We Have Failed

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Chapter 3

It was finally lunch time, David's favorite part of the school day. He loved to eat. The only reason that he was not obese was because he was always active, except when he was tired, such as today. His mother packed him his favorite. He had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, potato chips, some grapes, and a can of soda. The cafeteria was pretty much full, so he had to sit next to a person that he had not met before, which was pretty uncommon. He noticed that the stranger had nothing to eat. His hands were clutching his stomach.

After he took a few bites out of his sandwich, the stranger asked David, "I don't have any money, so I couldn't buy a lunch. Can I have a few chips or something?" As he said this, he slowly reached for a chip. Seeing this, David smacked his hand away, furiously. This scared the stranger, and he jumped up. Once he got back into his seat, he asked again. "Please, I haven't had anything to eat all day! Just give me a few chips!" He reached for a chip again, but this time, he grabbed a few. David then sat up, grabbed the boy's arm, and grabbed the chips out of his hand. "Get your poor self some chips! These are mine! My parents can actually afford nice stuff." said David mockingly. The boy, still shocked, then exited the cafeteria, a tear streaming down his face.

As he exited the cafeteria, James walked up to the table. "You think you were a little too hard on him? I mean, he shouldn't have stole from you, but chill out, man!" "I don't like people touching my stuff." David replied back. James shrugged his shoulders and began to eat his lunch.

All of the sudden, he heard Principal Davis come over the intercom. His voice had an uneasy tone to it. "Students, report to the gym immediately! This is an emergency!" After he repeated his message a few times, David and James got out of their chairs and ran outside, to the gym.

"What is it, someone has a gun?" James asked, for there had been a school shooting in the country a few weeks ago. "I din't think so." replied David. "If there was a shooter, why would they call everyone to the gym, where we could all be shot on the way there?" "Well what is it?" James said. "Probably just a drill or something. If it is, I'm gonna be mad. I didn't even get to finish my lunch!" David exclaimed.

As they would find out, it was an emergency, but it was far worse than a shooting.

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