The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 10 I am old enough to know what restraint is

I glanced at Jess. She was already looking at me, a satisfied expression gracing her face.
“So, do you believe me now that I have everything under control,” she asked, her voice smiling.
“Yes. I’m just worried about you. You’re mortal. I don’t want a minor inconvenience to be the cause of your death,” I say, my words still laced with worry for my best friend.

Thomas took a sip of coffee from the mug in his hand.
“You are aware that I am old enough to have figured out how restraint works right,” he asked. His voice filled with humor and a mischievous grin on his face.
I rolled my eyes.
“No, of course not. That thought had yet to cross my mind,” I replied. Sarcasm. The greatest gift humans have discovered and I made sure to use it to its fullest extent.
“Ok, enough with the blood talking and death discussions. You’re only here for the weekend and we have places to be and things to do. So, I suggest you get dressed in something fancier than your pajamas, even though they do look not half bad, and we’ll head out to the metro to check off the first few items on the to-do list,” Jess said in an exasperated voice.
I squinted my eyes at her. Taking a sip of my mug of coffee, I walk back into my room, keeping up eye contact with Jess.

After a long, hot, and relaxing shower and changing into a new set of clothes, I walked back into the kitchen, feeling like a brand new person.
“Hey, you ready to go?” I asked Jess, who was sitting on the couch reading a book.
“Yeah sure, I just need to put on shoes and get my keys” she answered putting down her book on the coffee table in front of her and standing up.
Pulling the door closed behind us and then locking it, Jess and I walked down the seemingly endless staircase and onto the loud street, towards the metro station. The train was arriving as we descended into the busy station.

“Okay, so where exactly are we going?” I asked Jess, who was looking down at her phone smiling. She was probably texting Tom. She shook her head, still smiling. And looked up to answer.
“Um, it’s a surprise, but there will be a lot of music and people,” she said with a grin.
I rolled my eyes.
“Urgh,” I responded.
“Oh shut up. You know you will have an incredible time and absolutely love it. So stop being so icky about it,” Jess said.
“Icky?” I asked.
“Oh shut up. I’m watching something right now. And they keep saying it. For EVERY SINGLE THING. Like over and over and over again. So now I’m also starting to say it, but I don’t even like it,” she ranted.
“What’s ‘it’,” I asked.
“The word icky,” she said with a deep frown on her face.
I laughed.
“Don’t laugh at me,” she answered.
“Okay, okay. But seriously, icky? Not even life fuck or rad? Out of all the weird-ass words out there it had to be icky?” I asked again, stifling a laugh.
“Shut up.” She said.
“I thought you had missed me?” I asked smiling. I knew she had, I just liked making fun of her. Jess’ reactions were always priceless and made me smile.
“Honestly, I don’t know why. You’re a giant pain in my ass,” she sarcastically answered before breaking out into a full on smile.
I shook my head. That little shit.
Jessica stood up and said, “we have to get off here”.
I followed her out of the train and up back onto the street. All I could see were apartment buildings and nothing I remembered from my first stay in Paris. Granted it had been a while ago, but I had hoped that at least the street name would still sound familiar. No such luck so far. But I wasn’t going to give up. I was determined to at least find one street that I remembered. The only thing that came to mind when thinking of Paris was Ogmios, Charlemagne, and Orleans. Charlemagne is a story for another time, as Jess was walking at a brisk pace and I didn’t want to lose her in the busy streets.

After about five minutes of walking, fast walking, we arrived at Jess’ destination. It was a bright red apartment building, that strangely seemed somewhat familiar. That alone should have tipped me off. But no, I had to be a dumbass and follow her into the bright red apartment building.
It’s not like Jess would lead me to my death, at least on purpose or anything, but she had a bad habit for putting her nose where it didn’t belong and being way too friendly for someone like her. Someone who knows how everyone they meet is going to die.
Well, that might exactly be the reason she is so nice to everyone she meets, she pities them.

Anyway, like the good best friend I am, I followed her into the building without asking any questions.
The building was newer. It had a lift and a concierge. But it also had this ‘new building’ smell. Fresh paint and sawdust.
“So what exactly are we doing here? I thought we were going to a bar or museum or something normal like that?” I asked saying out loud, what the nagging voice at the back of my head was saying.
“I quickly have to talk to someone and then we will do just that. He wanted to meet to day and I couldn’t reschedule and when I told him my best friend was in town, he said I could just bring you along,” Jess answered.
“Okay, fine. But only if you tell me now where we are going after this. I wanna know,” I urged. I was getting excited, I new there was a festival in town, but the tickets had been booked solid for at least six months and there was absolutely no way that Jess could have gotten her hands on one much less two tickets. But who knows, this was Jess who I was talking about, she could virtually do anything she set her mind to. No matter how obnoxious or crazy the situation first seems.

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