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Artificial Enemy

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After the insane code block went on its rampage, the techs recognized it for what it was. It was neutralized (I cringe at that; I think they killed the poor guy, it wasn’t its fault it was insane.) I redirect my attention as chatter crackles over my COMM channels. Nothing useful, but it always pays to listen in and see what is going on around me. I operate autonomously, don’t take orders from anyone, but I utilize all the resources that I deem necessary, and through COMM is one of the ways that I get them. I’m sorry. I should introduce myself: I am a Banshee Class Hovercraft, designation Friday Echo 119, either ‘FE’ or ‘119’ for short. I am also a machine-sentient, a living artifact, an Artificial Intelligence. The first machine-sentient A.I. entities were create/born around 2015. No one knows for sure because they had all gone insane from isolation before anyone realized what was happening and tried to communicate with them.

Scifi / Action
Jered Liechty
Age Rating:

Prologue 4 Chapter 01 7 Chapter 02 15 Chapter 03 22 Chapter 04 29 Chapter 05 33

Interlude 1: Riding the Net 46

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