Lonely Divide

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Chapter 19

Chapter 8.1

Escort Mission

You are Jake, and you've been doing really interesting stuff too, honest!

"Do any of you have history?" asks Draughon at your next meeting. "What do you know about Syria?"

You do, but you only get a six. Clayton makes a face, obviously he rolled even less. The others just sake their heads.

"Okay then," he says, looking about. "Suffice it to say it's never been a really stable place, government wise. Most "elections" are one candidate, unopposed, and there was a time when it was under martial law for like fifty years. All that seems to be changing for the better, however, as they have finally decided to have a real election, with two people running instead of just one. Of course will the choice between two self serving power mad people really help the country? Who knows. All I know is that one of the candidates wants protection, as threats have been made against his life. He wants to go out campaigning, but he's afraid of the consequences if he gets killed. As a true election is a baby step in the right direction, our government has offered, to be frank, some people they can spare, and that's you guys. Don't get me wrong, it's not a slight against you or anything, you've done good work so far but a bodyguard mission isn't exactly what most PCs have in mind, so as you're the newest group, you get it. There is a twist to this case, though."

Everyone is following him so far, so he continues.

"He wants to know who, exactly, is making these threats. Of course he suspects his political rival, but he has no proof. Your task is to safeguard him, and when he's attacked, follow them back to their hideout and figure out who they're working for. How you accomplish all of this is up to you of course, just so long as he stays safe. Here's the man you'll be protecting, Dhul Fiqar," he says, sliding a picture across the table. He's probably in his late 40s, balding, a bit pudgy, average looking, like all NPCs. "You'll be meeting him at the Mezze Air Base, and you'll be going by military transport this time, so you don't need tickets. It's not exactly undercover, but you won't be in uniform, we want them to try something and if they know we're in the area, they might call it off. Which would be fine, but that would require you to stay there until the election, which is a month and a half away."

Rose groans.

"I know. Hopefully it won't come to that. You'll be following his itinerary when you get there, so that's really all I have for you. Good luck."

Everyone looks over their new cards, you have card 19, not that you would use that one, you think. Clayton turns in two, for three XP, everyone else keeps theirs. Turns out Jaden gets the extra cash this time, she wonders what she can buy before the adventure is over, and says she's going to keep an eye out. That card seems to be a popular one. No Rallies this time though.

The next day you all leave, and make your way to the Mezze airport, where you are met by Dhul and his two bodyguards. They stepped in front of him and looked us over, and didn't seem all that impressed.

"You'll forgive us," the one on the left says.

"But this is Mr Figar's orders," the one on the right finishes.

Rose was riding Jaden's shoulder, and I was up front, with Clayton behind me. The two men charge forward, obviously intending to strike us, so we rolled initiative.

Having rolled highest you figure you should just end this here and now, and fling your hands up to catch both of them with telekinesis. You get a 17 and fling them both back at the same time, the looks of determination on their faces giving way to surprise. They go hurtling back past Mr Fiqar, landing roughly several meters away. Jaden pouts a little that she didn't get to have any fun, and Clayton steps up next to me.

"Is that really necessary?" he asks, his hands twitching like he wants to have a gun in them.

"Well I suppose you'll do," says Dhul, looking at you and ignoring the question. "What about you?" he sneers at Jaden. Her face lights up, possibly thinking she'll have some fun after all. She gestures at him and looks at Rose. "Regeneration, please," she says sweetly, gesturing at him. "Certainly," answers Rose, getting out her wand and waving it about. A circle appears around Dhul and disappears, causing him to look down at himself.

"What was that for?" he asks roughly.

"I would hate to accidentally kill you," she replies sweetly, taking a circle step forward and unleashing a flurry of blows towards his pudgy midsection. You can see she's holding back, but he still staggers under the ministration of her reverse massage. He also goes down. The two bodyguards try to rise, but you didn't let your telekinesis go, so they're still pinned to the ground like butterflies in a display case. Jaden watches as the regeneration catches up to Dhul and heals him, and he gets unsteadily to his feet.

"You've proven your point. Guess that just leaves you," he says to Clayton.

"I thought you'd never ask!" he says, pleased, and Quick Draws his weapon, getting a 15 so it's in his hand instantly. He sights along the barrel at a nearby sign, and squeezes off three or four clips worth of ammo without reloading. Most hit the sign and twang off, throwing little sparks all over the place, and he finally finishes.

"Uh..." Dhul seems a little lost for words now. "How many bullets do you have in that little gun anyway?"

"A whole crateful," he answers. "Thanks for reminding me." He pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. We hear his half of the conversation.

"Hey, it's me. Can you dump some more in?"

"No trouble, just showing off."

"They aren't that expensive."

"Just do it. Thanks." He puts the phone away.

"What was that about?" asks Dhul.

"I have an ammo crate with my name on it in my room. Any bullet in it is understood to be mine."

He nods, he knows about magic. "You can let them up now, I'm satisfied," he says to you. You flourish your hand, and the force smashing them into the runway is released, and they get up. "I do apologize about that, but I really did have to be sure they sent someone competent. I want this election to succeed, but I can't do that if I'm dead." He holds out a hand.

"We understand," you say, shaking it. You all introduce yourselves, and he leads you to a car which will take you to the campaign area where he's staying. You of course stay extra alert now, you're on the clock, after all. You don't let him get into the car without doing a Postcognition on it for the last few minutes, you wouldn't want to get blown up by a recently placed explosive, after all. Also, once in the car you immediately suggest a Premonition check on his person, to see if you can determine if an attack will be happening soon. He has no problem with that, but you do apologize that you are not yet a master of this skill, being that there are so many skills for an ESPer to learn, it's hard to master them all without years of training. He understands, and says to proceed.

You get a 17, almost maximum, and know that an attempt will be made on his life in three days.

"And you say you haven't mastered that skill?"

"I just rolled well, that's all."

"Still, is there any indication of what form this attempt will take?"

"I can try narrowing it down, just a second."

You try again, but only get an 11 this time, and shake your head. "I can't, sorry."

"Don't worry about it. At least we can be extra careful three days from now!"

Dhul had a busy schedule the next several days, with radio, tv and web appearances at various times. On the third day, however, he planned to be walking door to door and meeting people, which must be significant, you think. That night after dinner you're watching his room while he showered next door, and the others were with you.

"Why don't we just change his schedule?" asks Rose. "We know it'll happen when he's out talking to people, so let's just keep him from doing that!"

"No good," said Clayton. "We need to figure out who's threatening him, remember? If we change the schedule, whoever it is will change theirs, and we won't have any idea what they're planning."

"Oh, I guess you're right."

"We still need to be on guard though, your looking into the future isn't perfect, is it?"

You shake your head. "The future isn't fixed. At that moment he was in danger three days from now. But if someone randomly decides to do something different, it'll change. Naturally I'll check him every morning, but I can't be sure that's foolproof either. So I wouldn't relax."

"We'll have to take turns guarding him at night. I'm sure his regular bodyguards will help, so it won't be too bad."

"We should still come up with some plans in case the third day is the key, we don't want to mess up our chance," says Jaden.

"He'll be walking around outside," says Clayton. "If I were them, just shooting him from a passing car is what I would do. Quick, neat, and you can drive right away afterwords."

"I suppose I could loan him my bracelet," says Rose, indicating the band of metal on her forearm. "He could wear it and be invulnerable."

"No, I think we're going to have to risk a little more then that," says Clayton. "How would you do that anyway, it's so tiny."

"I can get bigger," she explains. "It's part of my fairy magic. I could grow to human size, take it off, then when he gave it back to me I would get bigger again, put it back on, then shrink again."

"Interesting. Have to remember you can do that. But I have something different in mind. How would you feel about maintaining Regeneration and Armor of Magic on him while he's outside?"

Rose thought for a bit. "I suppose I could ask the magic to remain while he walks about outside and is in danger of death. Magic is kind of funny like that- if I knew the fly spell and wanted to let someone fly around the world, the magic would stay until they did it. As long as I maintained it, anyway. But ask it to get you to the store, and as soon as you're there, poof, it's gone, no matter how much you wanted to maintain it. It should be okay, though. Why risk it though?"

"Some shots need to hit him, and as long as you don't cast Armor of Magic too well, they will. Him having regeneration should cover the rest. The thing is they need to think he's dead so they report in, thus we can find out who they're working for."

"That means this whole plan depends on you, Rose," you say. "Think you're up to it?"

"I- I guess? Maintaining two spells like that, Regeneration is a level seven spell you know? That's a minus four to everything I do while I've got them going."

"I'm glad it's not me," says Jaden. "I know I would mess it up."

"When they- if they show up in a car and start shooting, you can fly under it and hold onto something. Tail them to wherever and find a place to hide. Even with a minus four that shouldn't be too hard. Then drop those spells and open a portal to where we were at the time of the attack, and we'll come back you up. You can stay invisible as long as you want, right?"

"Yes. Until I attack or call attention to myself. Okay, I hope this works out!"

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