Hunters - The Trials

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“I’m sorry,” Winston said after Lizzie stormed off. “You shouldn’t have had to see that,” he folded up the coupons absent mindedly and gave a deep sigh.

“It’s not the first or last time I’ll see you two fight,” Adrian said, taking a seat. “I should have protected her. She was my partner and, I let her get hurt like that.” Adrian let his head rest in his hands, the image of Lizzie laying on the floor, bloody and bruised filled his mind.

“Adrian, you did everything you could. You got her home alive, and that’s more than I could have asked of anyone in that situation. You two were recruits, ill prepared to deal with a vampire.” Winston put a hand on his shoulder.

“Lizzie, just… isn’t meant to follow this path. She’s headstrong and brave, but it’ll get her killed,” Winston gave a sigh of disappointment. “I know it hurts her to hear this, but it’s for her own good.”

“No,” Adrian said. Winston pulled back from Adrian’s uncharacteristic defiance. “Lizzie is strong, stronger than you give her credit for. She’s smart, and intuitive, and yes she’s quick to act at times, but she can be trained out of that. She understands what we do this for better than anyone. She inspires people and has the ability to lead,” Adrian swallowed before saying his next words. “She’s the kind of person who could help you bring the peace you’re after.”

“You’ve never believed in a peace with the vampires,” Winston said skeptically.

“No. But I believe in Lizzie, and she believes in you and your misguided ideals. You have to let her follow that path in her own way, or you’ll lose her. I’m not saying this as her friend. I’m saying this as someone who has put my life in her hands and trusted her to do the right thing, and she hasn’t let me down yet.” Adrian turned and went back to the living room, having nothing more to say.

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