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Nightwatch: The Awakening

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This story is a superhero story, similar to the DC and Marvel universe, though it's doesn't derive it's characters from any created universe. A large drawn out plan is currently underway in Charlize City, a group known as the Court of Doom is quickly eliminating all those who appose them, and working their way to their endgame plan. Zac Hoplite, along side Dakota Hoplite and his father find themselves in a plane that crashes into the water. After waking up on an island, Zac concludes to himself one horrifying truth, he is alone. Though this will be the first of many mistakes the Court of Doom will make.

Scifi / Action
Zee Cook
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Chapter 1

“How long will you be gone?”

“Hopefully only a week, but sometimes dad gets too involved in his business and decides to stay for longer.” Zac said, holding MaKayla’s hands reassuringly “I wont be gone for too long.”

“I’d hope so, I don’t want to miss you for too long.” MaKayla glanced at the airplane as Dakota walked inside “You’ll bring me back a souvenir, yes?”

“Many I’d hope, but the best one will take some time to find, if I find it, I’ll most definitely bring you back a souvenir worthwhile.” Zac said, smirking at MaKayla. “Perhaps I’ll bring you back some Hvorost, or some Sbitten.”

“Sounds delicious.” MaKayla said, kissing Zac on the cheek. She nodded to Zac’s dad as he walked up, then turned around and started to walk away. “See ya later.”

“You know, if you need help finding ‘the’ souvenir for her... I can help you with that... I got your mother a souvenir from Russia that sold the bill between us.” Zac’s dad said, turning and walking towards the airstairs. “Better find your seat, or else Dakota will claim the best one.”

“Right.” Zac said, following his dad up the airstairs. Zac turned towards the cabin, looking inside before walking down the aisle for the couch, he quickly laid out along it, Zac sat up as Dakota sat down across from him at the table. Zac sat across from her. “What game do you have this flight?”

“Chess.” Dakota replied, smirking as Zac frowned. “Way better than the poker we played on your eighteenth birthday, or the connect four championship we played with the crew the year prior.”

“I got nothing better to do.” Zac said, feeling the plane start to taxi to the runway. “Of course the Chinese chess is a really fun version.”

“Sorry, I just got the original.” Dakota replied setting the board, Zac examined it. “I assume I’ll have to teach you?”

“Better enforce what I know... This lesson is payback for me teaching you poker?”


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