Lonely Divide

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Chapter 39

Epilog 1.1

You are the observer

Three figures step into the now darkened lab, hours after the remaining magical traps and creatures inside the house were dealt with. They wear expensive suits, and making a very good perception check, one might see the hint of a similar ring on each man's right hand. The ring is a snake, eating its own tail, and they look around seriously.

"So she failed," says one.

"She didn't fail, she just got caught," says the second.

"After two hundred years, do you think she would succeed?" asks the third.

"We were prepared to wait another two hundred," says the first.

"It would have been the easier way," says the second.

"But that route now seems unlikely," finishes the third.

"We are not prepared to wait while another takes up the task," says the first.

"Even with the notes she made?" asks the second.

"I'm sure even those notes are incomplete. It would have to be started from the beginning," says the third.



"Shall we begin the alternate plan, then?"

The three look at each other. "Agreed," they all say.

And the house is again empty.

Epilog 1.2

You are the observer, standing back with the Narrator, who seems to have finally vacuumed his rug.

"So there you have it!" he says, stepping away from his computer as the image of the world shrinks down and fades out. Glancing over at the calendar, you see it is now turned to June, and leaves cover the trees outside. It seems to be getting dark, and the cat is sleeping on the couch, on top of a blanket. "I hope you enjoyed."

Perhaps you did. After all, you made it to the end.

"Of book one," the Narrator says, with a sly wink. "But perhaps there will be further adventures with the four? There's still a ton of ESPer skills I want Jake to learn, and of course there's always more magic to learn. Jaden hardly used the gadgets she spent so much time making, so we'll need to use them sometime, won't we? As for Clayton... well, he's already great at what he does, so maybe he could learn some new tricks too? And of course this new group I thought of at the last second, who are they? What are their goals? I only have the vaguest of ideas! HAHAHAH.

You wonder if that's really something to be so proud of.

"I really do hope you enjoyed it, and you come back if there's a second book!"

You'll consider it.

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