Star Wars: The Legacies Timeline Part 1

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A look into the fan-fiction world of :Zachary Halteman's Legend of the Stars and Star Wars: Legacies.

Scifi / Action
Zachary Halteman
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Hello! I am Zach Halteman, author of the Legend of the Stars and Star Wars: Legacies series. All incomplete series, of course, but I don't like to discuss that.

I have created this series to summarize the events that occur in the Legend of the Stars and Legend of the Stars books. The two series became very elaborate and began to make less sense, as the nonsense I wrote in 2015 dawned on me last year. Several inconsistencies and other missing links between my books and the Star Wars universe, which I would have hoped I'd have known and taken care of back then. But, I digress.

You will witness the births and deaths of several characters, as well as life events for them. You will notice that events from the Star Wars films will pop up on the timeline.

Without further ado, here we go...

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