Lonely Divide

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Chapter 13

Chapter 5.2

Second Mission

You are now virtual Clayton, inside cyberspace.

"Are you there, Scindo?" you ask your Agent.

"I am always at your beck and call," replies Scindo, who would be pleased to be finally introduced, if he had emotions. Which he doesn't, being only a semi-intelligent computer program that lives in your head and helps you hack things. He does, however, look like humanoid raccoon carrying a large bag, and a variety of tools hang from a belt at his waist. He doesn't appear in any one place for more then a few seconds, randomly blurring from one spot to the next in rapid succession, and always looking around nervously. You have been fitted with what's called a Netwalker, which gives a physical structure to the computer system in this building, and allows you to walk around it like any other physical space.

"We need to check and see if we can find any trace of the footage Rafael said was erased."

"Whatever you say."

You look around the virtual environment here, it looks like a prison network, with bars covering everything interesting. Scindo streaks back to you, "Yes, there's a gap, come and look."

You follow behind him, to a building looks like it had the the front all smashed in. You squeeze in past he ruined bars and enter the "structure", which appears to be a sort of data vault, with small drawers lining the walls each marked with a date and time. You see several drawers missing, and realize that, yes, the data is gone.

"Let's see what we can find out," you command Scindo, and get to work with a Hacking check. Scindo, being better at this then you, starts poking around with his tools, and you assist him, getting a measly 8+4 (the +4 being the bonus for Netwalking at the time), adding a +2 to his check of 24. With a 26, what the Narrator would deem a success for a "Very Difficult Task", you don't find the footage, but you do find something better. A trail leading back to the source of the attack. You quickly follow it, realizing whoever did this was no NPC, their skill was too high, but not high enough. You track it back to a machine and now stand in front of a foreboding castle, with a high door and iron portcullis baring your way. Of course this is just a virtual representation of what you're up against, not anything physical. You nod to Scindo to get to work, and he gets out his tools, trying to hack past the locks that control this door. Again you assist, adding another +2 to his 19, and this time you are actively working against this person's firewalls, which are only slightly better then average and get a 7 to resist you because they rolled minimum. Lucky!

You both slip inside and take a look around. The place is pretty clean, probably purchased for this job and then will be destroyed when it's over, so as to not leave evidence lying around. At least, that's what you would do. You stay still and watch for activity in the machine, but there doesn't seem to be any. Scindo is trying to look every which way at once, bouncing back and forth within a few feet of himself. You decide the owner isn't paying attention at the moment.

"Come on," you whisper, mainly for effect, and make your way up a set of stairs to a tower. You both hack the window, easily turning on the system's camera without alerting the internal defenses of the "castle" and peer out of now open window.

The computer seems to be in a warehouse someplace, and four people are sitting around a table playing cards, while a fifth seat sits empty. They all seem bored and are not talking about anything interesting at the moment. You do however see a group of people of all ages who are not bored, but rather are all tied together and can't stop fearfully looking around.


Now you just have to figure out where the heck you are... where this computer is, to be more precise. There aren't any windows you can see out of though, they're too far away. Wait, what did that guy say?

"Yeah, no problem."

"And you cleaned it out?"

"Of course. They looked in it, said it was fine, don't worry so much."

"I have to worry, you don't worry enough!"

They all laughed.

Oh, they were talking about the truck, you realize. They must have rented it to do the abducting and brought it back because they didn't need it anymore. This is both good news and something to be concerned about- if you can find where they rented it from, Jake might be able to use his power and figure out where it went. On the other hand if they've brought it back that must mean they're about to move on, meaning if you don't catch them tonight you won't.

You pull out of that system and move back into awareness of your body, waking up.

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