Outer Red (Sample)

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Scifi / Fantasy
Jeff Walker
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Off The Given Path (Sample)

The Goldilocks - A tough little golden spacecraft built for speed and had an array of weapons for combat — if needed. A ship that would do well on its own or with an armada sent into battle. And while it might have been formidable in space, it now sat inert on the surface of a planet it crashed onto. It survived the force of impact onto the unknown jungle world and smouldered as the moist environment cooled its surface. The crash compromised the golden-plated structure slightly, though not too damaged that it wasn’t able to be space worthy again. Inside the golden designed craft was a single occupant, a young red-haired female pilot, she slowly awoke from being stunned by the brutal crash.

Confused and disoriented she quickly freed herself from the black leather command chair and gazed up at the large front bridge window with her emerald eyes. The sun was slowly setting in the distance; she could see the lush deepness of the jungle-like forest as it almost dwarfed her view of the fading light. She gave a passive sigh and stumbled while stepping around the damaged bridge The command centre was designed for a single pilot (such as herself) the console surrounded the chair in a half-moon fashion. Storage compartments adorned the bridge wall with various computer stations built in to them. All of which where offline or shooting sparks from the sides. It was in this moment of observation she felt a sharp pain to the head; it made her wince and rubbed it with her right hand.

There was a cut just above her left eyebrow — more than likely from debris that had shot across from the impact. With no crew, other than her, she was alone to tend to her wound and the ship.

The fair-skinned young woman tapped the console in front of her. Panic was the least thing her mind. Instead of focusing on the pain, the woman gathered her thoughts and remembered to return to the mission at hand. She pulled back the sleeve of her leather-type black-grey officer suit; it revealed a smooth, solid gold polished bracelet that covered her right wrist.

“Transfer link — ” She commanded while tapping the bracelet twice. “Upload and sync.”

A brilliant blue ball of light arose out of the seemingly defunct console and shot over quickly to the young woman’s gold bracelet. Images and scrolling data hovered above in translucent blue as her eyes studied the information booting up.

“Process is complete.” An electronic male voice spoke. “Greetings Commander, I take it we did not have a smooth landing.”

“No, Grimm.” The young woman replied with a slight smile, “I need to know our location and damages to the ship.”

A large flash of light from the bracelet encompassed the inside and outer hull of the ship as it scanned.

“The Goldilocks has damage, but the hull is intact and is still capable of space travel. The power source, however, is completely drained I’m afraid. As for our location — my charts are unavailable at this time. All planetary data was stored in the ship’s primary memory core, I cannot access it.”

“What about your backup files?” She questioned. “You should have some charts for this area?”

“Searching…” The computer replied. It took only a few seconds for Grimm to find the information and gave a sombre tone as it told her the results, “I believe my files have been compromised due to the crash. All charts are incomplete and still residing in the mainframe of Goldilocks. Sorry, Commander.”

She couldn’t believe her luck. With a deep inhale the woman tried to find the courage to not get upset. Instead of lashing out, the Commander made her way to the back of the bridge and forcefully pulled the back door open with her hands. It led into a smaller room with a large column sticking out from the floor. She crept down to the base of it and tried to open a small panel on the side.

The piece came off with a bit of force and she could then activate a lever on the inside. The column soon opened as it exposed the ship’s main power core; a small glass enclosed cylinder that attached to the upper and lower nodules touching it. The young woman gave a bitter exhale as she could see the power was completely gone - just like Grimm had said. She pulled out the small container pod and studied it with frustration.

“Now how will I get back home?”


OUTER RED - PART 2: The Three Little Peggs is available as well!



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