Lonely Divide

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Chapter 17

Chapter 6.2

Her Story

You are Clayton, beginning to Get The Picture.

"So let me get this straight," you say, after discussing it with the others. You've also clarified things with the four people now awaiting trail, so you have a pretty good idea of what happened. "First of all, this wizard guy uses the magic of Telesummon to grab Belquis from out of her house. She finds herself inside an abandoned house and gets Frozen, putting her in suspended animation. He then loads her onto a truck and puts her into the freezer. He does this extremely round about thing because..." You point to Rose.

"Because teleport magic could be traced. However, if he's made himself some sort of object that prevents magical spying on him, he himself wouldn't be traceable," she answers.

"That's how we knew where she had gone to," adds Rafael, "We had that magic performed and it led us to the house. That's where we lost the trail."

"But what I don't understand is why her treatment and the other's was so different. The other kidnappers didn't even know she was there, as far as your magics can tell. Right?"

"That's right, we questioned them every which way, but they all said the same thing. They knew nothing about a little girl in that compartment. Unless they were made to forget, but that's a lot of trouble to take."

"Okay, what about her being a PC? Maybe he thought she would be a bigger problem then the others? But she was so young, she probably has stat penalties still. Is she some crazy talent ESPer or a magic user or something?"

"Not according to her parents."

"So why take her at all? Her parents are loaded, but there was no ransom note, she was just frozen. So it can't have been for money. Do we know where that container was going?"

Rafael shook his head. "The ESPer said he was going to make the shipmaster load the container and take it to where it needed to be. However he used Memory Alteration on himself so he's now forgotten the address. I almost wish you had waited to attack them until they arrived, that way we might have gotten a look at who was going to pick them up."

"Shoot, you're right. Sorry about that, we're still pretty new at all this."

He shrugged. "Better to be safe then sorry, I guess. For all we know the wizard would have teleported her off the boat before they even got to their destination, once he was sure he couldn't be traced."

"You don't suppose he was acting alone, do you?" Jaden asks.

"In what sense?"

"He takes advantage of his knowledge they would be transporting people and arranged some separate deal with someone else for her. Do her parents have enemies?"

"No, we checked that. Neither one has the Enemies weakness. She didn't either, according to them. I guess anything's possible at this point. Until you find that wizard and ask him directly, we can only guess."

"By the way, what keeps that wizard from just grabbing her again?" you ask.

"I recommended to them a wizard I know who's pretty average at Imbuing. They're going to buy her some sort of object with Planer Hold on it, so she can't be teleported away again."

"Good plan."

"I recommended a piercing of some kind, which they didn't seem too happy about, but Belquis seemed intrigued. That's really the only way to make sure she won't take it off at a critical moment, and keep it hidden."

"Imbuing huh?" you ask, an interesting idea seeming to form in your mind.

"Can we go now?" asks Rose.

"You'll let NPC-PS know if anything else surfaces on the laptop or they decide to remember something else?"

"Of course," answers Rafael. "And thank you, all of you. I know you're just doing your jobs and this sort of stuff is probably nothing to you guys, but we appreciate it."

Everyone assures him it was nothing, fulfilling the social contract, and Rose does her thing to open a hole in the air for you to get home through. At it closes you lean over to ask her something.

"Hey Rose?"

"Yeah?" she edges away from you a little. Guess she still isn't comfortable around you.

"You can Imbue any object, right?"

"I don't know Imbuing. It takes a long time, I don't have the patience for it."

"I mean any object can be Imbued."

"Yes. Why?"

"I was thinking, what about one of my cyber arms? Like make it shoot fire or something. That would be cool."

"Well they'd have to detach it while they worked. I don't really know, cybernetics and magic don't really get along very well, I'll look into it for you."

"You would do that for me? Thanks!"

"Yeah, it's okay."

You make your way to your room, you need to write up a full report, but that can wait until the morning. It's been a busy day, and you're tired!

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