The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains

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My Bizarro Books, are a labor of love. For love and for my own bit of civil disobedience. Two stories that continue to push along the David Estrada universe. the creation of a time machine and Quetzalcoatl...a trip to Dreamland. Compose the first story; The Ample Ass and the Much Ado about Fuck Street. A Carl and Starr origin story: The Basilisk and the Rainman... A psychiatrist begins his downward spiral with his new multiple personality disorder girlfriend leading the way. With the spirit of Thoreau's civil disobedience...Carl invades the home of the general of the Rainbow Coalition...the renamed National Guard...enforcement of martial law.

Scifi / Humor
David Estrada?
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The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains

David Estrada

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains

David Estrada

Copyright 2018


Two halves to a whole…

I’ve written so many words to say just those three words…

That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word says I’m Possible to which I replied:

‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

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