Lonely Divide

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Chapter 3

Chapter 1.3


You are standing next to Jaden, workout equipment is all around you

"I'll be right with you!" she says, landing another flurry of blows to the workout bag she's currently pummeling.

You look over this girl and decide she's probably Chinese, and pretty cute, too, if you're into that sort of thing. "That sort of thing" being a young, cute, asian girl currently beating the snot out of her workout bag at high speed. Sweat is streaming off her face, and her uniform is a bit damp as well. You seem to be in a finished basement, stuffed with martial arts gear and training tools. Jaden gives a final shout and ends her workout, breathing heavily, and turns to greet you.

"Oh, you must be the observer! I can't believe the Narrator sent you to see me when I looked like this!"

You can totally believe it, based on what you saw of his living room/workshop/whatever that room was.

"I'm Jaden Shan, I'd shake hands but I'm all sweaty. Do you mind if I just ran and took a quick shower? I have to find Rose anyway, you'll want to meet her. It'll just take me a second, don't go anywhere."

You think it's impossible for you to do so.

Jaden runs off up the stairs, so you take a closer look around your surroundings. Minutes pass. Then a few more. You begin to feel forgotten: That is because you have been. You head up the stairs and see that Jaden seems to live in a pretty nice house, her parents have some money, that's for sure. You call out into the house, wondering where everyone is, but get no reply. You listen for the sound of running water, or something to indicate where she's gone, but don't hear anything. You move to the front door and look out, perhaps she went to get the mail or something and had to talk to someone? This seems farfetched of course but-

"Excuse me, who are you?" a voice asks from somewhere near the ground.

You look around, but don't see anyone.

"No, under here, he's scared of you and won't come out."

You wonder if you're hearing voices now, and bend down, tilting your head to look under a nearby bush. To your surprise see a fairy riding a rabbit, or more technically sitting on a rabbit, as the rabbit is currently not moving. The fairy is only a couple of inches tall, and female. She has short, golden hair and iridescent wings like a dragonfly. She's not wearing anything that you can tell, but most of her is hidden by the head of the rabbit she's sitting on, so it's tough to say. She seems to be holding a rod with a tiny jewel at the tip, and it's pointed at you. You wonder if such sights are commonplace around this household.

"No, he doesn't let me ride too often, but it's fun when he does. Now can you answer my question?"

You think for a moment, and recall she asked who you were. You tell her.

"Oh, that's different then! She just ran off and left you down there? Honestly, that girl would forget her head if it wasn't attached. One too many blows to the old noggin if you ask me. Come on, I'll help you find her." The fairy turns her attention to the rabbit, and talks to him in some way, then flutters her wings and darts towards you.

"I usually wear clothes when expecting visitors, you understand, but it was just such a nice day out I couldn't resist. Also the Narrator wasn't exactly clear on when you were arriving, which was probably intentional. Most things are, you know. Sorry if it bothers you, or anything. I'm Rose Petal, nice to meet you."

Suddenly, the fairy is person sized, and shakes your hand before shrinking back down again, and putting her wand back into her inventory.

Wait, you think, where did she just put that?

"She's probably in her room, come on." She zips through the door and you close it behind her.

Rose leads you up another flight of stairs, and yes, her parents make a pretty good living at something, you can tell by looking around.

"Just a second, I'll go see if she's in there." Rose takes her wand out of her inventory again, and wiggles it around while chanting. A glowing circle appears at her feet, and magical energy shimmers around her. The circle disappears, and Rose nods, satisfied. She puts her wand away again and passes through the door as if it wasn't even there.

You can't help but think how extraordinary this world is.

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