Storm Slayer

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A broken boy; who cracked at the pressure of the Crown on his shoulders. A girl chained her whole life, now deems her freedom. ~ They say, worlds change; when eyes meet. And so I stood by his feet, my fate in his hands, while my attention had been stolen by the storm in his eyes.

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WARNING: This book contains mature content and a few possible triggers. Read this at your own risk.

2025, Earth

It started with a storm. A powerful one. Thunders crackled in the night sky; for what seemed years. Heat cursed through every continent, people bathed in the hellish temperature. Almost a quarter of the world’s population had been lost. Thousands of ruined cities. Lack of resources, professionalism, of humanity.

Leaders of the world focused on saving themselves. Children died, diseases had spread.

A new war had begun. World War III. Countries against each other, people killing for food. Thousands of species had been extinct or consumed, due to the lack of resources.

It all lasted for a hundred and thirty years.

After; what was known as the New Era had begun. Everything came back to what it was hundreds of years ago;

new monarchies had risen.

The world had separated itself into thirty kingdoms. The people had spoken, each of them presenting their best men to rise as new leaders, and the world had turned a new page.

200 years later

To Anastasia-

My darling, dearest, love of my life.

Someday you’ll understand why I left. Maybe you’ll do the same.

Love, Mother.

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