Lonely Divide

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Chapter 27

Chapter 11.2

Nature of Magic


A figure, hardly more then a distortion in the air, sits with a glass of something in their hand, watching the news of the day. The figure has had another setback, these PCs are proving most difficult to capture, even alone, and this Clayton fellow... he proved to be almost fatal to you. Honestly, it's only your taking every magical precaution that you're alive right now, and able to continue your experiments. He's made it personal, the figure thinks, very personal. It might be better to just kill him, rather then use him for the experiment. It would be a waste, someone that good might be the key, even though the figure suspects most of his success against you was cards. Still, there are three more in the group, right? And PCs aren't that hard to come by that each must be husbanded. Yes, it's about time you planned something... big.

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