that, and they were right."

"You did the right thing," says Sargent Draughon. "But you'll have to be extra careful from now on, especially you, Rose. I don't know if that was targeted at you specifically or not, but it seems you have an enemy already."

"One thing in our favor," says Jake, "Magical illusions can't be touched. If it was an ESPer doing this, they could make us feel like we touched the illusion, so it wouldn't be given away. If you think something's up, touch it and be sure."

"Or point it out to me," says Rose. "I can use Magic Sense to see if something is a spell or not. Unlike ESP I have to turn it on, it doesn't just activate when something weird is going on."

"So we have strategies, but they'll probably try something completely different next time. We need to find out more about why we were targeted."

"I leave that to you," says Draughon. "We wanted to give you time to spend your XP, so we didn't plan another mission for you right away, so use the time as you will. Good luck."

He leaves the room, and everyone looks around.

"What do we do now?" asks Jake.

"I don't know," you answer, then look over at Rose. "We'll have to see if Rose remembers anyone from her past that might try to hurt her like this."

Rose looks bored. "I don't. I've been with you most of my life remember? Do you think I should grow my hair out more?" she asks.

"I thought you said doing that would interfere with your flying?"

"I could wear it in a ponytail when I was flying."

"Yes, I guess you could."

"Do I really look that pretty?"

You look down. "Yeah," you mutter, coloring.

"As important as discussions about hair and what your LOOks are," says Clayton, "Perhaps we should be focusing on finding information about powerful wizards, probably one or more PCs, that have some kind of grudge against NPC-PS or us in general."

"Actually, you're the computer expert of the group, aren't you? Shouldn't you be the one doing that?"

"Oh. I- uh. Well I guess you're right. I'm going to go look into getting my gun spelled, then get on that. See you all later." He walks out.

"Nice one Jaden!" says Rose, giggling. "I'm going to see what sort of magic they have available now that I have some XP to spend. I'll see you later Jaden."

"I guess that just leaves us," you say to Jake. He gives a start. "What? Oh, yes, I suppose Rose has a point, we should get started spending that XP, I want to up compulsion, that seems really useful. I just have a bad feeling about all this. And with me, that means a little more then most. Stay alert, okay?"

You nod. "See you later."

And then he's gone too. You are ready for the next mission but you can't deny the others the chance to improve themselves, so you're going to have a long wait until you're needed again. Maybe you'll go home? You check your character sheet, yes, close combat, martial arts, off-hand, style analysis and energy boost are all part of a skill group, and you need 27 XP to raise everything to a 9. Maybe in two adventures you'll have enough? You sigh, this is not exactly how you pictured being a PC. At least you didn't mess the others up, which will probably happen sometime later.

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