We Have Failed

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Chapter 4

Once everyone was in the gym, all of the doors were closed. Every one of the students looked shocked and confused, and a few were crying. David had to hold back tears as well. No one knew what was going on, and the unknown is far more terrifying than the truth.

Once everything was settled, Principal Davis grabbed a microphone, and began to explain the situation. "Students, there were random explosions throughout the country today. There was one near the White House, though the building was not harmed. Residents near the building, however, were affected. There'es approximately thirty dead, and about ten that are injured." All of the students gasped.

"Dude, I have family up there. I need to try to get in touch with them!" James whispered to me. After he said that, he rose up and yelled at the principal, "I need to call my uncle to see if everything's alright!" Principal Davis proceeded to tell James to take his seat, and that there would be a time for checking in with relatives.

"Also, there was another unexpected explosion in New York, and, this time, a landmark was affected. Sadly, the Statue of Liberty is no longer standing." More gasps came from the bleachers. More students began crying. "There's an estimated seventy dead, and ninety that are currently heading to the local hospitals."

"There was one more explosion, and that happened in San Francisco. As expected, this one happened on the Golden Gate Bridge. Around one hundred died, and, so far, there are no reports of survivors. President Williams claims that terrorists are behind this, which makes sense, because the explosions happened near important landmarks, at almost the exact same time. But, so far, there's been no luck finding who did it."

"We've locked the doors, so no one gets in or out. Even though the explosions happened about an hour ago, we're going to play it safe and stay in here for a while. The gym's one of the safest places in the school. There's no landmarks to target in our area, but you never know. So, for the next three or so hours, we're going to stay in here. Is that understood?" Silence still filled the room. "Alright then, let's hope that those who were responsible will be found, and that the worst is over."

Unfortunately, the worst was not over. Actually, it was very far from over.

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