The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chater 2 Hipster Dude's Face resembled a Piece of Trash

I was back in the coffee shop. No big surprise, if I’m honest. I might have a slight addiction, now that I think about it. He was back too. The douche, the one that had gotten soaked in coffee yesterday. Today he ordered with another girl, to be more precise a skinny soy latte girl. I mean I drink them too on occasion, but this girl. Damn, she was a looker. I mean seriously. She was straight out of a fashion magazine. Honestly, I had not expected to see him here again, much less with another girl. But then again this is a free country and he was defiantly living his best free life.

I mean now that I’m unabashedly staring at them I can see a slight resemblance. Maybe they are siblings. That would explain why she had just burped in his face and called him a cocksucker only for him to grin and laugh. They seemed genuinely happy, yet there was a sad aura still lingering on the douche’s face. Maybe I shouldn’t call him douche anymore. I feel like that’s slightly uncalled for. I mean sure he dumped someone, but people get dumped every day. And I mean he had gotten soaked in coffee.

I looked at the time and realized that if I wanted to make my second lecture of the day I should start packing up my laptop. Just as I was heading out I heard her saying that she was going to have to start looking for an apartment if he continued to bring home clingy hookups. Him, being the mature twenty-something-year-old, grunted a reply which resulted in her slapping his shoulder while laughing. I left the coffee shop with a smile on my face and walked towards the bus stop.

Getting home, the first thing I did was design an advertisement for a roommate search. I printed out a few copies and grabbed a roll of scotch tape and made my way downstairs to the coffee shop. There was a bulletin board next to the entrance where I hung up a flyer. I then got on the bus and made my way on to campus and walked to the cafeteria and hung up another flyer on the main door. I made walked over to the counter. Susie was working. She always gave me the left over cskes in return I made sure to tip her whenever I bought coffee during her shifts. “Did you see the girl that was with the Hipster dude?” She asked.

“What Hipster dude?” I replied.

“The guy that got bathed in coffee the other day?” Susie said. “Oh HIM!” I replied.

“Yea. The girl he was with was gorgeous. I mean dayum, how did he manage to convince her to go out with him after the shit the other one pulled on him. I mean, she must have heard the whispers when they entered through the door.” She said in astonishment.

Honestly I thought her reaction was funny. I mean yes, Susie did love drama but she said it with such surprise, you could have believed Hipster dude’s face resembled a piece of trash. Which was so NOT the case. I mean I kinda always had a hunch that Susie was gay, but she never came out to me or talked about being attracted to girls, so I never brought it up. I don’t know why I haven’t. I might just scared that I will no longer receive my free cakes if I confront her on the topic. I said bye to Susie after talking to her for a few minutes more and decided to call it a day and start walking home, since I had to drop by the supermarket to pick up some groceries.

Well no, I did not have to pick up groceries I was planning on swinging by the book store that is next to the supermarket and I mean I was planing on going groceries shopping, but at the last second I decided to spend it on a new book. Not good, I know. But I just can’t resist a new book. The smell, the first cracking of the spine. Urgh, it just gets me every time. I would probably sell my soul to the devil without thinking if he promised me that I could receive every book I wanted for free throughout the rest of my life. Not kidding. I probably wouldn’t even blink or bat an eyelash, I’d just say throw my arms around them and say yes. That’s how far my unhealthy love for books goes. Almost as deep as coffee.

I made my way up the staircase and into my apartment. I had picked up the book The Vegetarian. I had been meaning to read it for a while. I heated up the spaghetti from yesterday and took the book, my food and my phone to play music out onto the balcony.

I was about half way into the third chapter when my phone lit up with a picture of Jessie pulling a frown on it. I clicked accept and held my phone to my ear, waiting for her to start talking.

“Liz? You there?”

“No Jessie this is a robot picking up the phone and speaking on my behalf.”

“Oh shush, you whiny little shit.”


“I have news darling. Big News.”



“What is it? You can’t just leave me hanging like this. Spill the beans already.”




“Are you kidding me? I’m sorry the bell just rang.”

“Aren’t you gonna get it? It might be something important.”

“No, it can wait until you tell me your BIG NEWS.”

Knock. Knock.

“Ok apparently someone really needs to talk to me. Can you give me second?”

“Yea, sure take your time. I need to think about how I’m going to phrase it anyway.”

I put my phone down on the kitchen counter as I make my way towards the front door.

I unlock the door and pull it open. In front of the door stood a little girl. She was wearing a bright pink princess dress and was holding up a basket of cookies.

“Hello. Would you like to buy a cookie?” She asked in the cutest voice I had probably ever heard. I don’t usually like kids, and yet I gave her my friendliest smile and answered. “Yes, hold on let me grab my wallet.”

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