Hunters - The Trials

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Lost Opportunities

Adrian parked in a no parking zone in the back alley behind the bar Lizzie was in, and jumped out running towards the front door. Lizzie almost ran right into the line of people waiting to have their IDs checked, when he spotted her. "What's wrong?"

"They left, that's what's wrong," she said in a hushed voice. "I lost sight of them for just a few seconds and then they were gone. We have to find them Adrian." Lizzie went to the street looking up and down the road. He followed her.

"Hey!" he heard someone call to them from behind. He turned expecting a bouncer, but instead found a guy shorter than he was, walking towards Lizzie and the blonde young man put a hand on her arm. He was clearly too old for Lizzie. Adrian took a step closer to her.

"Hey, Mary." The boy gave Adrian a quick curious glance. Lizzie turned towards him ramped up from losing her quarry.

"What?" she snapped then her face softened a little, and she blushed.

"You left, is everything okay?" the guy gave Adrian another look and turned back to her.

"Yeah, I just.. have to go. Something came up," she said apologetically. Adrian saw the disappointment in both their faces. He felt annoyed by it but didn’t really know why.

"Well, can I call you? I'd love to finish our conversation," he said pulling a cell phone out of his pocket.

"Sure," she said and typed in a number when he handed it to her. He gave her a smile and promised to call her tomorrow before heading back inside the bar.

"What was that all about?" he asked with his eyebrows raised. Lizzie's blush deepened and she turned away looking down the street again.

"Nothing, come on we have hunting to do," she said heading down the street.

He gestured her towards where he had the car parked. As they were pulling out onto the street he said, "You realize that you can't actually date him right, Mary? He's too old and you'll probably be leaving the state in a few days."

"I know!" she said in anger. "I gave him a fake number anyway," she turned to look out the window with that pouty expression she got when she didn't get what she wanted. He tried to hold back a smile and turned down the street.

"Are they on foot?" he asked trying to get an idea of what they were looking for.

"I don't know. It was loud in there, I never heard anything they said. If they were walking she couldn’t have gotten far in those shoes,” she said with a grumble. He could tell she was beating herself up about something. He wasn't sure if it was losing sight of the target or losing out on a first date.

"Look!" Lizzie yelled suddenly a few minutes later and gestured to two figures in the far distance.

"Is that them?" he moved into the turn lane and slowly made his way onto the street.

"It's got to be," Lizzie said with hope in her voice.

He kept the car at a crawl, well below the streets posted twenty five mile speed limit, but at a distance that wouldn’t look suspicious. The pair stopped in front of an old brick apartment building, and as the car passed by, the target was digging in his pocket while the couple stood in front of a heavy metal security screen.

"What a dump," Lizzie said as she tucked something into her jacket pocket he couldn't see. It was probably a practice baton which they weren't supposed to take from the gym, but Lizzie wasn't good with following rules. He turned into a small parking lot of another apartment building.

"We need to call Mathers," he said pulling out his cell phone.

"Yeah tell him to bring a pizza, I'm hungry," she joked.

The phone rang until a standard voicemail message picked up. "He's not picking up," Adrian said, worried. He looked across the street where the couple had been standing, left a quick voice message then followed with a text message.

"Well, we can't just sit here waiting for him to call back. We have to get in there before it's too late and we lose points," Lizzie said, irritated.

"Let me try calling again, maybe he's asleep?" Adrian dialed the number again. The default voicemail picked up again and Lizzie swore under her breath as she heard the muffled voice.

"Come on," Lizzie said opening the car door to get out.

"Lizzie, we're supposed to wait for the go ahead," he said getting out of the car with her.

"Do we wait until we get docked points for losing a human life, or do we go in and kick some ass... then get yelled at for a technicality? Which do you think will be worse?" Lizzie asked with her hands on her hips.

"Fine," he said, knowing she was right in a way. They walked over to the building, and kept an eye out for witnesses. When they got to the door, Lizzie pulled lockpicks from her jeans pocket. It only took a few seconds before she had the screen open and then the door behind it. They entered a small lobby that had a hallway leading to doors marked 'Manager' and 'Maintenance,' on the other side was a wall full of small mailboxes and a set of old wooden stairs leading to the next floor.

"How do we know which one they're in?" he asked in a whisper.

Lizzie was scanning the mailboxes with tenant names on them and pointed to one marked 4L, the corner of several advertisements stuck out from the bottom edge of the small compartment. "It’s full, no one’s picked it up in a while.”" she said and stalked up the stairs.
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