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Yerneley thinks on connecting with someone After trying to build something with previous lovers, Yerneley seeks something else.

Scifi / Erotica
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Coffee shop

Yerneley is a twenty six year old grey alien, as some would call, but the proper race is Zeta Reticulan. Yerneley grew up on Earth on military based an quickly became accustomed to the love of the food though, hence him being overweight and bottom heavy in shape. Yerneley does have to stay around Earth, unfortunately, despite his other infrequent job around space as a detective. He had been trained in the field and still keeps those sort of reflexes and skills in check, but found more of a calling to detective work. Despite this, again, a lot of military and government agencies would like to keep associated alien species around Earth to further grow relationships. Yerneley knew this wasn't getting very far, but he didn't want to break the rules. In part with staying around Earth, The Reticulans, in their deal with the governments and militaries on Earth, abduct humans and test variant different alien environments through needles and the antidote to a negative reaction was always around to counteract.

Currently, Yerneley is on a personal mission to find a romantic interest, as picky as he is, so he can shapeshift again. Yerneley wanted to be able to shapefshift because of what he perceived as bad luck - he can't use holographic disguises, so he had to dress up and cover his face, which was very hot.

As of now, Reticulans are banned on Earth to shapeshift because the governments and military on Earth found out that some Reticulans were using the shapeshifting for deadly purposes, the Reticulans had apologized and acted to recoding all Reticulan's DNA through shots for shapeshifting only to be available after finding love with another. Other Reticulans not around Earth could evade this rule, but not Yerneley, and since Yerneley liked having dicks shoved in both of holes, he had been tracking down everyone he had sexual encounters with and thinking that it could've gone further than "mindless sex," but to no luck, it would seem.

Yerneley is dressed in his usual going-out-on-Earth attire - snug fitting blue jeans, a green zip up hoodie and white tennis shoes. Yerneley knew that there was a convention in a small town in Wisconsin and lots of humans were around town in costumes, so he had beamed down from his ship in a alley and blended into the people around the street in costume and headed to a local coffee shop just to grab some hot cocoa to wind down after some disagreements with his familiar Reticulan boss.

Yerneley had adapted one motto when planning of going down on Earth - Always pack and always clean up, because whether he wanted to get some or hit on, he wanted to be clean and smooth and no shit around a dick, literally. And the snug jeans weren't initially to get looks, just mainly for the comfort factor.

Daryl, a slim mid twenties, pale skinned, dark haired, combed, somewhat casually dressed and somewhat big-headed and bespectacled man was not usually a go-getter, usually with his mind enjoying doing one thing for a while and then moving to another, so finding good work was hard for him, so he had to settle for something at the moment. That something at the moment didn't give him enough hours a week and he was not settling for it. Granted, he still lived at home with family and didn't survive on that job, but since many other current jobs like ride sharing could offer more flexible and possibly more hours and his somewhat enjoyable experience working in delivery, he thought he could switch to that soon despite what his family thought. He wanted to change a lot about himself as well, especially how he dressed as of now. But as of lately, he just felt bold, especially in terms of his sexual cravings. He had been posting many dick picks, cumshot videos of him just at the edge or after a long time without jerking off, so when he came, thick cum squirted and seeped out of penis which he posted and uploaded to a porn site. And no matter how much he updated his profile in what he wanted, people liked him for other things, and when there was some communication between someone interested, it didn't go anywhere, so Daryl got tired of it.

Daryl stood in line at the coffee shop, scrolling through his emails and lack of real friends in his contacts. Despite his sexual interests, as of lately, Daryl hasn't been really social with anyone besides some small talk, and that bothered him. Daryl wanted to go beyond small talk and have something real. In the past, Daryl didn't have any real friends, but he knew he was sensitive, smart, and understanding of others. But the sexual urges came back into his head as he put his phone away and at first looked ahead, but something big and fat on the person in front of him caught his attention. He couldn't tell if that ass was jiggly or not because the pants on the person were too snug, but it looked juicy and sexy enough to me. Daryl felt a rise in his cock, but was in no mood for which he knew could be a giant erection, and he knew he could control it enough just to admire the ass ahead of him and not be aroused by it. He watched the person ahead of him lean and bend down to sign a receipt. Despite the tempting pose, Daryl kept his cool as he diverted his way up to the back of a grey bulb shaped head, assuming it was someone probably here for the convention. The person ahead waited for the drink to be prepared as the drink was brought to them as they then took it and turned around. Daryl observed the front of the grey and bulb shaped person's head with green slanted eyes, a scar that started right under the person's right eye and went up and across and ended right above the person's left eye. Daryl looked at the person in the eyes, commenting, "Nice costume."

"Thanks," the person replied.

"Was that costume too detailed?" Daryl thought as he then went forward in the line, ordered his drink, offered his card to be charged, took it back, and waited. Daryl looked around and found the person he commented to on his left, outside, sitting on a table furthest away on the sidewalk. "I'll try being bold," Daryl thought, as he then looked ahead to the counter, accepting his drink and heading outside.

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