The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 5 Did you drink an Entire Brewery Yesterday

Sitting down to catch my breath, I take out my phone to check for any missed calls. I then decide to call Jess to tell her, that I was about to board the airplane.

“Hey.” Jess’s sleepy voice answers.

“I’m at the airport and you’re still sleeping? Lady, get a grip.” I groan into the phone. How was I supposed to make it to her apartment if Jess was still sleeping and forgot to pick me up from the airport. Good god.

“I feel like death.”

“Did you drink an entire brewery yesterday?” I ask and chuckle.

“La Moustache Blanche frappe à nouveau. I just couldn’t resist. The vibes that bar was giving me... URGH. They were too good to just let go. I had to show my appreciation some how.” Jess said with a muffled voice.

“You give an anonyous donation and move on. You do not drink their entire wine cellar. So I’m guessing I have find my own way to your apartment. Cool.” I conclude with a laugh and a shake of my head.

“Nope. I will make it to the airport. And I will pick you up, even if it kills me. I making my way to the bath room as we speak.”


“Jess. You okay? What happened?” I said.

“Ow. That really hurt.” Jess said a few moments later.

“What happened?” I ask again.

“I fell. Well actually I tripped. But that’s basically the same thing.” She answered.

“Umm. Okay. I’m still at Tegel in Berlin so you have like two hours give or take to make it to Orly.” I say laughing. “But I knew you’d still be sleeping, so I decided to call you to make sure you’d be there to pick me up. I like to take the metro, but not enough to take it with my suitcase.” I explain to her still laughing.

“Jesus Liz. Why? Why would you do something like that to me? Don’t you love me?” Jess asked. I could hear her grin through the phone line.

“You up now?” I reply.

“Yes.” She said grumpily.

“Now now Mrs.Jackson. I am for real. GET THE FUCK UP, NOW!!!!!”

“Okay, okay, Jesus. I’m up. You happy?” Jess asks rhetorically.

“Almost. Can you hand me to Tom, I assume he’s laying next to you?” I answer.

“I got up, like I told you. I am not in bed anymore. And Thomas isn’t here anyway. He went home last night.” Jess said in her I-am-clearly-lying-voice.


“Okay okay. Here.” She said.

“Hey Liz.” Tom’s tired voice sounds through the line.

“Hi, could you make sure that she leaves the apartment in twenty minutes? I would appreciate if she would come to pick me up from the airport.” I explain to him.

Thomas laughs. “Yes, I will go with her so that she doesn’t crash her new car. Which airport will you be arriving at?” He asks.

“Orly. And thank you Thomas. This means a lot.” I said.

“No worries. You’d do the same for us. We’ll be on our way now.” He says before hanging up.

“LETZTER AUFRUF FÜR DEN FLUG VON BERLIN TEGEL NACH PARIS ORLY MIT DER FLUGNUMBER 50067!!!” I had arrived at the front of the line to board, handed my ticket over to be swiped and boarded the plane. Two hours and I’ll be in Paris. Hallelujah.

“Bonne journée. Nous avons atteri à Orly à Paris. Il est 15h00 avec le soleil et un ciel bleu. Je vous souhaite un bon séjour et un bon voyage en avant. Guten Tag, wir sind am Flughafen Orly in Paris gelandet. Es ist 15.00 Uhr mit Sonnenschein und einem blauen Himmel. Ich wünsche ihnen einen schönen Aufenthalt und eine gute Weiterreise” The pilot on the intercom said as the airplane landed.

Walking to collect my luggage, I pull out my phone to see if I had any messages r missed call from Jessica or Thomas.

All I had was a text from an unknown number. I clicked on it wanting to know who it was from. ‘Corpore Pellem Eorum Deliberabimus. Dicit Quod Non Curat.’

At first glance it looked like gibberish. But as I picked up my suitcase from the revolving thingy, I started to realize that it was someone’s pathetic attempt to sound threatening in an extinct language, Latin to be exact. I remember the pain it was to learn it when it was still spoken. I sympathized and chuckled at the attempt to sound threatening death threat by someone who had clearly used google translator.

I put my phone into my pocket and pulled my suitcase towards the exit. Thomas and Jess were waiting on the other side of the exit. Jess shrieked when she saw me and started to run towards me at speed that was quite surprising for a hungover and maybe even still slightly drunk individual.

“Hii. Should you be running, when you were just refusing to leave your bed two hours earlier?” I asked Jess chuckling.

“Naww. I’m good.” She replied giggling.

“Honey, you sure? You’re turning slightly greenish.” I say. Now also giggling. I had missed her. The matter of the death threat would have to be talked about later. I didn’t want to disturb her happy mood.

“I’m okay. I promise. I’ll make sure not to vomit in your direction if it comes to that.” Jess said smiling.

“Well, okay then.” I say turning towards Thomas. I had never met him in person, only over face time and Skype. He looked a lot paler on the screen of my laptop computer than he did in real life, never the less I immediately understood why Jess found him attractive. He had light black skin, big pink lips and a jaw-line that you could cut yourself on; he had a small nose, hazel almond shaped eyes with thick brows and short curly brown hair. Thomas wore a dark green wild leather jacket and a black shirt underneath.

“Hello Thomas, nice to finally formally meet you.” I say with a smile.

“Hello Liz, the same can be said for you.” He answers, returning my smile. Every time Jess and I spoke on the phone or face timed and he was around, he had always been friendly and quite charming to say the least. He had a slight accent, that I hadn’t noticed over the phone. It sounded familiar, a dialect maybe but not anything that I had heard recently.

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