Lonely Divide

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Chapter 16

Chapter 6.1

Her Story

You are Belquis, about to be woken from your icy slumber

Your existence is pain. Not long ago you watched in horror as, after being yanked from your home, presumably by magic, ice started covering your body. You were afraid, and panic took you over, but it was no use, the ice was too strong and you believed you were dying. Now, suddenly, you are breathing again, and every inch of you is pins and needles. Blankets are wrapped around you, and through blurry eyes you see several people crowded around you, while a too bright fire burns nearby. You groan, and close your eyes again.

"I think she's coming out of it," says a squeaky high voice.

"Will she be okay?" says another.

"After she warms up we'll ask her," says a third.

You're among friends, you hear inside your head. Don't try to move too much until you feel up to it, we don't know how long you were in that ice.

Slowly you warm, and finally you're able to move again, and someone carefully helps you sit up. You look around. There are three people and a fairy hovering around you, one with metal arms, and two that look normal. His arms looks a little worn, you wonder if he's been neglecting his scheduled maintenance, which would be unfortunate, arms like that don't come cheap, and making sure they are in top shape is cheaper in the long run then letting them break down and need complete replacement. Your lizard brain wonders if this is the best time to be pondering such issues, and the rest agrees it probably isn't, and goes back into overdrive. A hundred questions scrabble to the surface of your brain, each claiming importance over the overs.

"Are you going to kill me?" you ask shakily, looking at the guns carried by the cyborg.

"No, these are what I used to rescue you," he answers, failing to put them away like a civilized person would do in the presence of a lady. Of course you're just a kid, but it's the same thing, isn't it? "Why were you in that ice?"

"Give her a minute, Clayton, geese," says the boy standing next to him.

"Take your time," says the fairy. "I'm Rose, what's your name?"

"I'm Belquis, you rescued me?"

They all nod.

"Where am I?"

"A warehouse in Bonao," says the girl. "I'm Jaden, I'm glad to see you're all right. This is Jake. You are all right, aren't you?"

As the cold has left you, normal feeling has returned to you, and you nod. "Yes, I think I'll be fine."

"How old are you?" asks Clayton.

"I'm twelve. If you've rescued me, can I go home now?"

"In a while, honey," says Jaden. "We need to understand why you were in the ice like that. Can you tell us anything?"

You shake your head. "I was just playing outside when suddenly this magic circle appeared and scooped me up. I was in a dark room and I couldn't see anything. Then all of a sudden the ice went around me and I couldn't break free and I was so scared and I couldn't breathe and I thought I would die and it was so cold and I wanted my mom and I tried to break free and I even put energy into STRength but I'm just a little girl so it wasn't enough-" You're crying, you don't understand why this had to happen to you, and who these scary people are, and you just want to go home.

"Easy now, easy!" says Jaden, hugging you. "You're safe now. We took care of those people that stole you away, they're in jail now. We'll take you back to your parents soon, okay?"

You really have no choice but to trust them, even though these could be the very people that kidnapped you and are trying in some way to trick you. You decide to bide your time like any reasonable person and try to escape if you get the opportunity. Then a thought strikes you, and you wish you could feel if there's a bump but this weird girl is still hugging you, which you probably think is supposed to try and help you feel better but-

"Are you PCs like me?" you ask.

"You're a PC?" asks Scary Gun Guy, looking at you with what is probably his default expression, annoyed.

You nod, and Jaden draws back. "My LOOks and PERsonality are higher then average. My parents want me to be an actress when I grow up, when I'm done having adventures and all that."

"Well I'm sure you do just fine," says Jaden happily.

"Oh no, I'm rebelling against cultural norms, so I'm going to be putting my XP into raising my MANipulation, KNOwledge and REAson. Then I'll go back to school and study to become a cyberneticist, which is really my main passion, helping people live better lives through advanced technology."

Jaden doesn't seem to know exactly how to respond to this statement, so she choses to ignore it, which you suppose you can't help. "Let's get you back to the police station so we can have your parents pick up you, and you can give your statement to the police and then go home. How does that sound?"

You nod, maybe these people are okay after all.

Jaden helps you up, and the fairy spends almost ten seconds casting a spell, and a hole appears in the air in front of you, and you can see a police station through it.

"It's okay, come on!" says the fairy, fluttering through it. You step through.

"Belquis?" a voice says as everyone else comes through the hole. It seems to ripple a little, and if you had been looking, you would have see Rose grow concerned as it steadied out, but you weren't, you were looking for who was talking. "Is that you?"

You look around, and there's a policeman standing there, looking at you. You nod.

"Your parents have been so worried about you! They'll be glad to know you're safe. Where have you been?"

"In the ice," you say, trying to be helpful. He just looks confused.

"We'll tell you the whole story later, right now can you give her parents a call?"

The officer walks away and another one comes up to the group.

"Nicely done," he says, obviously impressed. "You NPC-PS people don't mess around. First a little gift of the perpetrators, gift wrapped and delivered right into a cell, then you rescue Marcial's daughter not twenty minutes later."

NPC-PS? you think. You notice they are all wearing uniforms, nice of them to inform you, it would have smoothed things over in your mind considerably. If you had believed them, of course. But you're so pretty and nice hardly anyone tries to deceive you, at least that you've caught them at.

"Where did you find her?" the officer goes on.

"In the transport unit, frozen inside a Freeze spell," explains the fairy, Rose.

"A freeze spell?" says the officer, looking down at you. "How you would like some Hot Chocolate?"

"If it's not too much trouble," you answer, cutely looking at the ground and getting a nineteen on your PERsonality check, meaning he would probably do anything in the world for you if you asked.

You are brought into a room that looks suspiciously like an interrogation room, if you were a suspicious person, and you happily sip Hot Chocolate and relate your tale, now getting into the roll of the Helpless Damsel In Distress. You have made at least a cursory study of acting to satisfy your parents' wishes, even if they think being a cyberneticist is a foolish dream for a little girl. They listen attentively, and soon enough your parents arrive and make an adequate fuss over you, and thank the nice people from NPC-PS, even the scary guy, for saving you. Your parents are properly horrified when they learn their daughter spent the last several days as an ice cube, but are in some ways relieved it wasn't worse, which it could easily have been, but the Narrator would never go that far as to truly torment a little girl, would he? You resolve to re-examine your beliefs at some later time, after you have been properly doted over, which is your due. You thank everyone and go off with your parents, your part in this story complete.

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