Skyriders Part 1

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Born in North London in 2123, Adrian Vonner moved to South Essex at the age of seven. Educated in East London High School (Basildon District), Vonner took 10 DEC's and passed 4 - Gyrotor Mechanics, Tectonic Multi-phasing, Ambiplex Matrix Assembly, and Woodwork.

Upon leaving school in 2140, Vonner was apprenticed to Braddon Wentworth (Southend)® and worked in their flyke assembly plant until he was made redundant after the statutory six months. After seven years of virtual unemployment in various parts of the country, Vonner found himself stranded a century and a half in the past. Currently living in North Leicestershire, and employed as a motorcycle mechanic for a small local firm, Vonner lists his hobbies as part-time writing, bike maintenance, and “waiting for the War.

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