Legends of Amacia: Mysteries of Tiamat

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The 8th Wonder of the Ancient World: Tiamat

Sixteen hours later, Hannibal knocked on Harry’s door. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with his hair a tangled mess, Harry opened the door, still a bit groggy. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, seeing Hannibal, Nathanael, and Selina standing there. “Oh…come on in. We just got up,” Harry invited, stepping aside to let them in. Hannibal, Nathanael, and Selina came in to see the lights up, and some soft music playing. Mary stood in the kitchen preparing some bacon, eggs, and grits for them. Dennis sat on the sofa, drawing.

“Did you sleep all right?” Hannibal asked.

“As a matter of fact, I did,” Harry answered. “This place is very restful.”

“Would you like anything to eat?” Mary called out from the kitchen.

“No thanks. We’ve already eaten at the cafeteria this morning,” Hannibal answered. “I just wanted to check on you. I’ve been by a couple of time this morning and got no answer.”

“What time is it anyway?” Harry asked as he plopped down in the recliner.

“It’s quarter of ten in morning,” Nathanael answered as Selina went to the kitchen to help Mary with the cooking.

“Really?” Harry returned. “I guess I got my time all mixed up with the move.”

“It happens,” Hannibal replied. “It’s happened to me too. You should have seen what the time change did to Nathanael and Selina when they first came here.”

Nathanael laughed. “Yeah,” he admitted. “It took us almost a month to get used to your time. We were all screwed up.”

Harry looked into the kitchen and saw Selina smirk about what Nathanael had said. “Indeed,” Selina added as she and Mary put the breakfast on the table just behind the sofa. “We weren’t much good for anything during that adjustment. Besides, we were still recuperating from the injuries we received on the Interceptor when the blue sun exploded.”

“You’re sure you don’t want anything?” Mary asked as she sat at the table with Harry and Dennis.

“No, we’re okay,” Nathanael replied, sitting down on the sofa. Selina sat beside him and Hannibal plopped down on one of the recliners.

“So what’re we doing today?” Harry asked as he ate.

After a momentary pause, Hannibal said, “I’m going to introduce you to everyone and we’re going to see more of the Temple. Hopefully, we’ll get you familiar enough with the Temple so you don’t need an escort.”

Harry rubbed the side of his face and then took a swallow of his drink. “Is that so,” he mused.

“Yes, sir,” Hannibal answered. “We’ll also try to get some form of routine going for you, Mary, and Dennis. This place can be a bit boring if you’re not doing something and it’ll help you keep track of time. Time has a tendency to vanish in this place if you don’t have a routine.”

“Well, that’ll be good,” Mary said enthusiastically. “I wouldn’t feel right if I couldn’t help out in some manner.”

Within ten minutes, Harry, Mary, and Dennis finished their breakfast and were ready to see the wonders of the Temple. “Follow me,” Hannibal said as they went out into the corridor. He led them to the central hub of the barracks where the golf carts sat waiting. They piled onto one of the larger golf carts and Hannibal proceeded to drive. “First, we’ll go meet the research team,” he stated while driving. Within a couple of minutes, they arrived at the cafeteria. Harry immediately noticed a crowd of over eighty-five people waiting as they arrived. Hannibal parked the cart and led them over to the tables where everyone was gathered. The crowd consisted of men, women, and children of all races and nationalities. Hannibal whistled and the crowd grew quiet as they gave him their attention.

“You all have heard about the misfortune that befell my friend Harry and his family,” Hannibal began. “Well, this is Harry Clint, his wife Mary, and his son Dennis. They’re now part of our family here. Treat them as such. We all have given up much to be part of this. Harry and his family have also lost everything to the masters of the universe. Harry and his family are now considered terrorists by them, just as I am and everyone else here. We’re all in the same boat so let’s welcome Harry and his family and help them to adjust to their new life here with us.” Hannibal stood back with Selina and Nathanael at his side and announced, “Harry, Mary, Dennis: this is my research team. They’re my family and now you are too. Welcome.” He stood silently as the research team thronged around Harry and his family, greeting them warmly. Harry soon realized entire families were staying at the Temple. Dan came up and greeted Harry and his family, officially welcoming them. It took about ten minutes for everyone to greet Harry and his family. As the last people filed through greeting Harry, Hannibal pulled Dan aside and said, “See if we can’t come up with a routine for Mary and Dennis to keep them busy.”

Dan nodded and smiled. “I think we can come up with something they’ll like,” he replied. The crowd slowly dissipated, the people returning to their various appointed tasks.

After the crowd had gone, Hannibal told Dan, “I’m going to show them some more of the Temple. If you need me, just call.” Dan nodded and left. “Come. Let me show you some more of the marvels we found here,” Hannibal said, leading them to the golf cart and getting on it with Harry and his family.

“We’re going to get to work, too,” Nathanael said. “We have much to do.”

“Go right ahead. Selina, could you accompany us?” Hannibal asked.

“Absolutely,” Selina answered, climbing on the cart with them.

“I’ll see you later, Nathanael,” Hannibal said. Nathanael saluted him and left on another cart. Hannibal started into the tunnels, announcing “Our first stop…the Library.” He drove into the main tunnel and turned right. He went a little ways, and then turned left into what appeared to be an empty room and stopped. A stone door slid shut, sealing the room and Harry looked at him as if to ask ‘what’s going on.’ The room suddenly felt like it was moving upward as they sat there, a soft rumble echoing around them.

“This is an elevator, isn’t it?” Harry asked.

Hannibal nodded. “Yeah; they’re mainly confined to the machine area,” he replied, “though we have encountered some different kinds of elevators in the other sections of the Temple.” The motion suddenly ceased and a door opened opposite of the one they came in. Hannibal drove on as Selina explained some of the things they were seeing. They moved on for three more minutes, and then the tunnel suddenly turned from metal into granite. “We’ve just left the machine area. We’re now in the area that I told you about the other night,” Hannibal informed. A couple of minutes later, they reached the Library and Hannibal took them in, showing them around. They gazed in wonder at the size of the chamber, and at the fact it was lit like the portal chamber. “Come and look at this,” Hannibal said as he reached into one of the open sarcophagi, removing one of the books. “Now you don’t have to just take my word for it.” He handed the book to Harry, who carefully accepted it. His eyes sparkled as he gingerly opened it and examined the metal pages. Dennis stood next to him, looking like he wanted to touch it but not sure whether he should.

“Go ahead and touch it, Dennis,” Hannibal ordered. “You can’t hurt it. The oils in your skin will not damage these plates. They’re practically indestructible.” Dennis carefully touched the pages. They were perfectly smooth, except for the writing etched on it. His face lit up with fascination.

“This is incredible. It’s so light,” Harry said, handing the book back to Hannibal, who promptly put it back. They looked into the sarcophagus and Harry and Mary wondered at the volume of information stored in there.

“Come, let me show you more,” Hannibal invited, leading them out the Library to the golf cart, which they promptly got on. Hannibal then took them all over the secured temple areas. He and Selina explained the various chambers and things they saw. After three hours of touring, they ended up back in the portal chamber. It was deserted and Hannibal drove right to the platform. “Now for one of the most awesome sites you’ll ever see,” he informed as he went to the control console. He pushed a button, retrieved the earpiece from the console, and put it in his ear. Everyone gathered around the console as it lit up. The hologram suddenly sprang to life and showed right outside the front of the Temple. Hannibal quickly scanned through the jungle around the Temple using the hologram, showing no activity. “You remember the pictures of the draken colossus?” he asked. Harry nodded yes and then Hannibal returned, “Well, now it’s time to see it for real. Prepare yourself for the shock of your life.” The portal machinery sprang to life and within a few seconds, the portal lay open.

“Come,” Hannibal invited, heading toward the portal. Harry, Mary, Dennis, and Selina followed him through the portal into the edge of the jungle in front of the draken colossus. They stood at the outer periphery of an immense stone platform more than three hundred feet in radius. The late afternoon sun slowly sank behind the jungle peaks to the west. A light breeze blew out of the west and high cirrus clouds draped across the sky’s blue vault. Shadows from the setting sun danced on the colossus. Harry, Mary, and Dennis stood there in utter stupefaction as their gaze followed the colossal legs up to the body, and then to the heads. The entrance between the legs was collapsed, showing signs of explosives and a gun battle. Hannibal grinned and Selina smiled pleasantly as they watched their friend’s reaction.

“My god,” Harry whispered in awe. “It’s beyond enormous. You were right. Those pictures don’t do it justice. I feel like an ant next to an elephant.”

Dennis stood there, gawking at the sheer size of it. “Wow!” he breathed after a couple of minutes.

Mary stood there in complete awe, feeling completely insignificant. She suddenly became light-headed and almost fainted. Selina caught her and asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah…I think so,” Mary replied, shaking her head. “I just got a little overwhelmed by it.”

“It has that effect on some people,” Hannibal stated, smiling warmly.

Harry could not tear his gaze away from the terrible image. Hannibal put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “You know... I can’t even fathom how no one knew this was here before you found it,” Harry said softly. “Wait a second, I just remembered the story you told us about the prospector. Did you find the pile of skulls he claimed was here?”

Hannibal sighed deeply and pointed to the collapsed entrance. “We sure did,” he replied grimly. “When we first got here, there were fifty skulls showing varying stages of decomposition sitting scattered between the legs in the entrance. One was a freshly-hewn head less than a couple of weeks old that I surmised must have belonged to the prospector’s friend, Carlos. Just over there on the east side of the platform is a deep ravine that was filled with the bones of the apparent sacrifices. We gathered the skulls and carefully put them in the ravine before burying them after getting photographic evidence of the mass grave. I insisted on placing a marker over the mass grave to honor the dead so they wouldn’t be forgotten. That was just the first gruesome discovery we encountered when we first came here.”

Harry, Mary, and Dennis followed Hannibal and Selina across the platform. Hannibal briefly stopped at a bloodstained toenail of the colossus. “Apparently, this is where the sacrifices were done,” Hannibal reported. “The blood we found here was less than two weeks old when we first came here, probably that of Carlos.”

Hannibal led them to the edge of the platform where a simple marker made of a small diorite boulder sat. The rock stood four feet high by five feet across with one side flattened and polished like a tombstone. An epitaph lay carved on the polished side of the boulder, reading, “To the fifty unknown souls who perished here as sacrifices to the great Tiamat: Rest in Peace.”

A solemn silence followed as they observed the marker. “Just down there, covered by ten feet of dirt and a cap of stone lie those poor souls taken by the evil that used to infest this place,” Hannibal reported, pointing to a field of stone fifty feet wide and one hundred feet long. “It took us two weeks to document the grave and seal it. I just pray that by us taking control of this place they can finally rest in peace.”

“I think they just might,” Mary murmured. “By giving them a proper burial and memorial, you have acknowledged their existence and avenged them by driving the evil you spoke of from this place. That has to account for something.”

“I just wish I could have known who they were so I could have been more specific with the epitaph,” Hannibal replied. “They deserve more than this.”

“It’s an honorable thing you did for the victims killed here,” Harry admitted, “so don’t belittle what you did for them. I’m still amazed that no one on the outside ever knew of this place. The colossus is so large and beautiful that it can’t be ignored. I’ve never seen a sculpture this large done in such painstaking detail.”

“I agree,” Hannibal declared. “This place is unique because of the draken colossus. But there’s more here than just the draken statue if you look around.” He gestured to the jungle and added, “Even in this place, life abounds, counteracting the evil that used to infest this place.”

They looked around at the jungle. “It’s so beautiful,” Mary observed, smiling.

Suddenly a flying fox flew over their heads, heading toward the draken colossus. Dennis saw it and pointed, asking, “What’s that? It looks like a big bat.”

Identifying what Dennis asked about, Hannibal stated, “That is a flying fox, Dennis. It’s one of the largest bats on the planet. We have lots of them around here.”

“A flying fox?” Dennis asked with some confusion.

Hannibal noticed the confusion. “They’re commonly known as the giant vampire bat,” he explained. “There are several varieties of vampire bats around the world that do drink blood, but you don’t have to worry about these bats sucking blood. They eat fruit and the occasional fish. The technical name for them around here is Pteropus Vampyrus.”

“Vampire bats? Oh, cool. What else does the jungle have?” Dennis asked.

As he asked, Hannibal saw something out of the corner of his eye and turned to see what it was. “Shhh,” he warned. “We have tigers. Look there.” He pointed down into the jungle about fifty yards. Everyone turned and saw the tiger looking at them with some curiosity. Dennis’ eyes lit up with cautious excitement. Mary latched on to Harry’s arm as Harry stood behind Hannibal.

Selina stepped forward a few steps in a very deliberate manner with an intense look on her face. Hannibal watched carefully as she squatted down on her haunches, leaning forward slightly with one hand on the ground propping herself up as she made eye contact with the great cat. They stood still as statues, watching Selina and the tiger interact. She purred aloud and the tiger growled. She returned the growl with an added purr. The tiger bobbed his head up and down and slowly advanced toward her. “Selina…you know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Hannibal asked with concern in his voice.

She waved her free arm in a restraining manner without saying anything. She slowly inched forward a few more steps and met the great cat at the edge of the platform. She and the tiger looked at each other for a minute and it grimaced with a growl. She responded with a low, guttural purr, lowering her head below the tiger’s head and canting her head to one side slightly. Everyone watched in amazement, as she seemed to communicate with the great cat. It moaned, and purred, turning its head toward those with Hannibal. It bobbed its head up and down and walked by Selina, moving toward Hannibal. Fear began to rise in them. Selina rose and followed the huge tiger over to them, saying, “It’s all right. He’s just curious.” The tiger stopped in front of Hannibal and looked up at him. Selina stood next to the tiger and stroked its back. Harry, Mary, and Dennis watched in fear and awe as Hannibal stifled his fear, kneeling down to look the great cat in the face. It looked him square in the eye as Hannibal slowly extended his hand so the tiger could smell it.

“No, don’t!” Mary moaned fearfully, latching onto Harry’s arm. Dennis held onto Harry’s other arm while he watched.

The tiger slowly sniffed Hannibal’s hand, and then licked it. Hannibal looked at Selina with utter amazement. He reached out and touched the side of the tiger’s face, gently stroking his fur. The tiger uttered a short purr and looked at Dennis. Primal fear rose in Dennis’ heart. Selina said, “Come…He wants to meet all of you.” The tiger turned and walked a couple of paces, stopping in front of Dennis. It moaned and purred, shaking its head in a non-threatening manner. “Come on; don’t be afraid,” Selina reassured. Dennis looked at his dad with fear in his eyes. Dennis’ hand slowly came out and the tiger lurched forward gently, putting his head under Dennis’ hand. It looked Dennis in the eye and all of Dennis’ fear evaporated. It let Dennis stroke its head a few times then turned to Harry and Mary, who by this time had realized that this great cat meant them no harm. Both of them slowly reached out so the tiger could acquire their scent. It sniffed their hands just as it did with Hannibal, and then moaned, licking their hands. It then looked up at Selina and growled. She responded with a deep rumbling purr and the great cat walked away, turning to look at them just before disappearing into the jungle.

They all stood there in shock for a few seconds. Selina patted Hannibal on the shoulder as she smiled at him. “Well done, my friend…very well done,” she congratulated.

“Can you believe that? How’d you do that?” Hannibal asked Selina with great admiration.

“It’s just a little thing I do,” Selina answered with a purr. “Animals communicate with more than just sound. Every little gesture and movement has meaning. I just know how to understand them. I guess it’s a Lynxian thing.”

“I had no idea that you could do that,” Hannibal said. “You never cease to surprise me.”

Selina smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “There are still a few things you don’t know about us Lynxians,” she purred. “All of the Lord’s creation is precious. You made a friend just now. He’ll watch for us.”

“You mean you actually communicated with that tiger?” Hannibal asked with peaking interest.

“Yes,” Selina chimed. “This is his territory and he wished to know whether we were friend or foe. He found us as friend otherwise he would have killed us.”

“He certainly could have done it too,” Harry stated. “That’s the biggest tiger I’ve ever seen. How big do you think he was?”

“You’re right,” Hannibal said, looking at Harry. “He’s a really big tiger; and old too. I suspect that he weighed as much as seven hundred pounds or more. Do you think he’ll really look out for us, Selina?”

“Yes, I believe so. He, however, will not show himself again like he did here,” Selina purred. “He’ll stay in the jungle and protect his territory as he’s always done.”

“My friends at school would never believe this,” Dennis crowed. “I got to touch a real wild tiger. This is too cool.”

“I must agree with you on that, Dennis,” Hannibal chimed. “That’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. You’ll have to teach me how to do that sometime, Selina.”

“Anytime, Hannibal,” Selina replied pleasantly.

They looked west at the setting sun as the glowing red orb slipping down behind the trees. The sky turned a strange combination of colors that gave the entire area a surreal glow. Dennis bubbled with excitement about being able to touch a real tiger as they watched the sunset. The portal glowed eerily at their side, casting a violet glow around the platform. Hannibal became lost in the sunset for a moment. A sudden screech of monkeys from the jungle brought him back to reality and he abruptly looked up at the colossus. “Would you look at that,” Hannibal exclaimed as he looked up.

“What is it?” Harry asked and Hannibal pointed up at the heads of the colossus. Everyone looked up and witnessed a bizarre phenomenon occurring around the heads of the colossus. Thirty or so strange glowing orbs of every color seemed to dance around the heads, at times moving into position making it look like the draken had eyes that were watching them.

“Wow!” Dennis exclaimed. “That is so neat!”

They watched the orbs of light dance silently around the draken heads for nearly fifteen minutes. Then Hannibal got a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach as the lights slowly began descending the colossus, coming toward them. Selina, who’d been watching in fascination, suddenly got a similar feeling, as did everyone else. “I think we’d better go,” Hannibal warned.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Selina agreed.

“Yeah,” Harry stated. “Something’s not right with these lights.” They all went back through the portal and it snapped shut as the orbs drifted down and danced around the platform. They watched with the hologram as the orbs danced and weaved around the colossus and around the platform. “Have you seen this kind of activity before?” Harry asked.

Hannibal shook his head. “No,” he admitted. “I’ve seen ball lightning around the colossus before but I don’t think these orbs are ball lightning. It’s something completely new to me. They look like some form of plasma energy.” They watched with a combination of interest and dread as the orbs continued to float and dance around like fireflies. Slowly, the orbs gathered to the middle of the platform and seemed to combine into a large fiery orb nearly twelve feet across. It floated motionless about six feet off the platform, casting a searing light on the jungle growth that had encroached on the platform.

“Look at that!” Mary exclaimed as she watched jungle life near the orb wither away and burst into flames that lasted only a few seconds. The flames completely consumed all the organic matter. About a minute after the orbs combined, the large orb began to change color and pulse. Suddenly from out of a clear sky, a tremendous electrical discharge struck the orb and the entire Temple rumbled. The orb suddenly quadrupled in size as it shown with the brilliance of the sun. Those watching on the hologram had to shield their eyes when the tremendous lightning strike hit the orb. The orb suddenly flared and what appeared to be a shockwave of electricity spread in every direction. Thousands of electrical discharges touched the colossus, the platform, and the jungle. The whole area lit up in an awesome display of raw power. Power discharges arced between the draken heads, its body, and the platform. The whole area glowed in a combination of scarlet and violet color in an unearthly manner. A strange, unearthly roar echoed through the jungle and the arcing of the power discharges made the draken look like it was coming to life and breathing electrical fire from several of its mouths. Throughout the Temple, everyone briefly stopped what they were doing as the Temple rumbled with the power of what was going on outside at the colossus.

In the portal chamber, Hannibal, Selina, Harry, Mary, and Dennis watched the unbelievable display of raw planetary power in the hologram. They looked around as the Temple rumbled from the onslaught outside. Then as quickly as the first discharge struck, it was gone, leaving only a bizarre fog on the platform and around the colossus.

Hannibal opened the portal to the platform and immediately went outside. Everyone followed him out onto the platform. The smell of burning ozone assaulted their senses. The air was full of static electricity that made their hair stand on end and their skin tingle. “Look at your hair, dad! It’s standing up!” Dennis exclaimed.

“There must be a residual charge left out here. Be careful out here,” Hannibal warned as he darted around the platform with the fog sweeping around his feet. He went to where the orb had floated and examined it closely. He waved for everyone to come and see. “This is incredible. I never saw this before,” he stated pointing out a thirty-foot radius of strange patterns etched into the fused platform in a circular fashion that glowed eerily. In the very center, where the massive electrical discharge touched the platform lay a circular crater six feet across and four feet deep. In the bottom of the crater appeared to be something metallic that glowed brilliantly. The crater itself seemed to be shaped like a parabolic satellite dish. Hannibal cautiously looked over into the crater and had to shield his face from the intense heat that was emanating from the metallic bottom. “Selina, what do you think?” he asked, backing away from the crater. “There’s something big in there that’s metal and it’s still very hot.”

Selina carefully looked into the crater for a minute and then backed away. “I don’t know,” she replied. “This is new on me.”

As she spoke, Nathanael emerged from the portal and sprinted over to them. “What’s going on?” he asked. “The whole Temple rumbled and shook a couple of minutes ago.”

Hannibal told him what they had witnessed and showed him the crater. “I’ve never seen such a violent displace of raw power on this planet before,” Hannibal stated. “This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of display since I’ve been here.”

Nathanael gazed into the crater and rubbed his chin, pondering what Hannibal had told him. “You know, you said this place is affected by some kind of energy vortex. I think what you witnessed may have been one of those unexplained phenomena that frequent those places. From the way you describe the incident, it sounds like there may have been an exchange of potentials when the Earth’s magnetic field lines were crossed up somehow. Its effects are still lingering. Look at how our hair is standing up and our nerves are tingling,” he deducted. Then at a whim, he pulled a compass out of his pocket and looked at it. “Look here,” he said, referring to the compass. The compass needle spun wildly. Everyone gathered around and looked at the compass needle dancing crazily. Then the needle suddenly stopped and pointed to the south. Nathanael’s eyebrow rose as he said, “This is interesting. The Temple faces north, does it not?”

“Yes,” Hannibal replied. “The draken faces north.”

“Then my compass should point in the same direction but look, it points south,” Nathanael observed. Nathanael and Hannibal looked at each other without saying anything. Then a noise came from the crater and they both looked.

“Everyone get back!” Hannibal and Nathanael shouted simultaneously, pushing everyone away from the crater. Surges of energy exploded out of the crater and within two seconds, a blast emerged from the crater, sending a shockwave that knocked everyone down, singeing hair, fur, skin, and clothes. The portal simply absorbed the energy as the shockwave made contact with it. As quickly as it happened, the phenomenon vanished. The crater was cold with the fog blown away. The residual static charge was gone as well.

“Is everyone all right?” Hannibal asked, getting up. His hair and his clothes smoldered.

“Yeah, we’re all right,” Harry answered as he helped Mary and Dennis up.

Selina shook her head as she got up and said, “Okay here. Just a little singed around the edges.”

Nathanael stood up, still smoking. The compass was still in his hand and he looked at it. The needle pointed north. He scratched his head and said, “Look at this. The compass now is pointing north.” Everyone gathered around and looked at the compass.

“You know, I think we just saw the Earth’s magnetic field jump and completely reverse polarity for a moment,” Nathanael said as he put the compass away. “When the field lines crossed in the reversal, we got the discharges that we witnessed. That last blast must have been the polarity changing back to its usual orientation.”

“May be,” Hannibal said. “I’ll tell you one thing. We know very little about how the Earth itself actually works. I suspect this phenomenon is more common than we think. I know that I’ve seen similar discharges when the government’s weather machine has to discharge because of the potential energy it builds up when they modify the weather with it; however, what we saw here dwarfs the power of that by a least three hundred times.”

“You mean the government controls the weather too?” Mary asked bluntly.

“I’m afraid so,” Hannibal replied as he started back toward the portal. “We’ll look into this crater tomorrow. Unfortunately, the government has a series of machines that controls weather using various frequencies of electromagnetic energy. The Russians have their version as well. They use it in conjunction with their chem-trail Geo-engineering program to mess with the weather and upset the balance of the Earth’s system. The more they monkey with it, the worse the weather gets.” Everyone followed Hannibal through the portal and it snapped shut as he continued, “They focus beams of electromagnetic energy on the jet stream and can push it anywhere they want. They also have the capability with these machines to create weather on a regional level.” They listened intently as he turned off the portal machinery, putting the earpiece back in its place on the console.

“This is crazy,” Harry declared. “Don’t they know that the Earth is a closed system? When they mess with the weather in one place, the natural energy of the system has to compensate and reach equilibrium by changing the weather someplace else?”

“You’re smarter than you look, Harry,” Hannibal said with a grin. “It appears you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been telling you over the years. Yes, it does and yes, they do know it. It’s just they don’t care. Remember, they’re trying to kill six and a half billion people without us catching on. The weather machine is black bag operations developed from a combination of Tesla’s work and alien technology acquired by our government when they made a pact with the Reptilians and the Grays. They use it as a weapon of war despite the treaty they made with the Russians to not use it as such. Their main facility called HAARP is in Alaska and has its own power plant to power it. Dozens of smaller facilities are scattered around the continental US that they use in conjunction with the main HAARP facility to help with their Geo-engineering program. And what’s worse is that they can use that thing for more than just weather war too. Mind control of the masses has been successfully attempted with this technology.”

“Mind control?” Selina asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, mind control,” Hannibal replied. “The human brain operates on a specific range of frequencies. They have discovered that by tuning their transmitters to that range of frequencies, they can alter people’s behavior. For instance, they discovered that by tuning the machine to a certain frequency in that range and targeting a specific area, they could agitate people or make them lethargic or even cause confusion. They could technically target a city with that thing and if they wanted the people to riot, use it to agitate them to the point of violence.”

“This is unreal,” Harry breathed. “These guys are truly evil.”

“Oh, but it gets better still,” Hannibal continued. “They can also cause earthquakes and set off volcanoes with it. All they have to do is target a fault line or volcano, set up a resonance within the rock strata along the fault or within the volcano with the frequency and wallah; you have an earthquake or volcanic eruption. This technology has multiple uses, from mind control, to weather modification, or even use it as a seismic weapon. But they seldom use it as a seismic weapon because of the incredible power drain required for that purpose. They have another program devoted exclusively to seismic and volcanic activity. HAARP is truly one of their most diabolical weapons, one that can potentially do great harm to the planet itself.”

Nathanael shook his head. “Your kind already has technology they can’t control,” he declared. “Can you imagine what they’d do if they got their claws on what we’re sitting on?”

“I try not to think too much about the evil they could do with the technology we’ve found here,” Hannibal replied. “That’s why I’m here and why I’m one of the most wanted terrorist in the world. They know I have access to material that could propel them into absolute mastery of the planet. That’s why they have gone to such lengths to capture me. They want the ancient technology that will allow them to forever enslave the human species. Come; all this talk of black bag technology the masters of the universe are using is making me hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”
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