Cerebral Labyrinth

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What would you do if you lived in a world far less from imperfect? A place where all humans can live life to their fullest without fear, doubt, or disappointment. A utopia for all the human race. Levita is on her way to discover that not only is she the soul of her utopia but also its protector. Only problem is...she doesn't know it. Not until she learns she has a special gift that she encounters. In discovering her truth, she will embrace new friends but also must fight for her life and that of the entire human race, Just like all things of the past. They never stay burned and a paradise built on lies is a war waiting to erupt. Levita will have to learn how to survive and rise to the occasion is she wants to be the savior her destiny has fated her to be.

Scifi / Thriller
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“He looks so much like my father.”

Levita said as she stood amazed at the portrait that stood on the wall in front of her. It was of a man youthful in his age with light brown skin and his eyes as green and bright as the stars.

Levita recognized his green eyes at first glanced and noticed how similar her eyes where to his as she stared at her face reflecting off the glass of the portrait. She often wondered why she looked so different.

She had her mother’s smile but no features of her father who looked like the man in the portrait. One would even believe her father could pass as a son or brother compared to the man in the large portrait. Distracted from her thoughts as she heard her mother calling for her.

“Levita, where are you?”

Levita knew at some point she would have to rejoin her family but there was something about the huge portrait in front of her that had her frozen in time.

She was almost sure she knew the man as if she had touched his face in the very moment of his life when the portrait was created but she knew there was no way she could have seen him in such a youthful age or at any age, but surely, she felt a connection that she couldn’t explain.

She knew the story of him. The Great Caesar Censer who changed the world years ago.

“Levita, there you are. I have been calling out for you, didn’t you hear me?”

Her mother yelled causing Levita to jumped at the sound of her voice after minutes spent locating.

Levita regained her focused and thought to herself, “Why are we even here? I know the history and I know the name but why bring me here?”

Levita didn’t know yet but her parents were on the verge of explaining to her the importance of her life. She would soon discover that in the sanctuary, her truth and of her ancestral tribe where she would learn she is a descendent of Caesar Censer. Information that will change her life forever. The man responsible for the end of the modern world and the birth of the new era that she may lead one day.

He is also responsible for the unique gift that her parents fear if discovered, would change the future of the world. It all started three days earlier on Levita’s 10th birthday. Her mother, Tola was in the kitchen working on her gift for her birthday party that was scheduled to start later that evening and her father was in the kitchen placing his newest creation of LED energy balloons for the party.

Her father was excited to see what type of reaction the guest would have once they saw his new improvement for balloons. He was always creating new ways to enjoy old traditions from the modern world.

Meanwhile, Tola was just cutting the last of the gift wrap for Levita’s birthday gift and she couldn’t help but think how excited Levita would be when she opened her gift and finds that it is a large play house for her handmade dolls she adored.

Her mother had been making dolls for her ever since she was born. They were Levita’s greatest treasures. Just as Levita walked in the kitchen, her parents noticed the blank expression on her face changing the mood her parents shared into one of a more concerning nature for their daughter’s sign of distress.

When her father and mother noticed her in the room, her mother asked, “Levita darling is everything ok? You look upset.”

Levita stared into her mother’s eyes and said, “I’m not upset just shocked that you would speak so loudly to father of my gift and its contents of a playhouse for my dolls. Didn’t you know that I was in the next room and could hear you? It isn’t much of a surprise now, but I will try my best to act surprised when revealed at my party.”

Levita walked out of the room disappointed and not fully gasping that her mother had not spoken the words she had been accused of saying but was merely in her thoughts for her child’s happiness.

Her parents were in a state of complete shock to what they had witnessed.

Tola knew she had not spoken any words at all in the matter pertaining to Levita’s birthday. Her father was so frightened by what he just witnessed that he dropped one of his balloons.

He knew that nothing good would come from what they just discovered about their daughter, especially if the truth were found out. Together they had to protect her.

Later that night, after all the guest left from the party and Levita was sleeping, her parents agreed to advise the high Counsel regarding her condition and let them evaluate her to find the source behind her difference.

They knew for sure that this was something never heard of or witness in the years since the world changed until now and they were on the path to do anything to protect their daughters secret but they also knew that with advising the Counsel of their daughter’s gift, they would be able to understand it and possibly protect her from the public discovering her talent and seeing her as a threat that could change their existence and all the hard work created to preserve it.

In the years since the convergence in the world, there had been only peace in the world and her parents feared the possibility of war beginning again because of Levita.

They were blessed to be born in a time where war and all the past pains of the world where just history. They knew the pain from all the suffering of the past could never return because of the power their child now held in the world.

The world is the world it has become because of Caesar Censer. He experimented with nanotechnology and succeeded in the year 2015.

After years of experimenting with his DNA and modifying genetics, he was finally able to create a new technology of Nano cells that would repair, regenerate and duplicate cells in any living organism.

The concept was to save the world from the harmful effects created by man that was destructive to the planet as well as humanity. The Nano cells grew in every living organism of the earth including humans once consumed.

For the planet, the Nano cells produced clean drinking water, cleaner air, and more natural resources that man desperately needed.

Food and natural resources consumed the world and in countries that lacked in providing stability were now made into countries of massive strength and wealth. The world was now united and could do the impossible and begin to work towards the purpose of peace and longevity of what was giving to them by Censer.

This new technology created cures to every disease known to man and kept everyone healthy. Cancer, HIV, and all the deadliest diseases known before where history to the people because of Censer.

Every living organism on the planet had its true purpose and innocence as God intended since the beginning when the world was first created. Many men and woman produced massive families and live their lives past the average life span which increased greater beyond measure.

Years would pass before people started to age. You could only tell a persons’ age as if they appeared as a child, once a person reached the peak of their teen years, their bodies took years to age basically providing a person with a longer life. The world was reproducing healthier children of every race and nationality.

The people all lived without fear of death for many years for when death came in the end; it was a welcomed death one was happy to receive. Censer could give the world a reality that was no longer a far reached wish or dream to want to live longer but made it possible for each person to reach their full potential towards what life must offer.

The entire human race could live full and accomplish lives more than a person could ever imagine was possible. With no weakness or sickness and the planet in perfect condition, there was no longer a need for politics and society demanded for a new political power to govern.

The people wanted Censer. In the time it took Censer to work in secret and convert the world into his technology, the world witnessed no wars, murders, hatred, or injustice. All the world knew now was peace among all nations and all could live as we were destined to live.

But if history has proven anything short of the truth, it is that with all great things there is also a price to pay. Censer created this new technology and gave it a pulse like a beating heart and with it, the Nano cells would continue to do what its purpose is and that’s to look for new ways to improve the world and all that live in it.

Censer could have never expected for the Nano cells to begin creating a new code for the cells to reproduce using the genetics and DNA passed down from the cells original creator. Perhaps it was always looking for new ways to improve itself in humanity since created and the Nano cells finally succeeded with Levita.

Levita was about to learn that she is family to Censer and may even be the next leader of the legacy. Levita’s doesn’t know it, but her destiny is undetermined because of her gift but she is on the path to discovering why she is different and her role in life. She will either lead the world and protect it or destroy everything with her power she has from the technology that has evolved in her.

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