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The explorers of tomorrow, are mankind's last hope for continuity of humanity..... As threat of space station destruction looms upon their heads, the newly gathered crew of the USS Christopher Columbus D.S.E vehicle enact a bold and dangerous plan to tow the space station to safety. The humans unaware that they are being observed by astronauts of ancient times that by their recognition would be seen as being alien.......

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: The Watchers

Watchers..... Past explorers from a race of ancient berth.....

Great architects that are recognized as being knowledgeable of- many- the known evolutionary sciences, that have been sharing attained wisdom of mystery’s with humans for billions of years, and are as equally heralded in being as the ancient builders and the unknown life-seeders of countless numbers unexplored and uninhabited worlds.

Their cryogenic hibernating descendants now awaken.....

Eyes of raised humanity, standing the passing of time as being- the known seers and the past prophets and visionaries of many the extraordinary insights; they are as one assimilated mind, of shared sentience with these ten sleeping beings that are known only as being The Founders.....

Disaster for those infant beings, that by greater sentience are in collaborated regarded understandings as being that one last try of earth’s continuity in nature’s humanity; quickly dwells upon- their silent contemplations of gathered consciousness in passed ages of multiple attained systems in belief.

One message is shared in unison upon their waking words.....

..... D.S.E Christopher Columbus..... Humanity’s Only hope.....

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