The Coffee House on Bourbon Street

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Chapter 8 Don't Worry, Darling. I have a Plan.

I took a sip of my coffee that had come with Ogmios’ quiche. I grin while looking over the rim of my mug. I remain in eye contact with him while putting down the mug. “You’re abso-fucking-lutely right that I’m not going to appear in court, just because the Queen, has summoned me. I’ll keep in mind that I haven’t contacted you in a century. Don’t worry darling, I’ve got a plan. Oh by the way are you still in control of the Freemasonry? Or have their women already staged a revolution like back in the good old days?” I said with a laugh and shake of my head.

I remembered fondly how the women, whose husbands Ogmios took control over last time, wouldn’t settle for some old Celtic God to taking away their husbands. They didn’t need their husbands for the farming or their protection, but rather for not having to sleep in an cold bed or explain their absence to their children. I giggle remembering seeing the ten women holding Ogmios down to shave his head and beard as revenge.

Ogmios frowned at me his mouth filled to brim with quiche, prompting him unable to talk. He chewed and swallowed before gave a disgruntled grunt of annoyance. “Ya know, I should smite you for saying shit like that to your elder. Other people definitely would,” he said. I couldn’t really figure out if he was talking to himself or if that threat was actually aimed at me.

“You wouldn’t have it in your heart to harm me. You like me too much. Also you wouldn’t smite you’re oldest friend. That would just be cruel, also you wouldn’t have nay one to complain to about how fucked up the world has gotten in the last few hundred years,” I said smugly. It was true. He didn’t really have any friends. Period. I mean he had some acquaintances but those were no where close to our age. I look over at Jess. She was leaning back onto her chair, while squinting her eyes and observing our interaction. I couldn’t read her facial expression. It was one I had never seen on her face before. Somehow a mix between the beginning of a laugh, okay more like a smirk but also... Irritation.

I made eye contact with one of the waiters and asked for the check. “Well, it was lovely talking to you again, catching up and you passing on the message. But I am saddened to say, we have to get back,” I said smiling at Ogmios. He nodded his head and said “Yeah, I should probably also start heading back. I still have to sort out some shit from earlier this week. Let me know if you decide to go see the Queen.”

“I will. Bye,” I said while Jessie and I got up and left.
Jessie managed two blocks before she stopped short and asked, “Did you fuck him?”

I burst out laughing. “Eww god no. He is so not my type, nor am I his.”
Jess shook her head and furrowed her eyebrows. “So... who is he?” She asked reluctantly. “Are you familiar with Celtic Mythology?” I ask in return. “No”, was the answer I received.
“Okay, so Ogmios, the guy you just met is a ancient Celtic Deity and his so called power is similar to that of the Sirens in Greek mythology. But instead of luring the men to their deaths, they want to serve and protect him, usually till they take their last breath,” I tried to explain.

“Okay. But how did you meet him? I mean, like you said he’s an ancient Celtic deity. How is he still alive? Why is he still alive? How old exactly is he?” Jess questioned in rapid recession.

“He somehow always manages to have followers. He’s still alive because often times the men who would want to kill him he just binds under his spell and Tada! Problem solved. Women usually don’t mind him being around, since he’s always fought for women’s rights. I mean he’s part Viking for Christ sake. They often preferred women to men anyway. But that is not the point I’m trying to make,” I said, slightly out of breath.

By now we had continued walking back towards Jess’s apartment. I reluctantly admit, that I was walking faster than usually and kept looking over my shoulder. I was taking Ogmios’ advice to heart; to be honest I would have reacted the same way, even if I hadn’t received a death threat earlier today. It was always smarter to acknowledge Ogmios’ incites, even if you didn’t believe a single word he was saying, the things he sees, usually tend to come true. And I wasn’t fancying to become Fae-dust or another stuffed marionette in the Queen’s ballroom. Nope, I don’t do being stuffed and collecting dust. It’s not good for my skin.

Jess opened the door to her apartment. “Alright, so now tell me the reason you were literally running back to my apartment. And don’t even try to play dumb with me, I know something is going on. You’re never this skittish, not even when you thought that you had a stalker,” Jess said with irritation clear as day bleeding through her words.

I took a deep breath and squint my eyes at her. “Okay. Fine. I received a text this morning.” I chuckled and avoided looking in her eyes. “Just as I landed at the airport.”

“What type of text?” She asked.

“You know what type of text. Why are you even asking me this?” I replied.

“Because I don’t think you understand how serious this situation. Did you turn it off again or are you just playing dumb with me?” Jess asked anger clear as day on her face.

I exhale the breath I didn’t know, I was holding in and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I was purposely evading answering her question. I knew she was aware of this. And she made it known, that she didn't appreciate my behavior.

“Do you understand? Hello? I’m talking to you?” She all but yelled.

“Yes. I understand. But what you have to also understand is that this isn’t the first time I have received text of that nature,” I replied.

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