Cerebral Labyrinth

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Levita is on her way to discover that not only is she the soul of the worlds Utopia, but also its next leader. Only one problem, she doesn’t know that she is. Not until she learns of her mysterious and special talent that will touch the lives of everyone she encounters. In discovering her truth, she will embrace new friends while accepting challenges that cause her to have to fight for not just her life, but the entire human race. Just like all things of the past, they never stay buried and a paradise built on lies is a war waiting to erupt. Levita will have to adapt to survive and rise to the occasion if she really is the world’s leader they believe her to be.

Scifi / Drama
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Chapter 15

“A fate worse than death”

Tirzah took to his barricade shortly after seeing Jaheel. He knew he was coming for him to get revenge on everything he had stolen from him, his brother, his father and Censer. Tirzah was overdue for a fate worse than death. He moved quickly through the halls of the sanctuary as Jaheel followed closer and closer behind. Jaheel was cutting down any guard that got in his way.

The more he killed the less Tirzah had with him as continued to flee for safety. As Tirzah reach his chambers and tried to secure the lock, Jaheel was getting closer to the door. He saw Tirzah trying to lock himself behind the room door and as the door began to close, Jaheel threw a round object into the room just as the door closed.

As the door shut the round ball like figure Jaheel threw landed at Tirzah’s feet and before Tirzah could react, the ball exploded causing the door to fly open and everything inside the room to be dismantle. As Jaheel approached the door, he could see only destruction and debris from his homemade bomb. He walked in what was left of the room slowly looking from remains of Tirzah. He couldn’t see through all the smoke and fire but he heard him coughing in the distance. Jaheel followed the sounds of his coughs thought what remained till he wondered on his crippled body badly in pieces from the explosion. Jaheel knew he was done for. He made the explosive extra powerful just for Tirzah. He figured if he couldn’t get close to him to take his life he would use other methods to make sure the job would get done no matter what. As Tirzah lay with blood flowing from his body and mouth his eyes met Jaheel as he approached him. Jaheel watched enjoying every moment of his body in pain. He only wished Ramesh was there to witness the end of Tirzah to praise in the moment with his brother. As Kadesh approached the end of the hall that lead to his father’s chambers, he was in complete shock at what remained at the end of the hall.

Everything had been destroyed. Burned and blazing in flames, he didn’t know what to think, all he knew was he needed to locate his father and that they had completely underestimated their enemies and made them stronger resulting in everything coming to an end. As Kadesh entered the room, he heard in the distance the fate voice belonging to his father. “You think this is the end…. this is not. The people will rally up against your disease and infected trash and continue what I started with the help of my legacy...my son Kadesh. He is the only pure thing left in this world and he isn’t even of this world,” Tirzah said in between cough trying to hold on to what remained of his life as it slipped from him. Kadesh just stood as he listened to Tirzah speak.

“What does he mean not of this world?......what am I?”, Kadesh thought as he stood there listening watching Tirzah fade further from life. Before Tirzah took his last breath, he looks at Kadesh standing in the distance and smiled to him. In that moment that was the only warmth his father had ever displayed to him but sadly it came at the end of his death. Kadesh fell to his knees after watching his father take his last breath. He was so lost and confused. The truth about everything was too hard to process. He didn’t know what his father meant by not being from this world leaving him feeling so broken and needing to find the truth? Just as Levi and Om entered the room, they saw Kadesh to his knees and Jaheel in the far corner of the room over what was remaining of the body that was once a man. “Uncle you are ok?”, Levi said as she ran to Jaheel leaving Om to take care of Kadesh. Om grab Kadesh from behind and place his axe to his neck after forcing him to lay on the ground. He was prepared to chop his head off in one swift swing with the axe before he tried his mind games on him again. “Levi, we did it...it’s over. We brought an end to Tirzah and all the cities in the world witnessed the end of his pain as a ruler. We can work to restore order to the world again but first we must deal with him.” Jaheel said to Levi referring to Kadesh laying on the ground about to meet death like his father. Levi looked in the direction of Kadesh laying on the ground. He appeared so lost. He was not scared but I guess he wouldn’t be but she could tell his mind was racing with questions and it bothered her that she could not hear his thoughts to understand what was going on in his head. She needed to know where he came from and how he came to be. “Jaheel...do you know the truth about me?........about how I was born?” Jaheel was thrown by Levi’s question. She had never referred to him in any context outside of calling him uncle so he didn’t know why she suddenly was calling him by his name and further confused by the meaning behind her question. “Since being in the city I have learned a lot from a lady that use to work for Censer years ago. She told me that I’m not actually the daughter to Elon and that I was stolen research that Elon took in his Censer’s lab long ago.” Jaheel remembered learning that Elon was banished from the city but it was never public knowledge as to why. Now it all made sense as Jaheel processed what Levi had just told him. He explained to her that he didn’t know the truth and with this new information, it didn’t change how he and Ramesh loved her. She was still family. “What does she mean she was stolen research?” Om thought as he listened to the conversation between Levi and the man that he had just learned was family to her confusing him even more because he thought that we he was tricked into killing the only family Levi had left……Nola. Levi could hear Om’s thought as they started to process everything. She turned to face Om still holding the axe over Kadesh and while staring in his eyes she told him the truth. “Om It’s ok. I’m not who you think I am but I can explain everything. My name it Levita and yes, I was stolen from a research lab a long time ago. I’m genetic research created by Censer.” Om was surprised by the information he was now being faced with. “Wait how did you know…...”, Om began to ask but was interrupted by Levi. “I can hear your thoughts Om. That’s how I know what you were thinking”, Om didn’t know if he should fear Levi more or Kadesh or better yet both. Kadesh just lay on the floor unable to move with all the pressure Om was now placing on his back to keep him pinned to the ground. Levi knew he was scared, she sensed it. She further explained everything she had learned to both Om and Jaheel. “I started as an experiment in Censer’s lab before Censer could get to testing and Elon, Censer’s son, stole me and injected my genetic reproduction code into Tola because he was upset that he couldn’t conceive a child with his wife. She became with child and that child was me. Censer knew what Elon did and exiled him from the Capital city to protect him and me. He never told a soul. Even Censer didn’t know that the lady Isa who worked in his lab overheard the truth. I’m different just like Kadesh”. Levi said causing Jaheel to look at her in confusion. “Just like him…. like him how”, Jaheel asked trying to get a better understanding. “Om can you stand Kadesh to his feet please”, Levi asked of Om who was still processing everything and didn’t understand what she was about to do with Kadesh causing him to hesitate. “Om please”, Levi asked again. This time Om removed his knee from Kadesh back and raised him to his feet. Levi approached him staring him in his eyes and he stood staring back into her green eyes. She wanted to try one more time to see if she could hear what he was thinking while she knew he would try to get in her head as well. Kadesh could have very well used Om again and had him kill Jaheel by getting in his head again but he didn’t want to risk it and he was sure if Jaheel was related to Levi then he could be immune as well to his power but overall, he didn’t want to hurt her anymore. With staring at Kadesh, Levi thought of killing him for all that he had done but she couldn’t ignore the connection she still had towards him. She was disgusted at the monster he was but still intrigued by the man and how he obtains his gift wondering if he was born just like she was. “Was he also research stolen from the same lab as me?” she thought to herself. “Levi what are you thinking we should do with him? He has taking so much from us but I will leave this decision up to you and respect it but the moment you say that we need to end him...we will not waste a second taking his life”, Jaheel said as Om nodded with Jaheel. Levi knew they would kill Kadesh if needed but not before she did it herself if it came down to that but she hoped deep down in her gut it wouldn’t. “I know your true strength Kadesh...I know you can use the minds of people to your will. That is how Tirzah could raise to power. It wasn’t just his army and the virus he created…... It was you. He used you and you are just as responsible for all the destruction Tirzah caused to the world...AND YOU WILL MAKE IT RIGHT”, Levi screamed at Kadesh, He knew that even if he planted one wrong thought into a person’s’ mind using them to his advantage, Levi would know. Levi needed Kadesh so she was willing to let him live for now and truthfully Kadesh needed Levi to learn the truth of his origins. “Well that is settled...we have to hurry now. The citizens are lost and confused and need to know the truth”, Jaheel said to them as he prepared to head back outside. “I have that covered”, Levi said as he as leaving. He turned and looked at her wondering what she meant forgetting that Levi made all the plans to cover all the bases for success in the city after they defeated Tirzah. When Levi told the plan of action to Isa that night she learned of her plan, her and Isa came up with a plan for Isa to get the truth out and that is a truth told to them from the beginning only as Isa would know it. When Tirzah abandoned the podium fleeing for his life, he forgot to turn off the live feed that was recording to all the cities in the world. All the cities of the world watched as the Capital City was taken back by the people and Tirzah ran in fear. Levi knew that to help the world heal, they couldn’t risk keeping any secrets so she left that task to Isa who was already far in the process in explaining to the world with the truth. A truth they hoped would help ease the world of its pains and give them a sense of peace which is what we all needed to move forward. It would take time but they had time now to put the past behind them and rebuilt a new future. One that Levi together with Om, Jaheel and Kadesh would have to find a new way to live within.

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