The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 6 Last time I checked You didn't Want to Detach Yourself from ME

“Okay, so let’s get this show on the road.” Jess says as she makes me crash out of my daydream. I shake my head to clear my mind and put on a smile. I was going to forget about all the weird crap that has happened in the last hour and I will deal with all this tonight at Jess’s apartment.

We make our way out of the terminal towards Jess’s car. Wind is blowing my hair into my eyes and mouth. Didn’t the pilot say that is was beautiful weather outside? I look up. Dark grey clouds. The faint smell of rain makes it way in to my nose. Weird.

We barely make it into the car before it starts pouring. Jess and Thomas are fighting over the radio station. I blend them out and look out of the window as we exit the airport and make our way onto the highway. Now it really was pissing rain as if out of buckets. I heard the first few tunes of Greta Van Fleet’s When the Curtain Falls, before Jess changed the station. I groaned in protest when she left the station on that was playing Justin Bieber’s Despacito. “Jess, can you please change it back?” I ask.

She looked in the rear mirror from the driver’s seat and made eye contact with me. She squinted her eyes and grimaced. “Fine.”

“Thank youuu.” I answer with a grin.

“Thank god.” Thomas said. “She has been listening to that god awful song on repeat for the past week and I can no longer stand it.” Jess harrumphed and rolled her eyes.

“Well now we know who will be sleeping on the couch tonight.” She said under her breath while looking straight ahead. Thomas turned back around facing her.

“Oh really?′ He said while grinning. “Last time I checked you didn’t even want to detach yourself from me long enough for me to use the bathroom. And don’t you always want me as your extra pillow?”

“Oh burn.” I mutter under my breath, while trying to keep my laugh as quite as possible. Jess would not live this one down. I shake my head still smiling. I had missed her.

“You in the back, yeah you with the weird white hair.” I look around feigning innocence. “You should be on my side here. That’s why I booked you that flight ticket, so you could take some of his mean comments off my back. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to or I can always turn around and you’ll be on the first flight back.” Jess says pissed off. I see a smile peeking through though, so I’m know there are no hard feelings. Which is good, since a pissed off Jess is a not fun Jess. I hear Thomas chuckling lightly and from Jess’s facial expression I already know he’s in for the reckoning of a lifetime.

I tune them out and focus on the music and the scenery that slowly turns into high apartment houses as it passes by outside the car window. Before I know it we are pulling up to Jess and Thomas’s apartment building. It was an old beige building with big windows and balconies. We parked the car a few streets over and took turns carrying my suitcase across the street and up the staircase. Jess pulled out her key and unlocked the front door, opening it up into a long corridor adorned by a red rug that led towards a door half opened at the end showing a blue tiled bathroom.

“Okay, so follow me and I’ll show you to the room you’ll be staying in.” Jess said. She took off her shoes and took my bag with her, as she made her way down the corridor. “This is the bathroom.” She said pointing to the door that now was closed and hiding the blue bathroom. Jess turned left and pointed to the first door. It was a dark purple. “That's is mine and Thomas’s bedroom.” She says while wiggling her eyebrows. I roll my eyes and try to hide a smile while turning my head farther to the left. The corridor opened up into an open kitchen and living room. A big wooden square served as a dining/breakfast table and behind that were two leather couches that Jess and I had found a few years back on a Flea-market in Berlin which had been in storage up until a few weeks ago when Jess had called to ask if I could ship them over. Two back-to-back bookshelves split the big space in half and served as a border between the last door and the rest of the room. Jess walked towards the white door at the end of the second corridor and opens it accompanied with a weird sort of bow and her arm turning in circles like a windmill. The two windows on opposite walls light up the room and walls which are white. One of the windows is open and the linen curtains are blowing in the rainy wind.

“Fucking shit!” That comes from the disgruntled person standing next to me. Jessie makes a mad dash for the window and closes it. She exhales loudly and puts her hands on her hips. “Okay, so there a new sheet son the bed, I changed them this morning. Umm. The towels are in the same closet as they were in Berlin. Are you hungry? We could order in, go out, or I could also ask Thomas to cook?” She asks. I shake my head smiling laughing slightly.

“Don’t worry Jess. I am okay. I’ll unpack and maybe take a shower. Food would be amazing though. Do you have any cereal?” I reply while heave my suitcase up onto the bed and start to unpack. The room is pretty bare, Jess might have wanted to make whoever stayed here feel comfortable. My bedroom in Berlin was bare too. It only had a plant on a wooden stool in the corner, a record player, a closet with a mirror and my bed, well more like my mattress. I still don’t own a bed frame.

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