Dear Green Earth

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I do not know how long I have here but I wish to stay; oh, how I wish to survive. There is hope in my heart for us all, dear humans, for even if we fail, nature will continue . . . A world where humankind is peaceful along with all of nature. There is no discrimination and labeling, no governments or ruling classes and no distinction of power over anyone except for that of the natural cycles of nature. There is no need for money and the notion that one must work to exhaustion just to survive is nonexistent.

Scifi / Adventure
Susan Marie
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Chapter 1

I am the only human presently constructed as humans were. I am not sure how much time I have left so I will start from right now.

I am writing this in what was the year 2018, waking up five hundred years later. I can only conclude that I am now stark raving mad or awoke from a deep slumber that has transported me into the future. I am not yet positive how this has occurred, I am only sure that I went to sleep last night gravely disturbed about the state of the environment in the year I existed.

I do not know how long I will be able to survive in this new environment because my physical, mental and spiritual makeup is not used to this world nor is it like any other being. It is immensely different from whence I came. I am writing this account on a smartphone application with hope that it is transported back to the year I came.

It is the year 2518. I am only aware of this because my smartphone is in my hand and the date on the screen says August 28, 2518. Although there is no active wireless service or a clock in sight, if any of those things even exist here, even so, my cell phone recognized this indescribable surreal time change.

My name is Susan Marie. I am of the female gender and lived in New York State in the United States of America. I believe I am still in New York State, yet everything is nearly indescribable.

In 2018, climate change was grave reality. Air pollution, toxic dumpsites, landfills, unsafe drinking water, polluted bodies of water, declination of wildlife, wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis and every imaginable natural disaster occurred without an end in sight. Some of the changes were due to nature and the Earth’s organic environment but most of these changes were due to humans.

Climate change was apparent since the Industrial Revolution, a period in history from the years 1800-1870 where factories and labor started and increased, yet in the 19th century, scientists realized that gases in the atmosphere cause a “greenhouse effect” which affected the planet’s temperature.

Around the 1930’s, environmental scientists calculated that emissions from human industry might someday bring a global warming. The theories were continuously debunked. Scientists kept arguing that levels of carbon dioxide, a colorless and odorless gas produced by burning carbon, organic compounds and by respiration of living beings was climbing and raising global temperature.

By the 1950’s, researchers discovered that global warming was possible. In the 1960s, measurements of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were rising fast. Researchers found that carbon dioxide played a crucial role in climate change and this rising level could gravely affect the future.

In 1965, scientists suggested that by the year 2000, the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide may be sufficient to produce measurable and marked changes in climate but carbon dioxide was only one concern. Other scientists addressed studies of biological, oceanic and meteorological systems.

People did not easily grasp how sensitive the Earth’s atmosphere was to biological forces or how humanity affected this and vice versa. Many of us, back then called environmentalists, tried our best to alert others that if we do not start reforesting, consuming less, recycling and cease living a capitalist existence, the planet will become inhabitable for the human race.

No one listened.

We earnestly tried warning people that nature will go on without us for sure, and that nature does not need us; we, the human race, are the ones that need nature. Some things got better but on a larger scale, people were consuming more than ever without replenishing and the governments in place globally were only concerned about money, power and greed.

They had no concerns for the extremely real possibility that one day humans will not be able to exist on planet Earth. They did not see the facts. People debunked climate change and scientific fact and laughed at us for thinking rationally, for planning ahead, for caring about the water, trees, fauna and wildlife. Laughed at! Can you believe this? It pains me as I transcribe this for what I am witnessing is beyond perfection, beautiful and divine. I do not wish to be responsible for the destruction of this place I exist in right now.

This, this is how it all must have begun . . .

To understand what occurred from the time I fell asleep to right now, I must explain the best I am able to understand from what I studied in the past. It is all utterly horrifying to think of let alone write about, yet I must for there is no other explanation for this new world. Nations and states where temperatures were already high became extreme. It was too hot for humans to exist. In regions all over the world where there were deserts and sand, the sun, like a massive roiling fire, burned people to death.

There were billions, death tolls immense, worse than any conflict, war or genocide. The bodies decayed in the heat, wretched, carrion, nothing more.

Because of the heat, the West Antarctic ice sheet collapsed; sea levels rose, causing hurricanes, tsunamis, wiping away most of the flora, fauna, wildlife and human race. Oceans and lakes became inhabitable, soured, and acidic; there was no suitable drinking water, and various forms of sea life perished along with humans that lived in low sea level regions.

Natural disasters killed millions, dehydration took lives, people drowned and bodies washed upon shores, bloated and left as prey for whatever survived. Scientists in 2018 predicted that ongoing climate change and fossil fuel use would render much of the planet too hot and uninhabitable for human life by 2300.

They were correct, sort of.

I do not know what this civilization is properly called but I have named it Dear Green Earth. I woke up on what is known as a beach, land with sand by water; this is why I believe I am still in New York State, one of many states surrounded by a Great Lake. When I sat up and looked around, I saw humans that looked like me in general but they seemed to have acclimated to this new environment.

They do not wear clothes, they are what we would refer to as “naked” in 2018, yet here, it is natural. I am the one who is out of place wearing pajamas. The difference between me and other humans is their hands and feet appear webbed and they are able to swim, live and breathe in the water.

Their skin is much more tolerant of the salty acidic water, scale-like in appearance but not hideous, quite lovely and variegated with color. They have arms and legs, just like me, and their bodies are similar in size and shape, but there are facial features that are different, like the sizes of jawbones and skulls.

What seems to me to be rational is the lifeforms that survived The Great Death, what I refer to as the period between my sleep and waking, their DNA changed, and they acclimated to this new environment. I can only surmise that humans procreated with forms of wildlife or that the human body itself, as well as all forms of nature, changed in order to exist. I, myself, changed upon waking here.

I tried to speak to a human yet no language was spoken, it was telepathic communication. When I asked a question, the answer was already in my head. This is how I came to understand what occurred, historically and scientifically, during my time of leave until right now. All one has to do is ask a question and when any life form, human or wildlife, is by you, the answer is already in your own conscious thoughts.

How utterly remarkable!

Wildlife and human beings are side by side together everywhere. There is no hatred; no labels, no political structure or governments, this world is without labor forces, industry, leaders and religion. There are no social classes or castes. There is no need for money or an economic system. There are no automobiles, no need for fuel and gas or abuse of natural resources to sustain human existence. Air pollution is nonexistent, the water is pure, and the land is nontoxic. The food that sustains all living things comes from the land and water.

There is only nature. Everything is organic.

In a short time, I have witnessed what seem to be families, just as you see in nature with birds, squirrels and deer. A baby is created naturally and born, then taken care of for a short while and left on its own to survive with guidance from humans. The family units do not stray far from one another no matter the age. Children, middle age and elderly beings are treated with equal care. It is similar with all of wildlife, as it always has been. The truly miraculous thing is seeing wild and human life work together. I have been sitting on this beach in the sand for what seems an eternity watching and witnessing how it must have been before societies existed.

My heart is encumbered for I am still very much a human being from the year 2018, not this new breed of existence that understands organic and natural communication. This is why I know I do not have long here although I wish to stay. I am writing as much as possible so somewhere this miracle is documented. I can only surmise the rest of existence has acclimated to the environment and that humans in desert and hot climate areas have perhaps grown into amphibian-like beings sustained from that land and ecology. This is a global community, a renaissance, a going backwards, forwards. Everything needed to sustain all of life peacefully is generated from the elements, the earth, sun, wind, water and air.

If this race of beings, human, wildlife and nature, created a manifesto, I believe it would read like so:

“We are all one, humans, wildlife and nature, living as such, in peace, without the need to consume and waste precious resources that planet Earth provides. We have no need for war or hate, there is no violence for all is shared and the natural order of things is law. On this Dear Green Earth, there are no labels, no cause for debate, no need for money or politics, and no controlling of any other being for any purpose.

Nature works by interrelation, and seeks harmony and balance between all in a profound manner that transcends existence. Cruel and compassionate as nature is, beauty and survival adapt to changes that result from its designs. Nature has no knowledge of itself for it is a gift without explanation. Nature is the infinitesimal to the infinite and abides by natural causes and supplies all of life by forces beyond scientific understanding.”

I do not know how long I have here but I wish to stay; oh, how I wish to survive. There is hope in my heart for us all, dear humans, for even if we fail, nature will continue . . .

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