The Divine Sedition

By Martin Lundqvist All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Having gained control over Eden, Keila fakes her own death to fool the Terran Council officer assigned to detain her, Rear Admiral Bjorn Muller. After faking her death, Keila decides to use Eden as her base of operations using deception to turn the Terran Council members against each other. Keila faces overwhelming odds trying to take down the overpowered Terran Council that has been dominating the solar system and oppressed the majority of humanity for over 500 years. She does, however, have one trump on hand against these overwhelming odds: Her mysterious divine connection. Her spiritual relationship is leading her on the way, and with access to the late Abraham Goldstein’s divine detector machine, Keila can unveil secrets that will help her free humanity from the oppression of the few elite plutocrats dominating all of humankind. But with her connection comes a price, and are the Zetans, using Keila as a puppet, indeed better than the oppressors she seeks to replace?

Chapter 3 Order is restored and the first steps of the revolution

3.1 Keila’s dilemma

A few weeks later, Keila was sitting in a couch looking at the vastness of space outside through a sizeable fortified panorama window. When she stared straight ahead, she could see Eden. It seemed vast from her perspective in spite of being a relatively small world. Its surface was mostly brownish yellow with some green and blue patches where there were farms and water reservoirs. Eden’s atmosphere looked intensely blue from her perspective. This was because the atmosphere was tightly packed with air. The atmosphere on Eden only stretched a kilometre up to the electrified nanotechnology layer that kept the atmosphere in and the cosmic radiation out, and yet the surface air pressure was similar to that on Earth. To achieve this, the air concentration was a lot higher on Eden than on Earth hence its atmosphere was a lot bluer when viewed from space.

Keila looked on a control panel; she saw that all the systems that kept Eden liveable was working like clockwork and now that the peace was restored the people could live excellent and safe lives in abundance down on the surface.

The potential for good living conditions on Eden was the root of Keila’s dilemma. She needed to choose between what was good for the people she was governing and what was good for the majority of the population in the solar system that was oppressed by the tyranny of the Terran Council. She had initially planned to use Eden as her secret base of operations to make covert strikes on Terran Council ships and mining stations. This was still her plan but getting to know the people on Eden better she felt reluctant to go through with the project. The people on Eden had nothing to do with her fight with the Terran Council, and she could not inspire them to fight a battle that wasn’t theirs willingly without deceiving them. Deceiving them would be easy, but if she chose that path, she would be no better than her enemies who had been using false promises and divide & conquer tactics to dominate the solar system for the past six centuries.

Another issue she was wrestling with was the freedom of her people in Eden. Initially, after defeating Adina, Keila had intended to free all of her subjects through surgically remove all of their divine technology human microchips from their brains. Metatron had staunchly opposed this idea which had initially upset Keila, but she had come around and realised that he was right. Metatron had argued that the people of Eden were happy with being subjects and part of something bigger than themselves. To force everyone out of the community by removing their divine technology microchips was a bigger crime than controlling people that wanted to be controlled. Keila had admitted that forcing atheism was not more freedom than forcing religion, so she had left the people with the choice to remain connected or to have the chip removed. A few weeks later no one had opted to get out, most likely due to the fear of the great unknown that was beyond Eden.

Keila connected to Metatron to see what he was doing. He was counselling some villagers on Eden after the death of their grandfather. Keila was moved when she watched Metatron counsel the villagers. He treated them with a level of compassion and love that she just could not muster. It seemed like Metatron personally cared for all of his subjects and Keila could only imagine how much pain it would have caused him to carry out all the atrocities in the past that Abraham had ordered. Keila disconnected from Metatron. She leaned back in her couch looking forward to seeing him in the divine dimension later. The timelessness of that place made their encounters so much more pleasant and blessed. After that, she fell asleep filled with pleasant dreams for the first time in 4 years.

3.2 The prisoner of Morgan Henry is freed

Markus Bauer woke up in his prison cell aboard Morgan Henry’s spaceship. For the last month, Markus had felt a puzzled sense of optimistic fear for his situation. When he was first picked up by Morgan’s crew, he had felt a terrifying fear and disappointment that he merely hadn’t perished a peaceful death from suffocation in space. Morgan Henry was notorious for mutilating and torturing prisoners for days on end to please his sadistic tendencies. At least this was what media portrayed, and Markus had no reason to question the media portrayal of Morgan Henry. But during the first interrogation, he hadn’t been tortured at all. Instead, Morgan had merely extracted the data from the microchips in Markus Bauer’s brain and then sent him back to his cell. Markus had questioned the usefulness of this procedure as most of the data on these chips were heavily encrypted and impossible to read without the decryption keys. Markus was however smart enough not to question Morgan Henry. After the initial interrogation, Markus had been left in the cell with little contact with his captors, but they had provided him with enough nutrition and hygiene products to avoid disease.

Suddenly Markus Bauer heard a pistol discharged. He recognised the sound that he had heard for a few times in the last month. It was Morgan Henry’s own custom-made pistol that used a special combustible to accelerate the bullets to ten times the speed of sound while still being low recoil. The pistol was designed to have enough power to penetrate any armour, even the highly advanced Terran Council special operations armour. Suddenly the door opened, and Morgan stood there with blood splattered over his face.

Morgan Henry:

Aye Lad, you are coming with me.

Markus Bauer:

Are you going to kill me?

Morgan Henry:

Kill you? Why would you say that?

Ah, you mean the blood on my face? I do all the executions on this vessel. The one who gives the sentence should carry out the killing himself, that’s our code.

Markus Bauer:

That’s barbaric!

Morgan Henry:

No, what’s barbaric is ordering others to kill for you from the safety of your elegant boardroom back on Earth!

But enough of that. Today is your lucky day someone posted your ransom; they will meet you close to the dock.

They walked together to the docks where they met with Tzi Chen Cheng; the chairman for the Terran Council Science Commission and a high ranking member of house Cheng. Markus Bauer was baffled to see him under these circumstances and even more baffled to see him alone without any bodyguards. Morgan Henry made a signal to his men, and he and his fellow pirates left the docks to the two men.

Markus Bauer:

Tzi Chen! What on Earth are you doing here, on the ship of the most notorious pirate of the solar system at the fringe of the solar system?

Tzi Chen Cheng:

We are actually close to earth Mr Bauer.

Mr Henry and his men secretly work for us as an independent party. By having pirates carry out objectives for us, we have plausible deniability when things go wrong. All Terran houses operate the same way.

Markus Bauer:

But I am not affiliated with House Cheng? I come from House Muller territory, and I work directly for the Terran Council.

Tzi Chen Cheng:

True, but it would be silly to deny any connection with Morgan Henry when I am on his ship. Besides who would believe your claim if you made our association public.

Truth to be told I came to see the body of Keila Eisenstein if it even exists.

Markus Bauer:

It exists I examined it before the explosion of the Science Bay at ISS Supreme Earth.

Tzi Chen Cheng:

Very well.

Let’s examine it together. Morgan claims it’s stored in that crate over there.

Both men walked to the crater where Tzi Chen immediately noticed that it was a forgery.

Tzi Chen Cheng:

You fool. Chief Scientist on a Terran Council vessel and you cannot immediately identify a forgery!

Markus Bauer:

What do you mean?

I suspected that it could be a non-functional clone, but it was hard to determine due to bullets destroying the spine and the brain.

Tzi Chen Cheng:

It’s a lot easier to determine than studying the nervous system on a cellular level. The bone structure of the corpse matches the body from someone who grew up on Earth. But Keila grew up on Mars. She should have more hollow bones due to the lower gravity on Mars and a different colour on the tissue due to the various elements present in Mars food produce.

Markus Bauer:

I am not sure I follow you?

Tzi Chen Cheng:

What you have in front of you is a clone, made with Terran equipment emulating the conditions on Earth. Whether it was a functional or non-functional clone remains to be examined, but I can guarantee you it was a clone.

Markus Bauer:

So what are you going to do? Expose Bjorn’s deceit?

Tzi Chen Cheng:

No that’s your job. I am not going to officially complain about a senior member of another House based on a corpse I found on a pirate ship. That’s not a good look for House Cheng and not a very credible claim.

Markus Bauer:

So what am I going to do?

Tzi Chen Cheng:

You’ll figure it out. Now let’s leave this ship. There are better places to linger than a pirate ship, regardless if the captain is on your payroll or not.

After saying that they entered Tzi Chen’s private shuttle and set the direction to Earth.

3.3 Bjorn Muller reacts to the news of Markus Bauer’s rescue

Bjorn Muller was lying in bed frustrated on his private quarters of The Terran Council Armed forces base on the tiny Martian moon Phobos. Next to him was two beautiful sleeping twins named Greta and Magda who had always been Bjorn’s favourite mistresses/ prostitutes. When the conception of Greta and Magda was approved, they had had their genetics specially modified to suit the taste of Bjorn and other important House Muller members. As such, they were designed to have the perfect genetics for a beautiful North European appearance while also having an elevated sex drive to ensure that they enjoyed the field of work they were expected to participate in. While people on Earth were not technically slaves and were free to choose whatever job they wanted, their preselected genetic abilities and the threat of deportation made most people comply with and accept the path assigned to them by the ruling class.

Bjorn had always enjoyed Greta and Magda’s company in the past, but all of that had changed when he first came across Keila four years earlier. Something about her had changed him. His desire to dominate and own her combined with her rebellious nature had led to him taking her as a hostage and repeatedly raping her with his temporary convalescence that followed. Since Keila assassinated Bjorn’s grandfather a few weeks after her escape from him, he had never dared to speak to anyone about his emotions for her, and it had slowly been tearing him apart. Seeing the corpse of Keila had not helped and instead, he had constant nightmares of Keila coming after him from the afterlife, horrors he knew was ridiculous and yet he couldn’t get rid of them.

Bjorn decided to send Greta and Magda back to Earth. He had lost interest in them and had been consuming large amounts of sexual enhancement drugs to copulate with them the past few days. Having sex with them was significant as it would be rude to his father not to accept the birthday gift as his father had spent a lot to send them as a present, but more importantly that he needed to prove to his other relatives that he was still very virile.

Bjorn decided to ask his father to send a few concubines from house Rashid territory to replace Greta and Magda. Their Mediterranean/Middle Eastern looks would remind him more about Keila and could give him more satisfaction, especially satisfy his desire to dominate. He could imagine that his father would not be particularly happy about the request, but he would grant it. While sex between the different races on Earth was not encouraged within House Muller, it was not taboo like it was to have sex with Martians or other extra-terrestrials.

When he opened the computer he was met with an email from his superior in the Terran Council Armed Forces, Admiral Max Wellington:

“Good News Bjorn. As it turns out the chief scientist on your vessel Markus Bauer, was not killed when the science bay dislodged after the explosion. Instead, he survived and was taken hostage by pirates. He has now been freed from the pirates and is en route to our base on Phobos to partake in the debriefing after the incident.
Best Regards
Admiral Max Wellington”

Reading this Bjorn felt an uncontrollable bout of anger and smashed the monitor with his hand so hard, so he started bleeding. Greta and Magda looked at him with shock, and he screamed at them.

Bjorn Muller:

Get out of here and go back to Earth you filthy whores or you’ll be next.

Knowing better than arguing with Bjorn they gathered their clothes and quickly left his private quarters.

3.4 Keila searching the Zetan archives for technology

Keila was getting increasingly restless and unsure on how to start her rebellion against the Terran Council. Technically she had a few thousand followers comprising of the population of Eden, but the problem was that they were illiterate and literally living in the past. Furthermore, they had little to no reason to fight the Terran Council and seemed happier to live the way they were, and although Keila and the angels had started attempts to modernise Edenite culture and technology they were short of literally every resource needed to create a modern society with modern armed forces. The problem for Keila was that Eden easily could house and equip over 100,000 individuals with modern advanced farming and production techniques, but she could not entice all of these people to move to Eden and join her cause without getting the attention from the Terran Council and the last things she wanted was their attention.

To defeat her enemy she needed to create an underground movement, sabotaging the economy and production of Earth and somehow get the factions on Earth to start fighting each other instead of standing united against the rest of the solar system. She knew that there was a lot of mistrust between the great houses of Earth and that they were always fighting each other through proxies, but she also knew about the Pax Terran agreement, that there had been no war on Earth for over 400 years. So how would she do this? She realised that the answer might lie in the vast knowledge of stored in the Zetan archives. After all the Zetans had been a very advanced race that ruled the galaxy for over a 100 millennia, so surely they would have superior technology. After a lot of searching, she found what she was looking for, and Keila called Metatron to join her and understand the great technologies she had discovered. Metatron joined her, and together they took note of the schematics for the wondrous Zetan technologies that could help them win the war.

The most prominent technologies were:

The spherical communication blocker: Created a 20000 cubic kilometre large sphere that blocked all incoming and outgoing communications. This would help them to surprise attack Terran Council mining colonies and outposts undetected, stopping any outgoing emergency calls that would identify them.

Zetan Advanced cloaking device: Advanced cloaking that blocked out 99 % of all the reflected light of a spaceship as well as 95 % of the heat signature. While it was not failsafe if someone were actively looking for them it would be more than enough to approach unsuspecting Terran Council outposts and mining station undetected.

Zetan Ballistic Energy Absorber: A device powered by a high-powered battery that repelled all the kinetic energy from a ranged projectile in a 1-metre sphere from the wearer of the invention essentially leaving all the bullet, shrapnel and other projectiles dropping to the ground motionless before hitting the wearer. The battery was the limiting factor as the design would use up all the repelling power quickly if the wearer stood out in the open and received heavy fire.

Zetan unprotected bionic chip disruptor: This was a device that emitted a signal that disrupted the function of all unprotected bionic microchips within its range. As the Terran Council forces were highly reliant on bionic microchips and implants and didn’t care about actual training, they would be utterly useless when disrupted by the bionic disruptor.

Zetan outer layer DNA modifier: The technology the Zetan had used when they first came to earth posing as human gods. The outer layer DNA modifier was an advanced Serum that changed the outer layer of a person to that of another person of choice. This way a person would look like and smell like the person of choice, but their internal organs and brain would remain the same as before. This would be very useful for infiltration purposes.

With all these fantastic technologies at her disposal, Keila felt an actual hope of challenging and taking on the Terran Council. Apparently, she would still need to rely on subterfuge for the time being as the difference in numbers was just too great to take on the Terran Council at this stage.

The next step was to find a way to reverse engineer and produce these items on a large scale. While she could theoretically create all the prototypes with the particle replicator, this was a too slow and way too expensive way of producing equipment on a large scale. What she needed was to turn Eden into a production plant for these technologies. But to achieve that she needed both technical know-how as well as rare elements and she was critically low on both at the moment. Keila sighed and sat down. She would just have to sit back for a while and await a sign. The visions would tell her what to do, and it would be silly to risk this golden opportunity by rushing it.

3.5 Admiral Max Wellington confronts Bjorn Muller

Admiral Max Wellington was sitting in his office on the Terran Council base on Phobos. He had just met with Markus Bauer who had seemingly returned from the dead to file damning accusations against Rear Admiral Bjorn Muller. According to Markus Bauer, the corpse of the criminal insurgent Keila Eisenstein was just a decoy in the form of a non-functional clone that she had created to fake her own death. Furthermore, Markus claimed that Bjorn had been aware that the body was a decoy and the explosion in the science bay was Bjorn trying to silence Markus and get rid of the evidence at the same time. This was damning and dangerous accusations especially since Bjorn’s father was the current chairman of the Terran Council.

Max sighed. He would have preferred not to be involved in this matter as it was a literal minefield that could potentially blow up in his face no matter what he chose to do. Accusing the son of the leader of treason was equal to treason if he was proven to be wrong, and not acting on treason suspicions could also be equal to treason. Hence no matter how he chose to move his life was in danger.

Max tried to evaluate Markus Bauer’s claims. They seemed incredibly far-fetched and unlikely. According to Markus, he had survived for over a day in an airtight container with only an oxygen tank and no protective gear. Then he had passed out, and when he woke up, he had been a captive of the space pirate Morgan Henry. Eventually his boss from the science commission Tzi Chen Cheng had paid ransom for him and he was free to go. This story made little sense to Max. It was highly unlikely that Markus had survived all this time in space on his own and it was more likely that his corpse had been picked up by a Cheng ship and that they had revived him and told him to make false claims against Bjorn Muller as a part of a political power play. After being dead in space for an extended period of time, Markus had probably been a complete mess when he woke up, thus easy to manipulate.

On the other hand, while Markus’ claims against Bjorn could be complete fabrications, Max wasn’t ready to completely write them off. This was because he saw Bjorn as a spoiled, incompetent brat that had his high position in the space navy solely due to his wealth and his family ties. While Max came from a poor family and had started from the bottom and worked himself up through the ranks, Bjorn had merely shown up one day starting off as rear admiral without ever proving himself. Having never led men in frontline battle Bjorn was very distant from the everyday life of the men he commanded, and he showed very little interest and knowledge in what was and what wasn’t practically achievable in missions. When mission didn’t go according to plan, Bjorn always passed the blame on someone else, and he got away with it due to his family ties.

Max Wellington knew that the Terran Council was aware of Bjorn’s incompetence otherwise they wouldn’t let Max with his insignificant family ties stay in command of their Phobos base. While Max was technically in command, he could not really command Bjorn to do anything as there was no way to reprimand the rich bastard, which led to a very dysfunctional command structure on the base. Max summoned Bjorn to his office, and eventually, Bjorn showed up.

Bjorn Muller:

Hi Max.

We should really have these meetings in my office instead. It’s a vastly better room with a better beverage selection as well.

Max bit his lip in frustration. In spite of being the commander on the base his office and private quarters were considerably smaller and less luxurious than Bjorn’s, and it annoyed him every time Bjorn brought it up.

Max Wellington:

As I understand it your office have a better selection of prostitutes as well, I reluctantly had to approve your latest talents this morning…

Bjorn Muller:

How delightful, I have been looking forward to these ones.

Max Wellington:

You turning the base into a brothel are, however, not the reason you are here today!

I had some grave accusations coming in about you.

Bjorn Muller:

Then, let’s be serious.

What did the accusations say?

Max Wellington:

I met with Markus Bauer the other day.

Bjorn Muller:

Markus Bauer?! He must be dead.

Max Wellington:

Well, apparently not!

Anyway. Markus claimed that the explosion in the science bay was an attempt by you to silence him and get rid of the corpse of Keila, which apparently was a decoy used to fake her death.

Bjorn Muller felt the fear crippling into his core, and he had to force himself not to crack under pressure. He succeeded to do this and instead nonchalantly answered:

So a man is coming back from the dead to accuse me of treason. How absurd!

Max Wellington:

Yes, you can sum it up like that.

The question remains though: Is he telling the truth?

Bjorn Muller:

Of course not. The explosion in the science bay was a computer malfunction and I have several witnesses who saw the body of Miss Eisenstein when it was delivered.

Tell me, how does Markus Bauer claim he survived the explosion?

Max Wellington:

He claims he was taken hostage by the space pirate Morgan Henry, and a science commissioner from House Cheng paid his ransom.

Bjorn Muller:

There you go. This is obviously just a political play from house Cheng.

As a non-aligned employee of the Terran Council, I suggest you stay out of it.

Max Wellington:

Okay, Bjorn, whatever you say.

Bjorn Muller:

Thank you for being sensible Max, much appreciated.

Where is Markus now, I would very much like to speak to him?

Max Wellington:

I had him transferred to another placement.

And as a non-aligned admiral, I decided to keep his location classified to avoid confrontation between the two of you.

Bjorn Muller:

That’s ridiculous! I can just call my dad and ask for it.

Max Wellington:

Yes, but then you’ll have to tell him the awkward reason you are looking for Markus in the first place.

That’s it Rear Admiral. Dismissed.

Bjorn Muller said nothing and stormed out towards the door in anger before he managed to leave the leave the room he was interrupted by Max:

Rear Admiral: One more thing…

Bjorn turned around and looked at Max:

Max Wellington:

How come your latest “talents” are the spitting image of Miss Eisenstein?

Bjorn Muller lost his temper and screamed back at his superior:

That’s because I like to fantasise about fucking and dominating my enemies, unlike you, you old impotent eunuch.

He slammed the door and left Max’s office.

3.6 Bjorn Muller fuming and finding out Markus Bauer’s location

Bjorn was seething with anger when he came back to his office after meeting with Max Wellington. How dared that pathetic poor bugger reprimanding him for his behaviour and worse yet refuse to give him the location of Markus Bauer when he asked about it? Bjorn was fuming with revenge but realised that he was better off directing his focus towards finding Markus Bauer than he was plotting revenge against Max Wellington. Finding Markus wouldn’t be easy as his location was classified and a search would reveal nothing, but Bjorn could still find him in a more laborious way. As a rear admiral, he had access to all the security cameras from all the Terran council installations throughout the solar system. There were several hundreds of them, and Bjorn would have preferred to just let the computer do the search, but Markus Bauer’s location was classified, and Bjorn was less than happy to explain to his father why he needed to find Markus’ location. Sifting through all the cameras would take months, but if he narrowed the search to only look through the cameras in the science bays of the stations, he was likely to find Markus Bauer’s location in a day or two. To Bjorn great relief he had helpers for this task:

Intisar and Kinnette were the latest female talents that were sent to take care of Bjorn’s needs. His father had remarked on his disappointment both over the enormous expense to hire the women and also over their racial genetic makeup. Bjorn had answered that no man could be expected to eat the same meal every day and his father had let go of the topic. The two escorts were noticeably surprised when he tasked them with finding Markus Bauer, but they seemed happy to comply.

Bjorn studied Intisar and Kinnette from his fancy expensive armchair as they were searching all the cameras for Markus Bauer. Studying them made him incredibly aroused, and they were the spitting image of Keila, his now dead enemy that he would dominate yet again, this time without ending up crippled from the encounter. Bjorn spent the next few hours drinking expensive Scotch and snorting the synthetic drug Amorphia. His satisfaction reached a peak a few hours later when Intisar notified him that she had found Markus Bauer. Bjorn looked on the screen and confirmed that the man indeed was Markus Bauer. Pleased with Intisar’s effort, he shook her hand and transferred 20,000 Terran Credits to her “anon wallet”, a microchip in the user’s hand that was the 29th century equivalent of cash as the transaction was untraceable, unlike bank accounts.

Having found Markus Bauer’s location, Bjorn Muller put Intisar and Kinnette to the line of work he had initially employed them for. Many hours later he fell asleep drained but utterly fulfilled.

3.7 Markus Bauer smells a rat.

A few days later at the research/mining station, Proxima Thule on the asteroid B540 Markus Bauer was getting increasingly paranoid and restless. When he spoke to Admiral Max Wellington about what had happened, the admiral had seemed sympathetic and had promised him a secret location while investigating the claims. While he trusted the admiral, Markus was sure that something was amiss. The days since Markus arrived at Proxima Thule it seemed that the majority of the employees on the space station had been granted leave at the same time. It did not make sense. Proxima Thule required a certain amount of personnel to conduct research safely but with everyone on vacation and just a skeleton crew left the research had come to a standstill.

Markus Bauer was worried. He was a sitting duck on Proxima Thule if someone wanted to hurt him; there was no way to get out of there as no ships were docked there at the moment. And where would he go anyway? If indeed Bjorn Muller still wanted him dead, going back to Earth would be suicide. Seeking refuge at Mars seemed like an awful idea as he was more likely getting robbed and killed than he was securing meaningful employment. But what about joining up with the Keila and the rebels on Eden? If the body of Keila indeed were a decoy that would mean that the rulers of Eden were collaborating with Keila against the Terran Council. If they were, they would most likely be very interested in paying a weakly defended research station a visit!

Markus Bauer held that thought and felt shame. Although his life was at risk, he was not sure he had in him to betray his brethren on Earth. Although the Terran Council was a brutal plutocratic dictatorship, it brought peace to Earth and stability to the solar system. In Markus’ world, the end justified the means and besides it wouldn’t make sense to rebel against the organisation he had worked for by his own free will for the last 20 years.

Having tentatively decided to stay loyal to the Council, Markus Bauer logged in on a computer to check his work schedule. What he saw overwhelmed him with a wave of paranoia. Apparently, he was meant to perform maintenance on a set of gravitation turbines on his own at the fringe of the space station. This task was highly risky and thus always performed in groups. The only reason someone would have him do it by himself, were if they had an “accident” waiting for him down there. Seeing this Markus Bauer changed his loyalty and contacted Metatron via an anonymous encrypted message on Space Net.

3.8 Keila is frustrated by the slow progress and receives a suspicious signal.

Keila was sitting on the throne in the temple of an Edenite village receiving offerings from the villagers. She was accompanied by several angels that acted as her bodyguards as a precaution. Keila had deemed it necessary to come down and participate in the day to day life of her Edenite subjects. She wanted to utilise an entirely different leadership style than Abraham, so instead of using commands and threats from afar, she aimed to be a role model that the people could look up to. She was used to this role; since Keila had assassinated Hans Muller four years earlier, she had been widely recognised as the poster girl for the Martian resistance. She was however not used to being worshipped like a god, and she had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, Keila had been very clear with pointing out that she was not a divine being, on the other side it felt good being revered, genuinely loved and eating good food for the first time in her life. In fact, she had eaten so much good food for the last few months that her previously rock solid body had loosened up and started to get round, something unacceptable to her that she would have to address.

In spite of having a relaxed and comfortable time as the “goddess” of Eden, Keila was getting increasingly frustrated. The modernisation of Eden was moving at a glacial pace, and she lacked both the personnel and the resources required to make Eden her new base of operations in the resistance against the Terran Council. Since the collapse of the Martian Humanist Alliance with the destruction of the Freedom First base on the Asteroid Sylvia, the Terran Council was ruling supreme again, and with no resistance, they took vengeance on everyone that they perceived had wronged them.

The city Pamshal on Mars had been one of the Terran Councils recent targets. As Keila had grown up there, the entire city was deemed hostile, and the military had decided to test a new highly dangerous biological weaponised virus on the settlement. The virus was synthetic and airborne making it the ultimate weapon for warfare. Being synthetic it would not spread between organisms, so it was easy to contain to a specific area. The victims would have Ebola-like symptoms and die a slow and excruciatingly painful death. From the footage from Pamshal, Keila recognised several former friends and classmates dying slow and painful deaths. The worst part for Keila was that Pamshal was not the collateral damage of war, but merely a brutal and indiscriminate mass murder conducted by an arrogant and tyrannical government.

Zoning out, Keila lost focus from the offerings and all of a sudden she had smashed a pot of olive oil in anger. The crowd became completely silent and looked at her in fear. Keila did not know how to handle the situation, so she rushed off into the wilderness with the bewildered Edenites staring at her. Eventually, she got out of sight from the crowd, and she calmed herself down sitting on a rock near a small pond. Metatron contacted her.


Okay Metatron, I know what you are going to say, I am sorry about smashing the pot. I zoned out and had a rush of anger.


Don’t worry about it, Keila.

When Abraham lost his temper, he used to have people stoned or set aflame. I am sure they don’t mind a broken pot.

I’ll let them know that you forgive them.


That I forgive them?

I was the one who broke their olive oil pot for no reason.


Abraham never apologised for anything. Apologizing would only confuse the people even more. Let’s change things for the better but not too quickly.


Okay, fair call.


Yes. The reason I called you is something far more critical.

We received an encrypted message from someone called Markus Bauer. He knows that you faked your own death and he wants to join our faction. He is on the Terran Council research station Proxima Thule on the asteroid B540 only a few days away. According to Markus, the station is very weakly defended and full of valuable resources and research data up for grabs.


That sounds like an obvious trap!


Yes indeed.

Shall I ignore the transmission?

Keila sat down to think. If the Terran Council indeed knew that she had faked her own death, they would come with a large fleet to apprehend her. So why hadn’t they? Eden had strong defences, but not strong enough to deter the army from attacking. The resources, equipment and scientists on Proxima Thule could prove crucial to speed up her efforts to make Eden a base of operations for the resistance. It could be a trap, and it could be just what she needed.


No. Tell him we are coming within a week.


Is that really wise, considering the likelihood for a trap?


Yes. The Terran Council is not behind this. If they knew of our deception, they wouldn’t hesitate to destroy Eden from afar with no regards to collateral damage.

Outfit our ship with the Zetan technology. I will take a squad and surprise them. You stay here and look after Eden.


But I want to go with you, to keep you safe.


I would feel safer with you by my side, but we have to think about the people. If we all die, there is no-one to maintain Eden and eventually the station will break, and they will all die. We cannot both leave Eden until it’s a self-sustaining colony.


You are right my love.

May the light guide you and the Maker keep you!

3.9 The attack on Proxima Thule.

The officer in charge of Proxima Thule, Captain Berndt Messerschmitt was looking worried at a screen. He felt that the station he was in charge of was a sitting duck. For some unclear reason, the spoilt, arrogant brat Bjorn Muller had authorised everyone’s leave at the same time, leaving the Proxima Thule station with only 10 per cent staffing. This amounted to a dozen security officers and around 50 scientists and engineers. Considering the number of valuable resources and technology on the station Berndt was genuinely concerned that the station would get attacked and looted. Bjorn Muller had dismissed the concerns and said that they had enough automated defences to deal with any enemy before they entered the station.

All of a sudden a display started beeping saying that a ship had docked with the station. Berndt looked out and to his shock, he saw that a House Goldstein transport vessel was docked with the station. House Goldstein! They were no longer part of the Terran Council and had no business being there. And how had they managed to sneak up on him unnoticed? Fearing the worst, Berndt activated the emergency beacon and tried to contact other close mining stations for backup. But the communications were down, all he heard was eerie static.

Berndt grabbed his gun and ordered the other security officers on duty to come with him to the docks. What he saw down there shocked him. Down at the docks was the infamous supposedly dead terrorist Keila Eisenstein flanked by a group of men. As he approached her she called out:

“Captain, I require that you immediately surrender this station to me. Do this and you’ll live. Do not, and you will die”

Berndt noticed that Keila and her men were standing carelessly out in the open. It didn’t make sense but they were easy targets and killing her would certainly bring him a promotion. “Fire at will” he yelled out to his men, and they all started shooting. To his shock and awe, the bullets just stopped in the air and fell to the ground when they came close to Keila. She ran up to him and quickly shot the other soldiers in the head with her pistol. “You should have surrendered Captain” was the last things Berndt heard before everything turned black.

3.10 The looting of Proxima Thule

Keila looked at the battery indicator on her Ballistic Energy Absorber. It was down to 1 %. A few more bullets and she would have been dead. She had been careless but lucky, and that was apparently the way things were meant to go this time, but she reminded herself that she needed to be more careful in the future.

She needed to act quickly. The Spherical Communication Blocker would stop anyone from communicating with the outside, but the complete absence of communications would also arouse suspicions, and the Terran Council would evidently send people to investigate what had happened. She gathered all the scientist and engineers in a room and sprayed in sleep-inducing gas to put them all to sleep. After that, she and her group of angels quickly removed any bionic microchip that could give away a person’s location from the sleeping scientists, and inserted Divine Technology “Human” chips in their brains so she could force their loyalty once they woke up.

After placing the unconscious scientist aboard their vessel they quickly looted all of the rare elements and equipment that they could find, and they also downloaded all of the data available unto memory units. Finally, they blew up a small EMP grenade inside the mainframe of Proxima Thule. This would delete all the security footage of the attack and also turn off the air pumps on the station suffocating any survivor that might be in hiding. After doing all of this, they returned to their transport ship, activated the cloaking device and travelled back to Eden.

3.11 Reconnaissance report to the Terran Council

Wednesday 17th October 2862:

We arrived at Proxima Thule today three days after communications with the space station abruptly ended. What we found indicates an organised attack by an unknown assailant. We found all the members of the station’s security team shot in the head with a pistol from a close distance. Initial findings indicate that they are all permanently dead, but we will freeze the bodies and bring them back to Earth for a more thorough examination. The attack must have come as a surprise for the security team as they were all just wearing standard issue jumpsuits and not any combat armour. In spite of the security team being shot point-blank execution style there are still indications of them firing their weapons at the assailants. The corridor is littered with empty shells next to their bodies and all of their hands are filled with traces of gunpowder. Strangely we found a lot of undamaged bullets lying around between the corridor and the docks of the station. We do not know how these bullets ended up there with undamaged tips, as it defies the laws of physics. We have attached pictures of the scene.

As for the scientists and engineers on the vessel we have not found any trace of them and must assume that they were taken as hostages by the assailants.

I recommend that you send a specialist forensic team to investigate the occurrence. We will establish a perimeter and secure the area for a more thorough investigation.

Captain Michael Meyer

5th reconnaissance squadron

3.12 Markus Bauer meeting up with Keila.

Markus Bauer was sitting in a holding facility on the dark side of Eden with his fellow prisoners from Proxima Thule. He was dearly regretting what he had done and felt a deep shame for indirectly causing the death of the security staff due to Keila’s raid. What had he been thinking? Alerting the enemy about a weakly defended research base could only lead to one thing, bloodshed. While the loss of life was regrettable Markus Bauer’s biggest concern was his own wellbeing and he sincerely worried about it. He had hoped to be introduced to Keila when they attacked Proxima Thule. Instead, she and her cronies had grouped him together with the rest of the science staff and put him to sleep with gas. He had then woken up in this holding facility with no idea where he was or what day it was. Suddenly he felt extraordinary, and Keila materialised out of nowhere in the centre of the room. Was he losing his mind? Markus Bauer concluded he wasn’t as the rest of the room also was staring at the woman in the middle of the room.


Greetings, dear Scientists from Proxima Thule. You are my prisoners of war and will be treated as such. While you were asleep, you were implanted with Divine Technology human chips, experimental technology that only I have access to. This technology allows me to see your every thought as well communicating to you like I am now.

I am going to give you a choice. Either you can defect and join my faction and thus eventually win your freedom, or you can stay loyal to the Terran Council and remain here as prisoners. Choose carefully, because if you join me and betray me, I will know about it and you’ll die a terrible traitor’s death.

Markus Bauer decided to answer to Keila’s message. Not knowing how the implanted chip worked, he opted to scream out his words instead of just relaying it telepathically.

Markus Bauer:

I am Markus Bauer, and I am the one who informed you about the weak defences on Proxima Thule. I at this moment pledge myself to your cause, and I require of you that you treat the prominent scientists you see in this room reasonably.

Hearing about Markus Bauer’s betrayal was too much for some of the other prisoners, and it prompted them to attack him. Keila had to intervene and psionic blast some of the attackers to keep him safe.


Prisoners! I wish to speak to this prisoner in private. Do not try to harm him or you’ll pay the ultimate price. Markus go through the door I just opened, the rest of you stay where you are.

After that Markus Bauer walked through a remotely opened blast door to enter a waiting area. As he came in the door closed behind him. He was anxiously waiting there for what felt like forever until finally one of the angels came to escort him to a shuttle. The shuttle flew to the divine control centre orbiting around the bright side of Eden. The angel escorted him to the meeting room where Keila was sitting in an armchair overlooking Eden through a large panorama window. The angel left, and Markus Bauer was left alone with Keila in the room. She turned the chair around and looked at him.


So Markus, why are you here?


Because I am your prisoner and you summoned me.


While technically correct, that doesn’t answer my real question. How did you know I was still alive and why did you want to join me?


I knew you were alive because I was the one who carried out the autopsy of your “corpse” and the reason I am joining you is that Bjorn Muller tried to kill me to cover up the fact that you weren’t dead.


Fair enough. Did you ever wonder why Bjorn Muller was so afraid of the truth coming out?


I suppose it would be embarrassing to admit that you are still alive after announcing your death by his hand to everyone.


No. That’s not it. I will tell you the truth.

When I was 18 years old, I was taken prisoner by Bjorn Muller. He never took down my details as he wanted me as his own unregistered sex slave to abuse as he wanted. I escaped and mutilated him in the process.

Shortly after that I infiltrated the Terran Council Martian Headquarters and assassinated Bjorn’s grandfather Hans Muller, who was the chairman of the Terran Council at the time, and that’s how the latest rebellion started.

Because of Bjorn’s incompetence and sexual depravity, his grandfather died, and House Muller got weaker.

Bjorn is terrified that my corpse somehow would reach the Terran Council, they would find a way to revive me, and the world would know about his failure.

That’s why he never questioned it when my men delivered him a non-functional clone that was damaged beyond revival because he never intended for me to be revived and interrogated in the first place.


So all of this is because Bjorn Muller raped you?


No all of this is because I want justice and freedom for my fellow Martians. If my only goal were to kill Bjorn, I would have blown up his ships with Eden’s weapon systems when I had the chance. That would have exposed me and destroyed my only opportunity to reignite the insurrection against the Terran Council


Reignite the Rebellion? Are you kidding me? We managed to wipe out the entire leadership for the rebellion and kill tens of thousands when we destroyed the rebel base on the asteroid Sylvia. What you have here is nothing compared to what you had on Sylvia, and you were no match back then, so what’s different this time.


While what you are claiming is factually correct, I have something you lack: faith.

And do not refer to the Terran Council as “we” you are working for us now.


Understood. What do you want me to do?


I have acquired highly advanced alien technology. I need you to assemble a group of scientists sympathetic to our cause, and reverse engineer this technology so we can mass-produce it here on Eden.


Interesting. I will get on it at once.


Good. Build a good team, Metatron will show you to your site on Eden.


As Markus Bauer left the meeting room, he was filled with disbelief. What on Earth had he got himself into and what was this talk about alien technology? For over 800 years of space, exploration humanity had never come across any advanced Alien civilisations and the probability that Keila against all the odds had managed to access technology that the rest of mankind hadn’t was minuscule. Then again she had seemed awfully sure of herself and whatever mind control probe she had inserted into his, and the other scientist’s brains indeed appeared to be new technology to him. Markus Bauer decided to keep an open mind as he set up a list of scientists who were likely to be sympathetic to the Martian rebellion.

3.13 Joachim Muller summons Bjorn Muller back to Earth.

Bjorn Muller exited his shuttle at the landing site in Hansstadt in the European Alps. Hansstadt was the city where House Muller had built their headquarters Europeum Tower, the highest building in the world. Although the tower was not as magnificent as when it was constructed a century prior, it was still a marvel of technology displaying the wealth and power of House Muller, the mightiest house on Earth as well as the House holding the chairmanship of the Terran Council.

Bjorn Muller was happy to be home and finally be able to live a life of comfort and luxury yet again. It had been over a year since the last time he visited his home city, and although he had taken every step possible to ensure that his position in the space forces was a comfortable one, there was only so much one could do to make a military ship comfortable. Although he had been offered a ride from the landing site to Europeum Tower, Bjorn Muller had opted to walk. He wanted to inhale the fresh air and experience all the flowers and smells he never experienced out in space.

Although Bjorn’s head was energised, his body was not. Although both his command ship ISS Supreme Earth and the Terran Council military headquarters on Phobos had artificial gravity, this gravity was just not enough to simulate the gravity on Earth and as such Bjorn became very weak and unfit once he had to operate under Terran conditions. Finally, after 2 hours of walking, Bjorn reached Europeum towers and entered the lift to his father’s penthouse level. The elevator scanned his DNA and gave him access to his father’s penthouse. As it was 3000 meters up, he would spend a couple of minutes in the elevator, so he had a rest on the bench the lift was outfitted with.

He looked himself in the mirror, and much to his dismay his rear admiral uniform was drenched in sweat from the exerting walk from the landing site. As Bjorn was usually working in conditions with 20 % gravity, the 100 % gravity on Earth was very tiring and yet refreshing.

Bjorn Muller wondered why his father had summoned him and concluded that his father would finally have come to his senses and called him back to Earth to work more closely with him. Maybe his father had even organised a suitable bride for him? Bjorn Muller decided to agree to anything, he was sick of space and if he had to spend his days with some stupid swamp monkey to please his father, so be it; he could always have fun on the side.

The lift finally reached its destination, and he exited the elevator and walked to his father’s dining room. Much too Bjorn’s dismay his father was the only one at the dinner table, which in turn only was set for three persons. Apparently, his father had not organised a welcome back gathering to meet with him. Joachim Muller looked at Bjorn, he did not seem happy to see him:

Joachim Muller:

I haven’t seen you in over a year, and here you are, a slob bringing disgrace to your uniform yet again!

Bjorn Muller:

Nice to see you too dad…

Joachim Muller:

The pleasure is all yours…

Bjorn Muller lost his patience. His relationship with his father had been strained for many years, but he could not accept being treated like shit after coming all this way to see him.

Bjorn Muller:

Fucking hell dad, I came all the way from Mars to see you, and I meet this bullshit, why did you summon me.

Joachim Muller:

Sit down!

Bjorn Muller tentatively sat down before Joachim continued.

Joachim Muller:

Our medical team managed to temporarily revive Captain Berndt Messerschmitt before he succumbed to his injuries…

Bjorn Muller:

Berndt Messerschmitt, who is that?

Joachim Muller stood up and slapped his son before sitting down again.

Joachim Muller:

You fucking degenerate. Stop obsessing with your hookers and drugs, and you would know.

Captain Berndt Messerschmitt was in charge of Proxima Thule, our science and mining station that was hit by unknown assailants a month ago.

Bjorn Muller bit his lip and said nothing. He was angry at his dad for slapping him but even more irritated at himself for his embarrassing mistake. Bjorn had plenty of implants to help his memory and reasoning skills, and yet too often his stupidity managed to take over. Eventually, he decided to get back on track with the topic.

Bjorn Muller:


Did he say anything worthwhile during his short return to life?

Joachim Muller:

Indeed he did. He claimed that Keila Eisenstein and a group of men with peculiar armour that looked like seasoned Terran special forces arrived from nowhere with technology that stopped bullets mid-air, attacked the base and killed him and the other defenders.

Bjorn Muller:

That’s absurd. His brain was apparently beyond repair, and that’s why he died shortly after.

Joachim Muller:

Yes. But that doesn’t take away the incriminating fact that days before the attack, you sent 90 % of the staff on leave.

Bjorn Muller:

Yes but that’s purely coincidental. The rebellion forced me to keep bases fully staffed for years on end; I just saw the opportunity to sort out all the leaves at once, especially since no vital research takes place there anyway.

Besides Captain Messerschmitt should have done his job instead of being taken by surprise, after all, how easy is it to sneak into an asteroid base undetected?

Joachim Muller:

Blaming the dead won’t teach us anything worthwhile.

I don’t like your connection with this Keila woman. I don’t like it one bit!

Bjorn Muller:


You mean risking my life chasing her down and having her killed, while you sit in your cushy boardroom? You’re welcome.

Joachim was thinking of hitting Bjorn again, but he controlled himself. Instead, he spoke in a cold and distant voice barely hiding his contempt.

Joachim Muller:

No. I am talking about the fact that you asked me to send you whores looking exactly like her at a great expense. I am talking about the fact that you somehow managed to lose her corpse in space and instead of retrieving it so we could confirm it, ran back to Phobos with your tail behind the back. I am talking about the rumours that you were seen with her on ISS Supreme Earth, just weeks before she against all the odds managed to gain access to our Martian headquarters killing your grandfather Hans Muller.

Bjorn sat silent. He didn’t know how to defend himself, and his father’s fierce attack made him feel both heartbroken and afraid. Joachim continued his tirade.

Joachim Muller:

If you weren’t my son, I would put you on trial in court or have you assassinated by now. Unfortunately, you are my son so I cannot utilise those options. This leaves me with a third option.

As Max Wellington cannot keep you in line, I am putting you under the direct command of Alicia White.

Bjorn was flabbergasted, and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Working under the freak Alicia White, his father was surely joking, after all, he knew about his father’s morbid sense of humour.

Bjorn Muller:

I sincerely hope you are joking.

Joachim Muller:

I certainly am not.

Bjorn Muller:

But she is a freak? A failed genetic experiment?

Joachim Muller:

I suggest you share your emotions with her personally. She is joining us for dinner.

Alicia White was the daughter of House White CEO John White. She was his favourite child, but to everyone else, she was a freak; a fearsome reminder of the dangers of genetic modification of embryos. John White had always wanted a warrior princess as his successor, and when the genetic modification of Alicia’s embryo took place, he thought a bit too far outside the box. By mixing in DNA from other predator species, Alicia became fearless and dangerous, with super senses but completely lacking human empathy and regard for social standards. She had the sense of smell of a dog, the night vision and retractable claws of a cat, the courage of a lion and the utter explosiveness of an ambushing crocodile. Unfortunately, her explosive feats came with a drawback as she was deformed with fangs hanging outside of her lips, the tongue of a serpent, glowing yellow eyes, and a tiny tail that formed a lump at the end of her back. She also had the unfortunate tendency to scratch people with her claws and lick them in the face.

As Alicia due to her condition could not be publicly seen on the board of House White her father reluctantly had to hide her away in the Black Operations department of House White. Fortunately, she was happy to work there as it provided her with the opportunity to participate in her favourite activities: torturing and killing other humans in the most brutal sadistic way possible. When Joachim Muller during a private meeting with John White complained about his problems with putting Bjorn in place, John had suggested that Bjorn temporarily was assigned to serve under Alicia, as her genuine fearsomeness had put others in place throughout the years. Together they had decided to allocate Alicia’s group to find and deal with the people that attacked Proxima Thule a month prior.

Alicia White entered the Dining Room. Bjorn and Hans stood up to greet her. Without a word, she walked up to Bjorn Muller, grabbed him roughly by the balls and licked him in the face. “Bjorn Muller: we meet again” she hissed. Bjorn Muller was stunned by shock and pain, and his father felt compelled to act.

Joachim Muller:

That’s enough Alicia! Let him go.

Alicia White:

As you wish, Master Muller.

Alicia let go of Bjorn, who took a deep breath of relief. After that, she walked up to Joachim Muller, shook his hand and bowed to him, before taking her place at the table. The butler came in and served the meal. Bjorn looked in disgust at Alicia, as her meal was a kilo of raw meat and nothing else. She declined the offered wine and instead drank a glass filled with blood. Bjorn Muller felt compelled to comment on her choice of drink.

Bjorn Muller:

Alicia, you know that house Muller is famous for making the best wine in the world, and we are also for making the best wine glasses in the world. Glasses that are not meant for the filth you are drinking.

Alicia hissed back at him:

Alcohol is a deadly poison; animal blood is good for you!

Joachim Muller added in:

Due to Alicia’s unique genetics and abilities, her liver cannot break down alcohol. Thus her refusal to drink our most excellent vintage should not be seen as rude.

Bjorn Muller:

So a drink is all it takes for her to go down? Good to know!

Joachim Muller:

Anyways the reason that the two of you are here is that John and I have decided to put Bjorn under your command Alicia. You are to use unofficial channels and unsanctioned methods to find the assailants of Proxima Thule and to determine whether the rumour about Keila Eisenstein being alive is true or not.

Alicia White:

With pleasure sir.

I have long waited to mix business and pleasure with your son.

Bjorn Muller:

Never going to happen, freak!

Alicia White

We shall see.

Now I must take my leave.

I’ll see you tomorrow handsome…

After Alicia had left, Bjorn stared his father down with pure terror in his eyes, close to tears:

Bjorn Muller:

You cannot possibly send me on a mission with that monster?

Joachim Muller:

Yes, I can, and I will.

Your whoring and substance abuse have annoyed me for decades, but the breaking point is your failure with this Keila woman. If she was to resurface alive and well after we declared her dead we will lose face and everyone will laugh at us. This is your mess, and you’ll have to sort it out.

Bjorn Muller:

But the woman is a monster. She infected the city Pamshal with a deadly synthetic virus killing tens of thousands.

Joachim Muller shrugged his shoulders:

Casualties are the fuel of war.

Bjorn Muller:

But this was after the rebels were destroyed and the war had ended.

Joachim Muller:

Oh really. I better discuss this with John White personally. One faction cannot unilaterally destroy Martian cities without first consulting the Council.

Anyway, this changes nothing for you, Bjorn. You better fix your mess and redeem yourself or not come back at all.

Those were the options my father gave me back in 2785, and I did redeem myself in the end.

Bjorn Muller was looking for words, but he came up with nothing. His father was right; except for his family name he had achieved nothing. Instead, he was stuck in deep trouble if Keila indeed had tricked him and faked her death. He would be ridiculed throughout the solar system after his triumphant display of her body a few months prior, and he would be forever barred from holding a position of power. Dealing with the Proxima Thule situation and secretly finding out the truth about Keila’s death was the way to go, and it was his own responsibility to do so.

Bjorn Muller was vehemently against his father’s decision in one regard though. He should have been in charge of the operation leading House Muller operatives, instead of being a subordinate of the monster Alicia White.

3.14 Alicia White requests an audience with Metatron.

Bjorn Muller was trying to catch some sleep in his room on Alicia White’s small and unregistered black operations shuttle “SS Shady Business”. He had been on the shuttle for a couple of weeks, and he hated every minute of it. His room was basic and cramped, and a lot of it seemed to be used for storage. The food was basic and not even close to the standard he was used to. But the worst part was that the shuttle he was on was so small so that it lacked artificial gravitation, meaning he had to sleep strapped to a bed, vastly different from the comfort he was used to.

Bjorn’s former command ship SS Supreme Earth was a large ship, about 100 meters long and 60 meters wide and 60 meters high. Being of that size, it had double hulls. The outer shell had the thrusters that propelled the craft forward as well as armaments. The inner hull contained the living quarters and the command centre of the ship. The inner hull continually accelerated around its own axle to create gravity while being attached to the outer shell that propelled the craft forward. While the gravity on board a large vessel was still a lot weaker than on earth, it was still enough to be able to walk around, eat, drink, and sleep regularly.

Even more than luxury and comfort of his command ship Bjorn was missing the feeling of power associated with being in command. While Bjorn was technically second in command for the mission, Both Alicia and her staff completely disrespected and ridiculed him, knowing very well that he had no real power on this vessel. Bjorn was interrupted in his train of thought when Alicia knocked on his door.

Alicia White:

Rise and shine pretty boy.

Bjorn Muller:

I am awake, you freak!

Alicia White:

Good. We are at the B528B asteroid. Time to sniff out your girlfriend, Keila.

Bjorn Muller:

I highly doubt they are going to give us free access to search their secretive base. Besides we have no official business being here.

Alicia White:

You’ll find that I can be very persuasive.

They docked with B528B and Metatron with a group of angels met them at the docking station. Without a word, Alicia White walked up to Metatron grabbed him by the balls and hissed in his ear.

Alicia White:

Where is Keila?!

I can smell her on you!

The other angels lifted their weapons and so did Alicia’s entourage ending with an armed standoff. Alicia let go of Metatron, and after gasping for air, he finally spoke up.


She is dead; we delivered her body to your friend over there, Bjorn Muller.

Alicia White:


I can smell her on you. She is definitely here. I require access to search the station.

Meanwhile, Keila saw what was happening through the divine technology chips installed in the angels. She realised that fighting the Terrans was the last option she should consider and instead made her way to an emergency pod that would take her down to the surface of Eden. She instructed Metatron to stall the intruders, while she made her way to an escape pod that would take her down to Eden.

After a long wait, Metatron finally broke the silence.


Okay, you can have a look around. But I can assure you that we will complain with the Terran Council about this.

Alicia White:

Good. Complain as much as you want, you’ll have a lot to answer for when we catch Keila!

Alicia and Bjorn walked around in the space station with Metatron as their hostage. After a few hours, they had seen everything, and they walked back to the docking station.

Alicia White:

Thank you for the tour. What a lovely station. We will meet again shortly.


No, we will not. You are not welcome here anymore. Try anything funny, and we will shoot you down on sight.

Alicia White completely disregarded the threat. The man in front of her was gutless and had already been a pushover once. The people on the space station were clearly scared of the Terran Council so there was no way they would ever try anything against them.

Alicia White:

Are you inviting me to dinner on Friday?! I don’t know if I can fit it in, but I’ll see you soon handsome!

Hearing her response, Metatron just stared at her dumbfounded as she entered the shuttle and took off with her crew.

Once they were back in space Alicia spoke to Bjorn:

Alicia White:

Keila is there. Did you notice there was a room with female clothing in it and that one of the emergency pods was missing?

Bjorn Muller:

Doesn’t prove anything. And I doubt the Council will give us the permission to strike and the attack ships needed, based solely on circumstantial evidence.

Alicia White:

Oh, but I have proper evidence.

Alicia pulled out a pair of female underwear and smelled them.

Alicia White:

That is definitely the smell of Keila!

Bjorn Muller:

Very well. Let’s match the underwear with her DNA to see if they match.

If they do, we get reinforcements and attack the station.

Alicia quickly dumped the underwear into a garbage collector and propelled them out into space.

Alicia White:

No! Keila is my prey. Now that I know what she smells like, I know that she will be delicious!

Bjorn Muller:

You fucking psycho. How do you think we’ll reach Keila now?

Alicia White:

I will find a way.

But first, let’s head to Proxima Thule. We have captured a spy, and I am hungry.

3.15 Keila receives a disturbing video message

A few days later Keila was sitting on a couch in the reception area of the divine control centre overlooking the vastness of space through the panorama window. She was angry and felt violated. Whatever freak the Terran Council had sent to look for her had intruded her residence and violated the integrity of her lover. And worse of all Keila herself had been a coward and had chosen to hide on Eden instead of confronting her foe. While it had been a strategically correct decision: after all she couldn’t openly fight the Terran Council at this time, it had still stung her immensely, and she was filled with anger and frustration over the intrusion.

What angered and confused her the most was to see the spoiled slimeball and rapist Bjorn Muller among the intruders. Keila could not for her life understand why he personally came down to lead a strike team instead of leading from the back of his command ship, but there he was seemingly being commanded by the disgusting abomination that had driven the intruders. Filled with anger, Keila decided to defuse it the only way that she knew would work for her. First, she punched a boxing sack in the gym with her bare fists until her knuckles bled and then she had a round of very rough sex with Metatron. Afterwards they both lay in bed exhausted and satisfied ready to sleep when they received a video message with the following text “Keila! I found a survivor from the unfortunate Ebola outbreak in your hometown Pamshal. Hope to meet you soon!

The video was of Alicia White and a prisoner. Keila recognised the prisoner. He had been her first teenage crush nine years earlier. He had been several years her senior at that time and although nothing sexual had ever occurred between them; he still retained a soft spot in her heart. In the video, the prisoner was chained to a wall, and Alicia was viciously tearing pieces of flesh from his body with her teeth and devouring it. With blood, soaked all over her face, she turned towards the camera and smirked at it.

Keila had seen enough she turned off the TV and rushed towards the shooting range for some more anger management as her knuckles were sore from before. “Find out more about that woman! I want to kill her myself she screamed at Metatron!” and then she left the bedroom.

3.16 A frenzied Alicia White rapes and almost kills Bjorn Muller.

Alicia White was feeling ecstatic as she was having a rest after the meal, in a secret House White safe house on Mars. There was nothing better to her than blood, violence and fresh meat and she had just had all of it at once. There was no better taste to Alicia than eating a human alive, and it was a pleasure Alicia seldom came across. She knew that her father was firmly against her cannibalistic behaviour, but her men were loyal and would not tell him anything. Besides her father, John White never asked for the details about the secret operations she took part in as he preferred to have plausible deniability if things went south.

Suddenly Alicia White felt that her blood was boiling with intense sexual desire. The object of her desire was Bjorn Muller. She had long been longing for Bjorn Muller for several reasons. Firstly his genetics were optimised for good looks while the other men of her crew lacked that optimisation. Secondly, his high position in another faction made him incredibly attractive compared to the low-level grunts she usually mixed around with. Thirdly and most importantly his disdain towards her made him the ultimate object of sexual desire as Alicia thrived on dominating others against their will.

For the last month, she had managed to contain her desires out of respect for her father’s will and business interests. Giving in to her desire and sodomising Bjorn would no doubt lead to severe diplomatic tensions and problems between House White and House Muller. Her father could not afford that as he needed to keep House Muller close as he had hostile relations with other factions on the council. But now she just felt a desire that was so strong that she was foaming from her mouth, she couldn’t resist any more.

Unbeknownst to Alicia, the man she devoured was a heavy user of synthetic Martian drugs. Combined with Alicia’s animalistic low tolerance to any drug the drug residues she ingested from her victim’s blood was enough to send her into a frenzy.

She tore off her clothes and grabbed a syringe with a strong male aphrodisiac and then she made her way into Bjorn Muller’s quarters. Baffled he couldn’t get a word out before she leapt to him, grabbed him with one arm and jabbed him in the neck with the syringe. “fuck me” she hissed at him.

Bjorn Muller regained his composure and pushed her away. Then he screamed at Alicia

What the fuck are you doing?

Get out of my room you crazy freak.

Alicia White:

I have waited long enough for you to come around. Fuck me now!

Bjorn Muller:

Over my dead body freak!

Alicia gave Bjorn a psychotic smile and replied:

As you wish, perfect human specimen. As you wish.

After that, she jumped Bjorn and started strangling him. He punched her several times in the head to get free, but in her frenzied state the impact from his fist only made her even more aroused, and she grabbed his throat even stronger. As Bjorn almost passed out she temporarily let go of his neck so that she could tear apart his pants and ride him as he had an involuntary erection of the drug she injected him with. Having regained his breath, Bjorn screamed his lungs out for help, and Alicia grabbed his throat again while she also bit deep wound in Bjorn’s arm and drank the blood as it pumped from his artery.

Bjorn passed out and was close to dying but was saved in the last minute when the other operatives, realising what a disaster it would be for them if Bjorn Muller died this way, rushed in to restrain Alicia. She put up with a good fight but eventually the six of them managed to control her. They put Bjorn Muller on ice, and rushed him to the Terran Council on the moon Phobos for immediate medical treatment.

After dropping of Bjorn at the Phobos base, they quickly took off, as the group was not very inclined to explain how Bjorn had sustained his injuries.

3.17 A diplomatic crisis.

Joachim Muller was lying restless in his bed in the penthouse level of Europeum tower. Bjorn had undoubtedly got him in trouble this time, and it was all because of Joachim’s own wrong decision to put him under the command of Alicia White. A few days earlier the body of Bjorn Muller had arrived unconscious at the Phobos base, and when he woke up, he had made grave accusations against Alicia White who was nowhere to be found. The medical examination supported Bjorn’s allegations, however, and it was highly likely that Alicia indeed had raped him.

Bjorn being raped was not the issue for Joachim. Bjorn was a sexual degenerate, and although Joachim had never heard any formal complaints about Bjorn’s behaviour, there were a lot of rumours about him stating that consent wasn’t his primary concern when choosing his sexual partners. No, the fundamental issue was the fact that Bjorn had made a big deal out of what happened and aired his story in the media, and even warranted an arrest order for Alicia over what happened.

Bjorn’s accusations and arrest order against Alicia White had caused Joachim a lot of issues on the council and threatened his position as chairman. House White was his closest ally in the Terran Council, and they shared their hostile attitude to House Rashid. Joachim was unsure whether House Cheng was with him or against him as they were often shifty and unpredictable. The fifth member faction on the council, House Bolivar that had replaced House Goldstein was too weak and unaligned to be a matter of interest.

Joachim’s problem was that he needed to prove himself strong and loyal to his family by requiring that Alicia came back to Earth for a trial while also trying his best to keep his ally John White, Alicia’s father happy and still supporting him on the council. Unfortunately John White had claimed that Alicia and her crew had gone rogue and that he was unable to command them back to Earth. This had forced Joachim to take action to avoid losing face, and he sincerely hoped that John would understand his predicament and avoid escalating the issue.

Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep naturally, Joachim entered a sleep pod to rest and let go of his worries.

3.18 A challenge to a duel.

Alicia White was sitting on the abandoned Moreno outpost in the asteroid belt. The Moreno outpost had served as a hotel, bar and brothel for workers on the nearby asteroid mining facilities but as they got mined out of minerals, they shut down and thus there was no longer any business for the outpost. She realised that she was in a pickle and there was only one way to redeem herself, by bringing Keila’s dead body to the Terran Council. That would shift focus from Bjorn Muller’s allegations against her to Bjorn Muller’s failure and accusations of him working with the rebels.

Alicia was still shocked that Bjorn had acted the way he did. In hindsight her actions were unacceptable but the conventional method of solving issues within the Terran Council was to settle them behind closed doors away from the medias’ and the public’s knowledge. Bjorn Muller had done the opposite: by publicly accusing Alicia of rape, and issuing a warrant for her arrest he had created the most significant diplomatic crisis since the death of Hans Muller, almost 5 years prior. The alliance between House White and House Muller was dissolved and it was only a matter of time before skirmishes started taking place, as the balance of power had shifted

Alicia White was considering her options. She could come back to Earth to stand trial, but that was a considerable risk. Even if she got away with what she had done to Bjorn Muller, a hearing still risked spreading light on the atrocities Alicia had committed throughout the years, and that was the last thing she wanted. Another option would be to convince Bjorn Muller to drop the charges. This option was unlikely though as he already had made his accusations public which had drawn him into a corner. The third option was the best: To find and kill Keila Eisenstein and bring back her body to Earth. That would make Alicia a hero on Earth, and humiliate Bjorn Muller. The only problem with that was that Keila was hiding on a well-armed battle station and Alicia could not expect to be welcome back there again now that she did not have the Terran Council behind her.

No to find Keila, she needed to provoke her to come out from her base and face her on this outpost. Alicia White recorded a provocative message and sent it to Eden. It was a risky move as Keila if she was smart, could just forward the message anonymously to the Terran Council to let them deal with Alicia. But Alicia counted on Keila coming after her personally. After all, Alicia was the one who had used synthetic viruses to kill almost everyone in Keila’s in hometown on Mars: Pamshal. Alicia sent the message, and full of anticipation for the upcoming battle, she dragged a rat out of a cage, crushed it with her bare hands, so blood splattered over her face, and then greedily licked the blood off her face.

3.19 Challenge accepted.

Keila was heading towards Alicia’s position in an unarmed shuttle accompanied by a strike team. The strike team was people from Eden that she had trained in modern combat since she took over on Eden six months prior and started to modernise the Edenite society. She had left Metatron and the angels back on Eden for two reasons:

If she was to walk into a trap and die, she wanted Metatron and his angels to rule and modernise the Edenites. She cared about the people of Eden, and they were not ready to govern themselves yet.

She wanted to test the Zetan unprotected bionic chip disruptor in action. The angels had a lot of implanted microchips that would be affected by the device and make them perform poorly in combat. Alicia and her squad most likely also had unprotected implanted microchips that would also be affected. This way Keila and her relatively inexperienced team would be able to eliminate their foes, hopefully without too much trouble. The Divine Technology microchips that she and her troops had implanted were of Zetan design and were not affected by the disruptors.

Keila recalled the conversation she had had with Metatron before she left. He had wanted to relay the information to the Terran Council and let them deal with Alicia. It was known common knowledge that Alicia had gone rogue and the Council had a warrant out for Alicia’s arrest. While this solution had made logical sense, Keila had turned it down immediately. The death of Alicia was a personal vendetta for Keila, as the freak had slaughtered her hometown with biological weapons and tortured and murdered her close friend, Josh, in front of the camera to mock her.

They were approaching the Moreno outpost where Alicia was hiding. “Be ready for anything!” Keila told her troops as they docked with the outpost.

3.20 The showdown between Keila and Alicia

Keila stepped out of her shuttle and realised that the artificial gravity on the Moreno outpost was very limited. This worried her as her troops had never trained for low gravitation combat. While the gravitation was still enough to prevent her from flying off when she walked there, the recoil of the weapons could prove to be a challenge for her inexperienced troops. She instructed her men to activate their ballistic energy absorbers but hold off with the bionic chip disruptors. Handheld devices had limited battery capacity, and she did not want to waste it before combat.

She entered the main lobby of the Moreno outpost and was greeted by a blood-soaked floor and Josh’s head on a pike. Under Josh’s head hung a sign: “Welcome Keila, you are next”. Keila looked up, and out of nowhere Alicia swept in with a plasma sword and decapitated the soldier next to her. Before anyone had time to react Alicia grabbed the head and jumped away to the cover of darkness. “Your friend lost something” she screamed mockingly and threw back the head. As she screamed that some of Keila’s troops lost their cool and started shooting at random towards Alicia’s voice. This was the cue for Alicia’s operatives to hail bullets and grenades against Keila’s position. The ballistic energy absorbers absorbed most of the impact, but some of Keila’s soldiers fell as they had misdirected the device. Keila dropped to the ground and deactivated her bionic chip disruptor. This turned the tide of the battle as Alicia’s operatives lost all ability and started acting very erratic shooting at random once their implants were disrupted. This made them easy targets and Keila’s fighters eliminated them quickly.

Alicia, however, was still at large and unaffected by the disruptor as she opposite to most Terrans relied solely on her animal instincts and not on bionic microchips. She swept in another time and decapitated another one of Keila’s men. On her third swoop, she got hit by multiple bullets and was unable to jump away. Instead, she quickly crawled behind one of Keila’s female troops, grabbed the woman and pointed the plasma sword to her throat. The Alicia screamed out to Keila.

Alicia White:

I got one of your soldiers as a hostage. Face me in single hand to hand combat, and I’ll let her go.


You are surrounded, injured, and all of your men are dead. Surrender Alicia.

Alicia White:

The Brave Keila, the poster girl for the insurrection too afraid to face me?


No! Challenge accepted bitch.

Keila stood up and threw away her rifle and grabbed her knife.

Alicia White pushed away her hostage and hissed “excellent” which was her last word as Keila swiftly pulled up her pistol and shot the exposed Alicia between the eyes and said.


But I prefer to do things the easy way.

After killing Alicia, Keila and her remaining troops quickly dragged all the wounded and dead friends and enemies back on the shuttle and went back to Eden. They brought back their own dead to try to revive them and avoid being detected, and they brought back the fallen enemies to try to restore them and extract intelligence from them.

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