The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 4 I can always just fill some of my blood

“Yeah. I know what he is. Thomas and I already had that conversation. But he makes sure he always has blood on hand so... he’s ok. And worse case scenario he can have some of my blood. I mean I do have experience taking blood from patients. So I can always just fill some of my blood in one of his empty blood bags.” Jess said relaxed.

“You had an internship. At an animal clinic. How does that count for experience? But other than that you seem to really have it figured out and under control. I’m... surprisingly impressed” I said.

“Come on Liz. You know I learned all this from the best.” She said and I could tell she was smiling. She had always been an optimistic person. Constantly believing in seeing only the good in people, even if it could turn out deadly for her. But I knew she could protect herself. We taken a few self-defense classes together when she still lived in Berlin.

“OK, well now I really need to meet this fellow. When am I going to see you next? Should I come out to Paris or will you come an visit me and see good old Berlin?” I asked.

“Umm. About that...” Jess said, her voice hesitant.


“That actually why I’m calling. I already booked a flight for you. It leaves on Friday.” Jess said.

“Are you kidding Jess? Please tell me you’re kidding? You know that as soon as I step foot into Paris they will know right?” I asked. I can’t believe she would do something like that. I was super grateful and I was excited to finally see my best friend after almost 6 months apart, but if it meant putting her life on the line, I really wouldn’t risk it. Not in a million years. Silence greeted me on the other side of the line.
“You know how grateful I am. You know that I miss you and would do anything to come and visit. But I thought you knew that I have to call them first in order for them not react aggressive when they receive the message that I am in town.” I said.

“I know. I’m sorry. I hadn’t thought of that.” Jess said in a small voice.

Technically they might still be okay with my visit if I called right now. I can never really be sure, but it wouldn’t really make sense either to waste a perfectly good plane ticket to Paris.

“Jess...” I said in a tired voice, “I’ll call you back. I have some phone calls to make if you want me on that plane on Friday.”

“So you’re coming?” Jess asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but worse case scenario I’ll glamour myself and they wont be able to know it’s me.”

“EEEEKKKKK!!!! Okay, okay. So which type of coffee do you want waiting when you get off the plane?” Jess asked.

I took a deep breath and smiled. “Caramel, please.”

“Alright. Talk to you tomorrow okay?”

“Yeah. Okay. Bye.” I said before hanging up the phone.

I set the phone down on the table in front of me and propped elbows on the table to rest my face in my hands.
Urgh. Why did I agree to this? I loved Jess. But Urgh. I would have to call Ogmios. I could already imagine his nagging.
“Why haven't you called? Why haven't you visited? Why are you calling after all this time? Why are you coming? Why now? Why on so short notice? You are always so scatter brained. You never stick to one thing. Never have, never will.”
I was really not looking forward to having that conversation. Even if it was impossible to evade.
Lifting my head from my hands I took a deep breath and picked up my phone.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is?” said the voice one the other end of the line. “Never thought I’d see your name light up on my display after what happened the last time.”

I took another deep breath to calm myself down. And ran my fingers over my brow fight off the nearing headache.

“Yes, Ogmios. I know it’s been a few hundred years but I wanted to alert you of my impending visit, beginning on Friday. I know it’s short notice but it’s an emergency and you know I wouldn’t been asking this of you if that wasn’t the genuine truth.” I squinted my eyes shut and let out the air that I had been holding captive in my lungs.

“So that is why you’re calling? You are INFORMING ME OF YOUR ARRIVAL? NOT EVEN ASKING FOR PERMISSION?” Ogmios said in a exasperated voice.

“Yes.” I answered hesitantly.

“Well, then I guess it has been settled.” He said.

“Just like that? No consequences?” I asked.

“Do you want me to pick you up from the airport too? Or do you just want whipped cream and ten hundred thousand euros with your stay in Paris?” He said sassily.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “No Ogmios, I have that covered. Thank you. I would say I owe you one, but after what happened last time...”

Laughter sounded from the device in my hand. “You were the one who didn’t specify what you meant. How could I know that it didn’t include bringing someone back to life and retrieving an item that belonged to me from the Louvre.”

“Yeah well, now you know.” I said.

“Well as lovely as this has been, I have more pressing matters to attend to than a few centuries old Fae deciding to plan a last-minute trip to Paris.”

“Okay, I can take a hint. Again, thank you. ” I said.

“Good Bye. Have a safe trip and a pleasant stay in Paris the city of lights and true love.” Ogmios said mockingly before hanging up.

I walked into my bed room and pulled my carry-on out from under my bed and putting it on top. Walking over to my closet, while I checked the weather on my phone, I pulled out the clothes that were suitable for a hot Parisian summer.
After I finished packing I turned on my computer and made myself familiar with the flight details. I know it was still a few days until my flight but I wanted to make sure that Jess had made all the proper arrangements.

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