Lonely Divide

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Chapter 31

Chapter 14.1

Rescue, aftermath

You are the observer, standing in a jail cell with five cyber punks

"So do you think they bought it?" asks one to the other in a whisper.

"You better hope they did, or we're all dead," replies one.

"I honestly didn't think that one girl could take us all down like that. Even accounting for invulnerability, she moved pretty well. Still, did she have to trash the place?"

"I don't think flipping a table over is trashing the place."

"I was working on a robot there, you know?"

"What do you think it's all about?"

"I don't know and I don't care. Invisible person paid me money to get beat up and then provide that hair to whoever came, and someone came. We made it seem real and they went away. We did our part, so hopefully they're happy."

"Yeah, you saw what she did to Kim." They all shudder. "That was just a sample of what we had coming if we failed, that's what the figure said. I hated leaving her chained up there like that, but what could we do?"

"Not even Kung Fu lady moved like that, I see the difference now. I wouldn't want to get between those two in a fight, but I think the NPC-PS girl would have real trouble with that one."

"Must have been magic."

"Must have been."

There's a pause.

"We'll get out, right?"

"Hey, at least in here we're safe? Better in jail then dead!"



"What was the deal with that gun anyway?"

"Realism, I guess? We couldn't have hurt her, otherwise, so that made it more believable."

"Could be. How did the invisible person know it would be her we were fighting?"

"Maybe she figured we'd be fighting all of them, and whoever had that gun should focus on her."

"I guess. Still, your Uncle gave it to you? What was that all about?"

"I didn't say my Uncle, someone else said Uncle. I said grandfather!"

"We all said Uncle because you can't shoot straight."

"Sorry, I tried my best. It's not every week two people bust in and attack you, even in this city, you know?"

"One person and a fairy."

"She doesn't count as a person?"

"Well if a girl and her pet dragon busted in you wouldn't say 'two people' would you?"

"A fairy is person... shaped."

"So is a zombie, but I wouldn't call that a person either."

"I guess. How did we ever get mixed up in this?"

"That job Blitz took, that's how. Just drive a truck and leave it, he says. Then drive it someplace else, he says. Easy money my shiny metal butt."

"Why would you have that cybered?"

"It's a figure of speech, you know?"

"I really hope we get out of here."

"I know, you guys are driving me crazy."

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