Lonely Divide

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Chapter 14

Chapter 5.3

Second Mission

You do not realize you have been anyone but Jaden.

Clayton wakes up with a concerned look on his face, and unplugs himself from the computer.

"I've got good news and bad news," he says. He relates what he learned and Rafael, now returned, says this is good news. There aren't too many places in this city to rent a white van matching the description given by Enrique, you can check them all in a couple of hours. He frantically rushes off to tell his team to start calling the local places to get them to hold all white vans matching that description, and comes back with a list of places you need to go. Clayton looks at the map and the address, and announces his CPU has solved this "traveling salesman" problem, whatever that is, and he can direct you all there in the shortest possible time. Go him, you suppose.

It takes several tries, four to be exact, for Jake's LUCk to catch up with the plot and roll high enough to get a result. Jake tries out Postcognition again, getting a 17 this time, easily enough to see where the truck has been the last few days. He tells you where the warehouse is it stopped at repeatedly, and you all head off. It's getting dark by this time, so you hope you're not too late.

Clayton explains there at probably five people there that need to be taken out, so you weigh the choices of waiting for more backup in the form of the local police or just going now and taking them.

"You can't kill any of them!" Rose says firmly.

"If they shoot as us, I'm shooting back," says Clayton, a bit more firmly.

"No. They deserve the chance to atone for the wrong they did," she answers, a bit more firmly then that.

"Maybe you should stay behind if it's going to bother you that much." The firmness is ratcheted up a little more.

"Maybe you should." The very air is starting to firm now.

"Don't tell me you have Won't Kill," groans Clayton.

"I certainly do. I'm a creature of nature, aren't I? Animals kill for food, and that's fine. Unless you're going to eat those people you kill-"

"Okay, fine, I'll aim for their legs or something, honestly." Clayton rolls his eyes.

"You promise?"

"Yes, unless I have no other choice."

"I'll be watching you. I declare, card 23, nobody dies."

"I just hope one of us doesn't because of your foolishness."


"Just leave it," you say, taking one of Rose's soft little hands in your two fingers. "I'm sure it'll work out."

"Humph. It better."

Arriving on the scene, Rose has cast Darksight on everyone and Armor of Magic on you, meaning she is now at a total penalty of -3 to everything for maintaining that magic. If it's light enough she'll drop the Darksight, but it's now after sundown and the warehouse probably isn't lit on the outside. Jake parks the car a few blocks away you make your way to the building as quietly as you all can. Clayton has his guns out, and Rose has faded to invisibility, but you heard her whisper "good luck" to you and plant a little kiss on your cheek, so she's around someplace.

"There are five of them," she whispers to you as you get closer. "My Detect Enemies spell says that, anyway."

The others nod, they heard. Approaching the warehouse you see a truck with a cargo container sticking into the building, and light spills out through the crack between them. Everyone fails to notice the man standing quite boldly on top of the container and watching you all interestedly, as you think you are sneaking closer unseen. He is using the ESPer ability Masking and as everyone got an eleven or lower to notice him, and he rolled a thirteen on his check, he remained hidden.

Until, that is, Jake's ESP goes off and he puts a hand up to stop you all. "There's an ESPer using a power around here!" he whispers, and lights go on all around you.

"What took you so long?" asks the man on top of the truck, whom you now see is holding a very nasty looking gun. "I expected you like an hour ago. Did you get lost?"

Smiling men, four of them, are stepping out from behind crates and things stacked around the space, and all but one are carrying handguns.

"You're not the only ESPer in the world, you know," says the man. "Now if you all could just put up your hands? Or would you prefer to roll initiative?"

You look around, unsure what to do, but you are seeing in color again, meaning Rose has dropped the Darksight spell in order to do something else, which you hope happens soon. You hesitantly start putting your hands up, to buy her the time she needs. Of course if Jake wanted to do something with Telekinesis, you wouldn't complain. You wish you had some kind of long range attack, like some sort of energy blast, yeah, that would be the ticket.

"Hang on," says a voice in your ear, "I complete the tunnel!" Rose becomes visible for a split second as a magic circle appears under your feet, and she has her wand held high.

"See ya!" she says.

You find yourself falling, your amazing REFlexes allowing you to reorient immediately as you've just traveled through Unicorn's Tunnel and into the warehouse by the door. You catch Jake and Clayton by the shirt and steady them, while the voices shout from outside, "Find them!"

The portal on the wall closes, and you look around. You're by the truck, which is full of tied up people, and there's a small gap to the left of it. To the right is a door, which the goons will probably bust through any second. Clayton throws you a knife from his inventory and points to the people in the truck.

"Get them mobile, we'll hold them off!"

You spring into the truck and start hacking into the ropes holding the first person you come to. You hear the door bang open and a voice shout, "They're in here!"

Now you all roll initiative.

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