How Far? (OLD)

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Recording 553-21d. Content of message: Interrogation by Y-2 of violent dissident at <REDACTED> site. Captured in operation Black Horizon against the Mechanicum of Pallas.

Interrogator: State your name for the record please.

Captive: For what? You backwards recluses already got us in your database!

Static and indecipherable screams

Interrogator: Care to try again?

Captive: Dez

Interrogator: Thank you. Now, you know what we need from you.

Captive, henceforth Dez: What, you ingrates too backward to find it yourself?

Interrogator: Do you really want to make this difficult for you?

Dez: Hahahaha! You’ve taken enough from us already. Forced us from the Core, left us to fend for ourselves in the backwaters of this galaxy. And when we find our own methods, you strip them from us. Like you’ve stripped me down.

Interrogator: We merely removed the modifications you added to yourself.

Dez: You crippled me, ripped me apart.

Interrogator: Just tell us what you want, and we’ll ignore your violation of the Pure Human Act.

A minute of laughter from the captive.

Dez: How about this: you and your primitive, cowardly government go and fuck yourselves?

Static, more screams

Interrogator: Tell us where the rest of your damned cult is! Now!

Dez: Cult? CULT?!

Interrogator: That is what you are. Now, tell me where the rest of you are. Now.

Dez: We did only as we had to. And become something more because of it. Ideal humans.

Static, screams quieter than before.

Dez: We perfected your pitiful technology. We embraced it. Evolution became ours, totally ours. We adapted to what you forced on us, now you judge us and declare us alien. Well, I-

Static, screams (warning for records, can potentially cause damage to your hearing)

Dez: ...fine. Fine. The rest of the Mechanicum is on Nemoma.

Interrogator: Finally, you come to your senses. The Empire will reward you with your life, should your information be true.

Dez: Your primitive Empire will burn for what you’ve done.

Interrogator: Unlikely. You’ve secured us our victory. Only a monster, an alien perversion like you, would sell out your “brethren” so quickly.


Five days later the 2nd and 3rd fleets arrived at Nemoma, but encountered minimal Mechanicum resistance. When the last ship was destroyed, the asteroid belt around the small planetoid exploded. Ship drive cores, modified far beyond what we thought possible, had been buried in each asteroid and had their triggers set to the communication systems of the Mechnicum ships. Casualties ran 80% after detonation, and what survivors there were came under attack by vacuum resistant Mechnicum soldiers. A trap had been sprung and the Mechanicum disappeared to the far reaches of space. A massive search was launched, every available ship scouring the known systems for them. No results have been obtained thus far.

The captive was executed three days after the Ruin of Nemoma, on charges of treason, sedition, murder, and gross violation of the Pure Human Act.

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