Lonely Divide

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Chapter 15

Chapter 5.4

Second Mission

You are now the observer, so that you may properly view the battle

Jaden, the goon on the truck and the goon with no gun go first, and Jaden spends an action hacking at the rope tying the nearest person's hands together. You notice the guy on top of the truck dropping down to the left, and out of sight. The goon with no gun begins casting something, he'll be done in five segments. Not yet in combat, both Jaden and the ESPer delay their base of 7.

Rose is up, she sees goon1 at the door and starts to smirk, but he's raising his gun to fire, and she makes a free action Magic Combat check to see if he'll go before or after her action. She gets a twelve and he gets an eight to mask his intent, which of course fails. She knows they will act together, and puts extra energy into her Mercury spell of Immobilize, trying to cast it instantly. She rolls a fifteen minus one for her Armor of Magic, making his arms jerk to his sides as bands of force wrap around him, also having the his shot go wild. He makes a STRength check to bust out, putting in his maximum energy, and gets a 19, shaking free of the spell.

"I declare, card 7," shouts Jake, causing a card with glasses guy giving a thumbs up to shimmer and disappear, and suddenly the bands are back around goon one, and he's helpless. "Good thinking, Rose," he says. "We've got no cover here, him shooting us would be a disaster!"

The Narrator plays card 44 on Rose in retaliation for all this, and her delay increases by a total of seventeen. She thinks she's been distracted by the complement and looks away, murmuring something. Goon1 took a shot and is basically out of the combat thanks to the card, so we don't have to worry about his delay any more. Goon2 leaps over the container he was hiding behind and runs for the door. Goon1 is hidden behind it, but he saw magical lights over there so he knows something is going on.

Jake uses TK to fling Goon1 further into the room, so the door can close, getting a 22 and smashing him into the table behind the group, dazing him. The door swings closed. His delay raises by eight. At the same time, Clayton yells "I declare, card 45." Now he doesn't have to reload either of his guns or keep track of the ammo he uses, for which the Narrator gives a nod, because that saves him some work. He starts shooting at the door with both guns, discouraging others from getting curious and opening it again. His delay rises by 6.

Goon3 has a magical circle around him, and sees his wizard buddy looking at him, so he knows it's a friendly spell. He at the very least goes over to the wizard so he can be told what the spell is when it's done being cast.

Which is now: the spell goes off, and the wizard gets a seventeen on casting Invulnerability on Goon3, pulling it off easily and telling Goon3 he's now immune to bullets. His delay rises by seven.

Jaden makes a perception check as the ESPer sneaks up behind her, about to clock her in the head with the back of his rifle. This counts as the Club skill, which the Narrator says he doesn't have, who but a caveman would? So he rolls that untrained, getting a ten, two maximum rolls in a row. He then takes a minus three because of the called shot, still enough to hit, and bashes into her head. What he doesn't know is that Jaden is protected by Rose's Armor of Magic spell, and there's a flash as the weapon bounces off. She whirls around, now ready to strike, as her action was to cut through the rope holding this person's feet. She has let go of the knife in surprise, and is now facing the ESPerGoon. She is now in close combat, her delay rises by four, his by 8.

Clayton continues firing at the doors.

Goon2 holds his action, as he sees bullets joyfully trying to tear the door to pieces, and thinks how nice it would be if that wasn't him.

Goon3 then acts, striding over to the door and brashly yanking it open, bullets bouncing off his invulnerable body. He thinks this must be how a certain red caped super hero must feel, and readies his gun to fire. His delay rises by 8 for the moment and the door opening.

Goon2 stops holding and dodges behind Goon3, using him as a human shield, and fires a burst of three shots from his pistol into the warehouse. He sees two people there and a fairy, so he tries to hit each of them, taking a minus three penalty to his action. He gets a twelve, meaning Clayton and Jake both take a bullet. Clayton takes five damage to the body, and Jake takes it in the right arm for one, just a scratch. Rose wishes she could do something about it, but is still under the effects of card 44, and will be for some time.

Jake doesn't want to get shot again, so he targets both of their guns with TK and spends maximum energy, getting a twenty three. Both goons spend max energy on their STRength check to hold onto them, Goon2 getting an eighteen and Goon3 getting a twenty three. One gun goes sailing, the other stays right where it is. Goon2 shakes his fist at Jake, that was his favorite gun!

Jaden launches a flurry of Kung Fu blows at ESPerGoon, who tries to block them with a barrier. She rolls a twenty four to hit him, while the barrier rating is a sixteen, so she punches right through it and into him. She hits his body for thirteen damage, bringing him one into gone, and he collapses. Another four delay for her, and it's the WizardGoon's turn again.

He thinks for a second about what spell would be good in this situation, and realizes the NPCs are probably going to be mopped up with no trouble, so he selfishly decides to flee the scene. He starts casting Teleportation, which will be done in eight segments. This is too bad for our heroes, if he was to be caught now he could tell them everything, which of course we can't allow just yet, now can we?

Clayton meanwhile has seen the effect his bullets are having on Goon3 and before he fires again says "I declare, card 10", having been handed it somehow by Jaden, and shoots. His bullets pass through a card with a knight on it that has a sword sticking out of his chest, and as he knows Rose would want it this way, does a called shot to the legs of both Goon2 and Goon3. He fires two bullets from his right hand at Goon2 and two at Goon3 from his left. Oddly enough, both take 11 damage to one leg, and both cry out in surprise, Goon3 crying the louder as he now believes his wizard companion has abandoned him. He does not know the wizard has done no such thing, but that does not stop him from swearing vengeance on the wizard, leading to Goon3's untimely death some years later through an unrelated incident involving a kitchen accident that everyone agreed would have been quite humorous were it not for the tragic death that was the result.

Jaden goes back to cutting rope, after kicking the ESPerGoon's gun away from him, and calling him a nasty name or two which somehow gets lost in the sound of gunfire, cries of pain, and laughter on the part of Clayton. Maybe when she's calmed down a little we'll come back and check on her...

Goon2, now having lost his weapon and almost having his leg shot off now wishes to retreat, and grabs the door to hold himself up as he hobbles away. He sees the wizard casting something and the circle is right at the wizard's feet, so he smiles, thinking the magic is about to take hold and make those NPC-PS guys pay for what they've done! We know he couldn't be more wrong.

Jake is unsure if Goon3's Invulnerability has worn off or not, but he does know one thing- Invulnerable things can hurt themselves, so he grabs Goon3's hand (the one not holding a gun) with TK and slams it into his nearly ruined leg. He gets an eighteen minus three for the called shot, while the Goon3 gets a thirteen to resist, and his hand slams into his leg. Because Jake used two energy to increase his RESolve to a 10, this does lethal damage, but only one. It's rather fortunate that's all he needed to do, and Goon3 crumples to the ground, his leg useless. It now occurs to Jake that Goon3 doesn't need his leg to fire, he's still holding a gun. Whoops. Luckily, Rose is finally over her card induced pause, and again casts Immobilize, this time spending maximum energy because she's at a minus three because of the other spells she's maintaining. She gets an eleven, barely enough to cast the spell. Goon3 busts out with a thirteen, spending maximum energy and taking a minus five penalty for being prone.

The wizard outside finishes casting and disappears, making Goon2 think he has just gone invisible. This is because Goon2 is only of average intelligence and honestly doesn't suspect the wizard would run off in the middle of a fight, and hauls himself to one side so the (now departed) wizard can get through. "Go get them!" he exclaims to empty air. Poor Goon2, he's going to be so surprised when he finds out.

Meanwhile, Clayton shouts over to Goon3, "Drop it, you know you can't win against us by yourself!" and holds his action. Goon3 thinks for a moment and drops his gun, defeated.

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