We Have Failed

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Chapter 2

As he was walking to his school, he saw a few homeless people in an alley close by to him. He just ignored them. There were so many homeless living in Chicago at the time, that David has become numb to the situation. It no longer bothered him.

"Hey, we need food! I haven't eaten in three days! Please, I only need a few dollars! Kid, help us!" the homeless man shouted at David. He ignored their pleas. He continued walking to his school. "Kid! Don't walk away from me! You must have a dollar on you! Give it to me! I'm going to starve!" David, again, ignored the man, who was now following him. He would be at his school in about a minute, and if the man followed him there, he would get arrested.

Eventually, the man saw the school in the distance, and he turned to walk back to where he was currently staying. Not before muttering a few curses at the boy, of course. Before David entered the school, he turned to look at the man. He had his hands to his face. He was probably crying, but it wasn't David's fault! He needed the five dollars that he had to buy some pizza after school.

"Dave, you got the project?" asked his friend James. "Of course I have the project. You think I would lose it?" replied David. "Well, you did lose the last one, and the one before that was tore up by your cat, and the one before that-" David cut James off, as he saw his teacher walk up to them. "David, you want to present yours next?" asked his teacher, Mr. Smith. David nodded in agreement, as he and James walked to the front of the class, with their poster in hand.

"We did our project on the 'Trail of Tears.' In 1838, President Jackson ordered the removal of the Native Americans from their rightful homes, and ordered them to walk to Oklahoma. In the end, approximately four thousand died." he then showed the class the poster, which had illustrations of the horrific event, and the class cheered.

"Well done boys! I can tell that you have put in a lot of work into this. David, this pulls your grade up to a D. James, your grade remains an A." James was always much better at school that David. While james was smarter, David was much more popular. james had a few friends, but he was excluded out of a lot of activities. David was friends with almost everybody in the school!

"You may take your seats." said Mr. Smith. Davd and james did so, as another pair of students walked to the front of the class, and began their presentation on the Crimean Wars. David did not pay attention, as he had already put his head down, and began to fall asleep.

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