Chronicles of the Wolf I: Of Wolves and Spiders

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Behemet, is a 7ft bi-pedal wolf who is in his very own SciFi Fantasy epic. Journeying to find a mysterious treasure on a mysterious moon called Rho. Behemet, a 7 foot tall Wolf-like creature called a Beghrest has been on this mysterious moon called Rho for nearly a year. How he got there was still confusing in his mind, and he was still getting used to it. One day Behemet saves the life of a boy named Walker. Walker tells him of a legend on this planet so old that it was thought to be a myth. But Walker has one thing that shows this is not a myth. A map, but not just any map. This map shows the location of a legendary treasure known only as the Mask of Damus. Now Walker and Behemet must travel to find the Mask before the forces who want to find it and use it for evil get their hands on it. And so begins the Chronicles of the wolf.

Scifi / Fantasy
Miguel Angel Ojera
4.6 5 reviews
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Chapter 1

They call this place Golordia Rho. It was the moon of a parent planet called by the locals as Golordia Prime. I had been here on Rho for several months now. Everything had changed since I had left my homelands, or rather my home planet.

That was something I still needed to get used to. I was no longer on my planet. I had been transported to another place entirely. I had been transported clear across the cosmos, to a star called Deneb which was in a constellation that I knew as the Swan, but its apparent name was Cygnus at least from what I gathered. My own home world was in a star called Sirius which was ironically in the constellation of the wolf.

I wouldn’t bore you to explain how it was that I got here, the important thing was that I was here on Rho and that was what was important. This world was a lot like my home world of Kyzl Brahma, there was a forest to the south of the made city of Rho Prime, it has been here that I had been making it my abode. I kept to myself all this time.

This territory was called Rhote. There was a city to the south of here I had seen called Rhodesia, and to the South east was this territory called the Ides of Rho. I had gone around these territories to just get my bearings. It took a lot of time for me to get used to this place. Even now I would find something strange about this moon.

The moon itself must have been as big as Kyzlbrahma. I had concluded this because the distance between this territory called Rhote and the territory called Rhodesia had to be three days. I traveled down to Rhodesia just to see what this territory was like, there was a big city down there and that was pretty much all I saw.

One day I felt adventurous and decided to head towards the ocean. It was about a week away from my usual areas that I had been around. It was perhaps then that my story begins.

I am going to start off by saying as I said a bit ago. I am not from this world. I am a Beghrest, what is a Beghrest you may wonder? I am not sure if there is any more of my kind out there in the universe. I have not seen any other Beghrest since I left my homeland. It could be others survived the chaos that those creatures left in my homeland, however I was not sure.

Up until now I had not met anyone who knew about the Beghrest. So, I doubt that you may know about them. We Beghrest are bipedal beings that range in height (at adults) between 7 feet tall up to 12 feet tall or in the case of my father her was nearly 15 feet tall. The closest creature that I have seen that resembles my race are canines. Particularly there are these creatures on this moon called Rhoasian Wolves, these creatures are similar, but they are quadrupedal, we are bipedal.

We have fur covering most of our bodies, we usually are black, brown, gray or silver furred. Though there was also a group of white furred Beghrest, I had never seen any of those so those are up to speculation. Like these Rhoasian wolves, we are mostly carnivores, there are some that are omnivores, like I grew up an omnivore for example. We are well known for hunting in packs, so are these Rhoasian Wolves apparently.

My strength, speed, endurance and senses are far superior than the alleged superior race on this planet, some sort of primate-like creature called the Golordians. I had heard legends of something like these things on my planet, but I always thought they were legends. I had never encountered any of them, that is until that faithful day.

I was about two days out of the ocean. I had stopped to look at the map I had made of the area near here. I quickly sketched out everything that I saw on the map and looked out towards the North East. I could see the outer edges of the ocean from the hill from where I stood. I also saw that there was a town on the boarder of this ocean.

I looked down at my map, this town was not on this map. I wondered why that was, the person who gave it to me (quite out of fear) told me it was the most up to date map he had. Ah…I see, it was the most up to date map that he had. Which means it could be a couple of decades old for all he knew. I cursed and threw it away. This city would prove to be an interesting set back, but it was not something that I was really worried about.

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