The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 7 I could do Cocaine and Probably still Outlive Jess

Dinner was interesting to say the least.

Thomas had gone out thinking that Jess and I wanted some girl time without telling us, resulting in Jess frantically calling him, believing he had been kidnapped. He picked up on the 3rd ring and told her that he would be back around ten since he had picked up an extra shift at work.

Jess, wanting to prove to me that she had learned to cook, since the last time we spoke in person, set out to make dinner for us.

Needless to say the smoke detector went off half way through her ‘secret project’ as she had named it or ‘deadly experiment’ as I had secretly been calling it in my head for the past half hour, we were forced to evacuate out onto the balcony with the ice cream in hand and a set of spoons that she had always, even when she was living with me in Berlin, stored in the frozen section of the fridge.

She had always frowned upon my smoking, but I always liked how each one took eleven minutes off of your life. I had so many eleven minutes in my already long life that I needn’t be bothered by the few I lost by smoking.

I could do cocaine and probably still outlive Jess by more than double the age she’d die at. Finishing the cigarette, we make the decision to just screw making dinner and go out to a restaurant near by.

Walking into Soul Kitchen we were greeted by laughter and loud chattering, accompanied with incredible smells and waiters bringing amazing looking food to tables. We ordered quiches and lemonade and sat down as soon as a table cleared up we went to sit down.

Half way into dinner I started to notice how more and more men started to sit down in our vicinity. Usually I wasn’t bothered by this, but we were in Paris and I had received a death threat only hours earlier, so I was a little bit more on edge.

And for good reason. A few minutes later I looked up from my plate of dessert, only to see Ogmios pulling up a chair and sitting down. I shook my head grinning and picked up my napkin to wipe my still grinning mouth.

“You trust me so little, you’re scared to talk to me in public? Awww, did I scare the big bad wolf last time we met?” I say in a teasing voice smirking. Ogmios just rolled his eyes and turned to Jess.

“Hello darling, it’s truly an honor to finally meet you in person. After all this time of knowing Elizabeth, I don’t think I’ve ever met one of her ... friends.” He says while looking Jessie up and down, while pursing his lips.

It had been a while since I had seen him, but he hadn’t changed or aged a day. He still had the same crystal clear blue eyes and fair skin.

He had grown his hair out a bit in comparison to last time we spoke in person,but his beard remained the same stubble length in had always been. Ogmios had a Vegvisir tattooed to his left forearm. I chuckled, closed my eyes, and shook my head when I saw the scar on the bridge of his nose, knowing the exact reason it got there.

He had said something particular sexual at a time where I had so not been in the mood for his bullshit. I had reacted by throwing the nearest thing in his general vicinity. The object thrown was a beautiful blue vase, which for some odd reason had been used as a night pot. His face had kind of always been a strong magnet for flying objects and bullshit.

Jess blinked after what he had said and turned to face me. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She closed and opened her mouth, trying to speak, yet again not a word came out.

I was starting to get worried, since usually she didn’t react this way to meeting new people. Maybe she could tell that he was closer to my age than hers and that he defiantly wasn’t from anywhere close to here originally. I mean the first time I meant him I was in awe of him too. The accent and viking he had going on. Jess swallowed her spoon full of dessert and said took a sip of her lemonade.

She cleared her throat and looked up into his eyes without breaking eye contact and said loud enough for even the people at the other table to clearly understand, “What the fuck? Are you three or do you just act this petty in your free time to prove a point?”

I choked on the spoon full of creme brulee, I had scooped up and put into my mouth before she had started to speak. Ogmios’s eyes widened as he began to chuckle. “Oh, she’s got fire, I like this one; please don’t chase her off like with all the others.” Ogmios said.

I had barely recovered from the creme burlee incident, when he turned towards me and thumped me on the back, hard enough for me to bump into the table before me with my rib-cage. I looked into his direction with the fake-est smile I could conjure with my mouth full of creme brulee, he just laughed good-naturedly and signaled a waiter to order another quiche.

“So, what do you want? Why are you here?” I asked taking a sip of the lemonade after setting down my spoon.

“Don’t you enjoy my company? I am wounded Elizabeth. Here I was thinking we were best friends.” He answers teasingly. “Well, I wanted to make sure you knew that the Queen ordered you to appear in court. I don’t want to be involved in a war and be accused of harboring a fugitive so if you’re not going to show up, which I’m assuming you’re not, I never granted you the okay for entering Paris or France. I never spoke to you and we never met.” Ogmios said with urgency in his voice.

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