Lonely Divide

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Chapter 7

Coming Together

You are Rose Petal, on a plane bound for New Mexico.

"Couldn't we have just gotten there by magic?" you whine, looking out the window. "I'm bored."

"Probably," answers Jaden, "The Narrator must want us to talk about something."

"Like what?"

"I did have a question for you, actually, maybe it's that."

"Ask away. Being away from nature makes me nervous, so I think the sooner we finish this conversation, the sooner we can get back on the ground."

"When I was watching you study imbuing you said actually making anything would cost you XP, right?"

"That's right."

"So how can this NPC or group of NPCs go around making imbued items for laughs? Isn't it costing them XP too?"

You scratch your head, wondering how to explain. "It's different for them in certain ways. See, me making a magical item provides me a benefit, with me being a PC and all, so I have to give something up in order to get it. In essence I have to sacrifice raising skills or stats in order to make it. Plus my learning the skill, plus all the time it takes, plus the fact I have to pay money for "supplies" which is sort of left hanging. I guess because magical items can be so powerful, the Creator had to really limit them in that way. Their making of these poisoned food items isn't benefitting them directly, and on top of that it's plot related. So the Narrator gets a little leeway in letting them make stuff. Clear?"


"Yeah, the being who made our world of Paragon? Sheesh Jaden, I didn't think you were that forgetful, I know you talked about this at school. The Creator gave the world laws, and provided structure for the players. The Narrator decides what kind of world it will be, and what adventures take place."

"You know I'm not big on religion."

"I know," you say, rolling your eyes. "I know all this stuff because I'm closer to nature then you are."

"Right now we're both pretty far from nature."

"Don't remind me. Just think of it as different dimensions, and you'll be okay."

"I'm not much for science either."

"Dimensions are magical! At least some of them are..."

"That reminds me, do you know teleport magic? That'll get us home faster."

"No, that's a grade eight spell. The only motion magic I know is Floating Fingers, a very weak telekinetic force, and Unicorn's Tunnel."

"Unicorn's Tunnel? Unicorns live out in the forest, not tunnels, silly. Even I know that much."

"I'm not even sure they exist, myself. But the spell is supposedly named after some black unicorn who came up with it, whose name has been lost to time. Basically you cast the spell on a surface and it glows orange. Then you cast it at another surface and it glows blue. The two connect and you can step from one to the other. Why am I telling you this, you've seen me do it! Remember when your dad wanted to move that couch into the living room? I put one end of the tunnel on the inside of the truck, and the other end on the wall on the inside of the house, and they just shoved it through."

"Oh yeah," she said, brightening. "I didn't know what it was called though."

You decide to go talk to someone else in your little group, not the scary guy with the metal arms, that just leaves the other boy. Why couldn't there have been more cute girls in your group, you ask yourself. You suppose two boys and two girls has a certain symmetry, but you really wish you had another girl to talk to. They're so much nicer then boys...

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