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The Renegade Chronicles

By Phil Robinson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

What Makes An Army

What Makes An Army

Chapter One- Evil Born

It was a cold day in Scotland, and snow was slowly settling on the roof of Waterloo road school. I stepped foot in the driveway leading up to the school. I then decided to wait for the person I was waiting for (making sure no-one knew my true identity), and then looked up at the sky. My instincts told me that the person I was waiting for was close.

Then, running as fast as her legs would go, she arrived. Her name? Jodi 'Scout' Allen. I followed her in, then tapped her on the shoulder and said 'Hello, I'm new to here today'. Turning round quickly, with her ponytail swishing from one side to the other and back again in the blink of an eye, she said in her deep accent 'Uh, who are you?' 'Phillip' I replied, pretending to be shy and quiet. 'What's you're name?' I then asked her what her name was. 'Jodi' she replied, in her deep accent. 'But ma friends just call me Scout. Don't ask' she added. I then enquired why they called her 'Scout'. She told me not to worry, and then said to me 'Right then Phillip, let's get you to the head's office'. I nodded, and she took me to the office

When she wasn't looking, I texted my mate Sean O'Driscoll (my personal advisor) to tell him to commence with part one of the plan. He texted back, telling me that it was already done. Then she says to me 'Phillip, we are here'. 'Thanks' I replied in my low-pitched voice. I then entered the room and the head teacher said 'Scout, please could you come in here a moment?'

She came in and he said to her 'Jodi Allen, please could you explain why you are 20 minutes late to class?' 'Sorry Mr. Fitzgerald- I was on my way when the School Bus had to stop because there was an overturned car in the middle of the road. I was running to get here on time, but then I met Phillip, who's a new student, and it was almost like a maternal instinct to look after him- he was on his own, and I felt he needed me. I know what it's like to be on your own.'

'She's telling the truth- I was just waiting to see if anyone would be kind enough to show me where I'm going, because I'm rubbish with directions. Jodi was the only person kind enough, and that was after she nearly tripped over me. Please- don't punish her for being late, because it was out of her control.'

'I'll let you off the hook this time Jodi because you're being so good as to guide Phillip around, but your attendance has to improve and quickly, otherwise we might have to consider whether or not you should stay at this school Jodi- I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from there.'

'I do sir- thank you.' 'Jodi, we'll be monitering how you get on with Phillip today. He's in your classes for today, and I will be receiving regular feedback from members of staff on what your attitude and timekeeping are like, and how Phillip's getting on with your company. Do not dissappoint me Jodi, because I will be damned if you throw your life away now. Now get to your lesson, and I will contact Mr. Budgen to explain why you have missed half of History. At least you're missing something in which you're not falling behind on already.' 'Thanks Sir.' We then left.

Class went well, and at the end of the day, we went back to Mr. Fitzgerald's office. 'I have received reports from all of your teachers today Jodi, and I will be honest with you- they have been rather impressive. You have also been seen looking after Phillip all day- you have done well.'

'Listen Jodi- I never thought I would say this in a million years, but I think that the rest of the pupils in this school could learn something from you- your kindness is inspiring. Just make sure that it is well placed again in the future. I am officially taking you off report Jodi. Be warned though- you are still treading a fine line. You need to continue your good behaviour, because otherwise, you could still very easily be suspended.'

'Thank you sir- I have no idea how to repay you for this.' 'Just repay my faith by proving me right Jodi. You are dismissed Jodi- sleep well tonight ready for another fruitful day tomorrow.' 'Thanks Sir- I won't let you down.' After that, we left for home. Well when I say home...

I stopped her in a secluded corner near the school gates. 'What's up Phillip?' 'I've just remembered something Scout.' 'Go on.' 'I think you would make a very good soldier- in my army.' 'What do you mean by that?' 'I'm building my own personal army- I'll call it The Renegades. You're my first member.'

Before she could respond, I glowed my eyes red, and got into her head, trying to put her into a deep sleep, known as a hypnotic trance. Her resistance was admirable, but also futile. 'Scout, listen to my voice. Your will is strong- that's for sure. But my will is stronger. Now fall in line!'

Her head dropped, and her hair bobble (which was loose anyway) fell out, letting her hair down. I said in my quiet voice 'Are you ok Scout?'. She then smiled slightly while her head was still down, and said 'master, I will obey, I MUST obey', before she collapsed into my arms. I quickly lay her on the ground, grabbed her hair bobble, put it on her wrist, and pressed the black button on the control box in my pocket, which teleported me and my freshly hypnotised slave to my HQ. I knew that she was now a recruit to my team.

When I got back to the HQ, I had Scout handed over to a couple of doctors, just to make sure that she made the journey to the HQ without any injuries (Temporal travel after all, is still in it's dawning stages), and she was fine, which was good news for me as it kept the hypnosis process going, while we were all setting up the equipment.

The HQ was a very big building, with several rooms in it for every part of the hypnosis method, as well as leisure rooms for members to relax. All the latest state of the art equipment was there, which cost nothing for us because we developed it. And today was a good day, because none of the equipment was on fire.

After a few minutes, she (Scout) came round. She looked round the room, and said 'where the hell am I?' I then told her that she was in the hypnosis HQ, and explained what had happened at Waterloo Road. She looked round for a moment, looked at me, and said to me 'Master, I will obey you, I promise'. I then asked her 'Scout, when you say that you will obey me, do you mean permanently?' 'Yes', she replied. I told her how glad I was, and suggested that she have a look round her new home to get used to it.

About 30 minutes later, she returned to where I was. 'Master, is there any way I can serve you?' I thought for a moment, and came up with one. 'Yes- there absolutely is. Jade Francis and Madi Diamond- they were your friends at Waterloo Road. I want you to capture them both, and convert them.'

'Understood Master.' 'They are your friends, so it will be easy for you I'd imagine.' 'They are not my friends- I do not need friends now that I am a soldier. All I need is my purpose. I will not let you down Master.' I then went up behind her, and tied her hair back in a ponytail, before looping it back in. I then sent her on her way, using a two-way mobile teleporter, like how I got to and from Waterloo Road. I also gave her the black box to get her back again.

The journey landed Scout in the same place that she was hypnotised, and she got going. She found Jade quickly (it was lunchtime fortunately), and told her that she needed to speak to jade at the end of the day. Jade agreed, and just as scout was about to go and hide herself in the corridors until the end of the day, she noticed that Madi was there. She told me, and I told her to get Madi to somewhere quieter, which she did.

'What's up Jodi?' 'What's up is that I am a soldier. You will follow suit.' Without hesitation, Scout put Madi deep in a trance. 'You're just another belonging of my Master now- a shell without a mind.' 'Belonging... no mind...' Madi was then led away by Jodi.

At the end of the day, Jade came over like Scout asked. 'Why do you want me way over here? And what's Madi doing here?' Scout's eyes then glowed red. 'Wha... what's going on here Scout? Because you are really starting to freak me out.' 'Join us Jade. Join the army.'

'I'm pregnant- I'm not signing up for the army.' 'No- not that army. That army are too restricted and fight for the wrong things. We on the other hand, we fight for our master- we fight for his honour, and the honour of the god Icaron. Join us- you don't get an option.' Jodi then put Jade in a trance, like she had done to Madi, before being brought back to the HQ.

Point of View- Scout

After, me, Jade, and Madi returned, we stood in line for our Master to come. He arrived shortly afterwards. 'Scout, you have done very well. Now Jade, Madi, Jodi, collect your uniforms.' We then came over to him, and collected our personalised uniforms from him.

The uniforms consisted of a plain red shirt, plain black trousers/skirts, plain black shoes, and black jackets with our names on them in the top right corner. Mine also had a red star on the top left corner, with a red eye underneath it. The red eye had a black diamond surrounding it, and a yellow diamond surrounded that.

Once we'd got changed, I told our Master about two potential recruits I'd found. 'Hmm- Allyx and Hannah Cummings. Recruit Hannah under any circumstances. Do I make myself clear?' 'Of course Master. May I ask if we should recruit Allyx?' 'If it is convenient to recruit Allyx as well, then yes. Hannah is the priority though Scout.' 'I understand Master- I will not let you down.' 'Good. Now get back to work- before you go, I want this floor spotless.' 'Yes master.'

Point of View- Phil

The plan was extremely simple. Jade and Madi would go to the school, and get to know Hannah and Allyx. Meanwhile, Scout would claim a nearby game shop for us, and we would rig it with massive pincer-like clasps hidden in the counter. Jade and Madi would invite the girls over to the game shop, where Scout would be posing as the shopkeeper.

The girls would be looking around the shop, and then, after a few minutes of them looking around, Madi would pick something up, and they'd go to pay for it. When they got to the counter, Madi would ask Hannah to pay for it, and as she got to the counter, Scout would press the red button on the till, trapping Hannah (and maybe Allyx) in the clasps. Scout would then use her powers to entrance Hannah (and maybe Allyx), before I brought them back.

The next day, Madi and Jade went to school, and made friends with the girls. Also, they made sure that no-one else could get near them for long. Meanwhile, me and scout watched on from a camera hidden in Jade's tie (Madi also had one), to make sure that the plan was not disrupted. And before you know it, 7 long days have passed. Time for the plan to kick off.

After school, Madi talked about the game shop. 'Hi- what are your plans tonight Hannah?' 'Dunno- not really got anything at the moment. No boyfriend, no parents, no hope, and Phil's stopped speaking to me.' 'Who's Phil again?' 'An old friend of mine who I miss- he fancied me. I had feelings for him as well, but I didn't have the guts to admit it.'

'There's probably a really good reason for him not speaking to you now.' 'Yeah- I don't deserve him.' 'He might have lost his phone or something. Where's Jodi anyway?' 'She's gone down to that game shop in town. You coming?' 'Yeah. Where's Allyx?' 'Her and Jade have already gone down there- I said I'd catch her up. You ever wanted to be a Mum?'

'Yeah- why would anyone want me though?' 'You're kind- and you're admitting your mistakes.' 'I suppose so. Anyway- let's go.' They then left for the game shop, leaving me to digest what I'd just overheard from Hannah.

They walked into the shops, and Hannah started looking around the DVD's straight away, while Allyx and Jade looked at the XBOX games. Soon enough, Scout arrived at the game shop, and in a slight change to the plan, Hannah found something she wanted, and went over to the till.

She put the item and the money on the counter, and as Allyx came over, Scout took the money, and pressed the red button on the till, making the clasps come out, and surround Hannah and Allyx. 'Get off of us.' 'No- you're going to join our army.' 'What army?' 'The army to take on the rest of the world.'

Hannah then showed immense strength, by snapping the coupling on her clasp, and then snapping the one surrounding Allyx. It was too late though, because Allyx had already fallen into a trance, and was now being converted to become a Renegade, being stripped of her memories of Hannah.

Allyx's eyes momentarily glowed a faint red, and then her light blue eyes went completely dark and lifeless in the centre, before darkening the blue in them. 'NO ALLYX!' Hannah shouted, but Allyx could not hear her, for Scout had locked her in a deep trance. Hannah then escaped through the door, before watching Allyx get orbed out of the shop, and to my base, where Scout laid her down on a bed, waiting for the darkness to spread.

Allyx woke up about an hour after being orbed to the base, and sat up. Scout said to her 'Hi Allyx', and our recruit replied 'Hello Mistress'. Scout then took Allyx to get her new uniform, and to keep her completely mindless. While that was going on upstairs, I was downstairs, trying to reassure Jade that Hannah was still going to be captured.

'Sorry we failed you Master.' 'We will get her. Now we have Allyx, she'll be coming after you herself. And we will take advantage of it.' When Allyx and Scout came down from the uniform fitting, I sat the 4 of them down, and showed them a sildeshow about my plan to capture Hannah.

'Right- this is where we capture Hannah- it is called the Field of Nightmares. It is a very toxic and exhausting place, but you will be protected for a short time by the darkness you have been filled with. Scout, you will meet with Hannah's friend Mollie at a neutral location later. You will agree to Allyx being handed back over at the Field of Nightmares, and give a message to Mollie.'

I then gave the message to Scout '

Meanwhile, Hannah had told her friends about the game shop incident, and they were shocked about Madi and Jade turning on them, and what had happened to Allyx. There was ten people at the meeting where Hannah had explained what happened: Hannah, Joe who was a long term friend of the sisters, Lydia and Freja, who were twins, their cousin Hayley, Mollie, who was an old mate of mine (and hiding a deadly and astonishing secret), her cousin Megan, Mollie's on/off boyfriend Alex, Emma, who was an old flame of mine, and Becky, who was Allyx and Hannah's cousin. They agreed to keep a lookout for Jade, Madi and Allyx, as well as the mysterious shopkeeper (Scout).

They all looked absolutely stunned when Hannah explained the incident. 'You're kidding me, aren't you?' said Hayley, sounding shocked. Joe replied by saying 'I know it sounds strange, but I actually kinda believe this. I mean, that Madi had been awfully clingy the past week y'know. 'True' Hannah replied, 'and she had been acting all strange. After all, she hates these game shops.' They then all agreed that they needed to find Allyx.

While this meeting was going on, Scout had come back down with Allyx, who was now in her uniform, and I filled them in on the meeting (which I had observed with a CCTV camera), and told Madi that I wanted her to go down to meet Mollie, so that the warring sides could meet at a neutral venue: the Field of Nightmares. Madi also gave Mollie an additional coded message which read 'llomei, ta the gnitmarhe ifled, oyu ilwl hncaeg idses, nda ktae nhnhaa ihwt uyo, yb ncrtlloongi rhe imnd'.

Mollie told the rest of the gang about her message as to where to meet the next day. Hannah discussed it with the rest of the group (minus Freja who was mysteriously ill), and they agreed to meet at the suggested time: 11:45pm that night.

The Field of Nightmares was a harsh and unforgiving place, where only the sturdiest souls can endure the toxic atmosphere, and the distinct lack of oxygen, and trees. Luckily, I had arranged this for the healthiest night of the year, when the oxygen levels were at their highest, and Carbon Dioxide levels at their lowest. In fact, the levels were almost healthy.

11:20- The rebels (Hannah's group, including Freja, who had mysteriously recovered) set off to the field from Waterloo Road where they had met up. Meanwhile, I called for the 4 slaves to get ready for the confrontation.

11:30pm- the rebels arrived at the field, and we set off, walking from where we landed to the field (a short walk, but I couldn't risk teleporting all 4 of us there as we wouldn't have the power to go back again).

11:45pm- we arrived at the field right on time, and Allyx was hidden behind us.

11:55pm- The two warring groups came face to face. After a tense stare down for a couple of minutes, Hannah shouted 'Right, I'll give you 30 seconds to reveal to me where my sister is!' No-one replies. Hannah, enraged, threatened our group by saying 'Right, if you don't tell me what I want to know, then I'll just have to force the answer out of you!'

'Stop' says a faint voice from behind us. The voice made Hannah freeze for a moment. 'Allyx?' Hannah says softly. 'Allyx, is that you?' Yes, it's me' she replies. 'Allyx, thank goodness you escaped!' Hannah exclaimed, showing the sisterly love that she had for Allyx.

'Stop' Allyx said softly, as Hannah was running towards her. 'What do you mean by stop?' Lydia asked, looking confused. 'Stop- we don't need to fight- just let yourselves join our club- the Renegades have all the answers.' 'Oi- masked girl- reveal yourself.' 'Oh Hannah sweetie- I'm not female. I lead these vixens, but I am not female- I'm very male. You're Hannah of the M18 Connection, right?'

'Right.' 'There's a chance you'll recognise me then- I'm a big fan of yours.' 'Just show me your face.' 'Ok.' I then took my mask off, stunning the rebels. 'Phil?' 'Hannah- if it isn't you. My my- how pretty you are.' 'What are you doing?' 'What I should have done a long time ago.'

'And that is?' 'Make a difference. For too long now I have just watched on as this world drives itself into ruin. People on this planet have power- more than they would ever believe. But they know that they have to keep it sealed inside, because they would be treated like misfits- told that they are freaks of nature, mistakes. I'm going to change that. Join us Hannah, otherwise we'll have to force the issue- you have until the clock tower over there strikes midnight.'

'Why though? Why kidnap Allyx to do it?' 'I wanted you- Allyx simply got in the way. I forgot how strong you are- next time I'll make the clasps out of titanium.' 'That was all you?' 'Not all me- my friend Jodi over here recruited Allyx.' 'You were the shopkeeper then?' 'Yep- my master asked me to, and I pleased him.'

'Nice excuse.' I then walked behind Jodi and started doing her hair. 'Do forgive Jodi- she's been brainwashed by me. They all have.' 'Why though.' 'I never fitted in- not like you did. People respect you, despite the fact you're better than them. They never respected me, no matter what I did- I was never good enough. You were the only person who didn't look down on me.'

'Nonetheless, release Allyx.' 'I will do- once you embrace us and join of your own accord.' 'No- I won't join something where I don't know what it stands for.' 'Fine- you've had your chance.'

'What on earth is going' asked Joe. But before he could finish the sentence, I said 'I'm sorry, but time really is getting on.' And then everyone looked at the clock tower nearby







And then, the clock tower struck 00:00


I followed up that by saying Right, we know what time it is'

And then, Mollie started to exhibit a purple aura. Everyone apart from me and Freja was wondering what was going on. Then, a grin emerged on Mollie's face, and she said 'Sorry guys, but I'm afraid that I have an announcement to make. She then recited the message that Madi had given her the previous night 'llomei, ta the gnitmarhe ifled, oyu ilwl hncaeg idses, nda ktae nhnhaa ihwt uyo, yb ncrtlloongi rhe imnd'.

Mollie then said 'the actual message was about Hannah.' About me?' asked Hannah. 'Yes, you Hannah' I replied. As Hannah was about to argue with me, Freja suddenly crept up behind her, and put her hands over Hannah's eyes, while Mollie came up in front of Hannah. I just stood up straight, and said 'Ha- Double Cross! Sorry, I don't play fair- playing fair is for idiots.'

Mollie then lifted up 3 fingers on each of her hands, before putting her entire hand over Hannah's heart, and closed her eyes. Then, a dark red crest of the symbol on Allyx's forehead appeared in the sky, and surrounded Hannah's body, binding her.

The crest squeezed Hannah tighter, as did Freja and Mollie, until Hannah and Freja collapsed, with the Crest on their backs. 'What just happened?' 'Freja and Mollie just turned on you. And when she wakes up, Hannah will as well- trust me on that one. All for the Renegades.' All of us (minus Hannah and Freja) then put our right fists in the air, before leaving in a blast of light.

When we got back, Hannah woke up surprisngly quickly. 'You alright Hannah?' 'I feel better than before- I finally belong. Thank you Phil- I'm a Renegade. And I can see my true feelings now- now I know what I was missing all along- you master.' We then hugged, as Jodi came in. 'Is that your assistant then?' 'Joint assistant- with you.' 'Thank you master.' 'You're welcome- you've served me well Jodi. Now Hannah, you can go and clean the kitchen for me.' 'Yes master.'

Point of View- Phil

4 days later, I was up early to set the machine up. The "machine" was actually a special soul-draining machine to make them even more committed to the cause then they were already. Scout was helping me out with it while Hannah was looking around the HQ still. 'Why are some of the walls crumbling?'

'I forgot to waterproof it. I'm looking for a more permanent location- one with waterproofing.' 'Good idea- if you don't mind me talking to you like this.' 'You and Scout are allowed to call me by my first name. How's the machine coming along?' 'It's nearly been wired up- I just need to put the red one in.'

'That's good Scout.

Once Scout put the red wire in, the machine lit up. 'Good job.' 'Thank you.' 'No worries. Everyone apart from you two needs to go into this machine.' 'Including Tina?' 'No- we'll find another way to deal with her.' 'If you're sure.' Everyone then got loaded into the machine by Hannah while Scout was preparing to switch it on.

The pods had plastic covers on them to seal each recruit in the pods and to guarantee the best result. The pods were sealed with super-strong magnets, to try and make sure they worked. The pod order was as follows:






As soon as the machine was switched on, the pods started filling with darkness. The rebels were probably wondering how and why Freja and Mollie- their "friends" could turn on them like they did. The answer was actually quite simple- this had all been planned out.

Me and Mollie had secretly been in talks about it for months, and she volunteered to be hypnotised if I made her vice president of our organisation, which I accepted. As for Freja, Mollie had cooked her lunch the day before she became ill and missed a meeting between the rebels, which I had planned. Mollie deliberately cooked Freja some out of date beef, which made Freja ill.

When Freja was ill in bed the next day, I had used the black box to warp to her room, and manipulated her onto our side by making her think that everyone was blaming her for what happened to Allyx (which they weren't obviously, they were blaming Madi and Jade), therefore breaking her spirit and weakening her to a point where I could just hypnotise her into willingly absorbing the power of absolute darkness. I then hypnotised Freja again to make the hypnosis stronger the previous day.

When the recruits came out of the machine, I lined them up. 'Now you will all hail me, for I am the representitive of the god Icaron on this Earth- he chose me. You will look up to me as your leader- I know best.' 'Hail Icaron, hail the Renegades, all for the Renegades' was the reply from everyone else (obviously minus Hannah and Scout, who were stood with me watching the rest of them).

Just after that, some of the rebels burst in. 'Do you mind- you're tresspassing.' 'Give us them all back now.' 'Who said I want to go back?' 'Hannah, you ain't thinking straight.' 'It's the straightest I've been thinking in a very long time- I know what I want now. What I want is to stay here with Phil, because he knows best.'

Point of View- Hannah

A new member of the rebels then came in, and shot Phil in the gut. I recognised the rebel immediately. 'Get back here Birchall.' 'Nah- he gets what's coming to him that Brady.' They then shoved me out of the way, and grabbed Jade, Freja, and Madi, before leaving. I then checked on Phil.

'You ok?' 'Been better. Luckily he's not exactly accurate- just grazed the side of my gut.' 'So it didn't actually injure you badly?' Just then, he groaned in pain. I then went to the cupboard with the mystical crests on, but the door was locked. 'Scout, hammer.' Scout then passed me the hammer that had been used to build the machine, and I bashed the door in with just two swings.

I then got out the healing crest (purple with a 12 point star in the centre), and activated it in my hand. I then ran back over to Phil, and used it to heal him- the wound just vanished as if time had been rewound. 'Thanks Hannah.' 'This is us- we're the M18 Connection, the best team in the world.' 'Too right.'

'What do we do about the girls?' 'They'll come back- I can control them remotely.' 'If you can recruit Lydia, I'll find something nice for you.' 'Thanks Hannah. I can use Freja to do that. What do you mean exactly by a nice surprise?' 'You'll see later.'

Meanwhile, the rebels were discussing who should go to rescue Allyx and Hannah. 'Please, just let me go there' Lydia asked. 'No way Lydia, we are not letting you go by yourself.' 'I'll go with her' said Emma, volunteering herself. 'Ok, so it's settled. Lydia and Emma are going to that base' Joe recapped. Everyone said yes with one notable exception: Freja. 'What's up Freja?' her sister Lydia asked, trying to be a caring sister. Freja then stayed silent, but looked concerned, with her keeping her hairband off and her fringe in front of her left eye.

'Come on Freja, you know you can tell us what is wrong with you.' Lydia said, looking increasingly concerned, with her medium length, light red hair tied back tightly in a bun. Still no comment from Freja though, 25 minutes after they started to try and get her to speak.

'Come on Freja, snap out of it!' Joe yelled, getting increasingly tense. 'Joe!' Lydia screamed 'Joe, you are not helping, so please just be quiet!' She then turned her concentration back to her sister, who still had her head down, with her fringe still covering her left eye. Another 5 minutes passed, but still no word from Freja. By now the rebels were getting concerned, especially Lydia and Becky, who was a close friend of Hannah's.

Then, 40 minutes after the suggestion of who was going to the base, Freja finally spoke. 'Sorry guys, but I don't think that you should be going without me there. ' Why do you say that Freja?' Joe asked, looking confused. 'I think that I might have a suggestion' stated Emma, who was looking at Freja intently. 'You know that Freja was hypnotised by that guy right?' Emma asked. 'Oh yeah, I forgot about that incident' Joe exclaimed, finally realising what Emma was saying. 'Well, I was thinking that maybe Freja knows something about him that we don't possibly?' said Emma, who was still speaking when Joe suddenly jumped back into the conversation by saying 'Yeah, like a weakness, or something?'

'Precisely, Emma stated, sounding proud. But Joe, don't interrupt next time please.' Ok, sorry Emm (Joe's nickname for Emma).' Joe!' Emma shouted 'you know how much I hate being called that' 'Alright, alright, I'm sorry Emma, I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I just was trying to have a joke with you. 'Yeah, there is a time and a place for jokes, and this is not either of those, you should know that by now because I know that you are not stupid!' Emma shouted and then said under her breath, just loud enough for Joe to hear 'even though you sometimes act like you are.' 'Oi, I heard that Emma' Joe moaned, sounding unimpressed. 'You were meant to Joe' She stated, sounding and acting very pleased with herself.

Right you two, just behave yourselves now, you can mess around later, but we have other things to concentrate on currently, like how we are going to save Hannah and Allyx from an evil nutcase who wants to rule the entire world!' Please, let's all just calm down' Freja requested, and eventually, Emma and Joe obliged, and stopped arguing.

'Emma and Joe are right that I found out a few things about my master …. I mean that weird guy who brainwashed me. Most of all, what we need is hope' Freja stated, still sounding suspiciously close to me. 'Hope?' Becky and Joe asked. Yes, hope. 'We need hope that we can get my job done to please my …. I mean our job done to save Hannah and Allyx. I mean like me, they were brainwashed in that machine, so they won't remember you lot, but hopefully they remember me' 'Good idea Freja' Lydia said. Lydia then added that she agreed with Freja's theory, and they agreed that Freja should go with Lydia while Emma stayed behind (I agreed to the original deal on condition that only two of them came to rescue Hannah and Allyx.

Meanwhile, I had told Hannah and Allyx about what was going on, and they pledged their future to me. 'All for the Renegades, all for our Master!' they chanted.

When Lydia and Freja turned up at the base, the three of us were waiting for them at the top of a staircase, with Hannah and Allyx both having their hair down, and hiding their crests from view. 'Listen up mate, we are here for Hannah and Allyx' Lydia said, sounding confident about their rescue chances. I then suggested that we let Hannah and Allyx decide for themselves, and I stepped back, and let them show their crests (Allyx received the element power), and that shocked Lydia.

Suddenly though, there was a reaction from Freja, and she suddenly grinned. The middle of her eyes went black, and the pure darkness crest appeared on her forehead. Lydia then turned round, and Freja used her power so that she could get into Lydia's mind, and slowly infect her with darkness, before then saying 'Darkness, infect this empty shell now.' This made the whole room go dark for a moment, and the darkness infected Lydia's almost lifeless body, and we guided her into the brainwashing machine, where the process was a complete success.

Meanwhile, the rest of the rebels were wondering what was taking Lydia and Freja so long. 'Listen up guys….. and Emma, if the girls are not back here within five minutes, then I think that we should go and rescue them.' 'Why though' Becky asked. 'I mean we said that we had faith in them, and if we have faith in them, then we should let them get the job done without us making sure that they are not making a balls up of the entire thing.'

Emma then remarked that Joe should have thought about that not so little point, with him being a brainbox and everything else that Joe has boasted about being. Becky then reminded them that there was a time and a place for sniping, and that the time was not then, and the place was not there.

Then, Hannah had an amazing, yet cruel idea. 'Phil, why don't we make the rebels watch what happened with Lydia and Freja? I mean, they deserve it for what happened to your chest y'know.' 'Yeah, that's a really good idea Hannah, because it' 'will break their spirits' Hannah said, finishing off my sentence, with the exact words that I would have used. 'You know what hun' Hannah said to me while walking towards me in her vest in a suggestive, sexy manner.

'You really need a girlfriend, someone to look after you, someone who will be yours forever, someone to serve you.' 'Tell me about it.' 'Oh, I can do better than that. You see, I said I realised what I needed.' 'I do remember, you're the one without a mind.' 'What I mean is that what I missed was the M18 Connection- what I missed was duelling, what I missed was you.'

Hannah continued, before coming face to face with me. I told her that we could have some fun once the rebels could see the past, so we sent a camera down to them where they could watch what happened.

Unfortunately, I forgot to stop the camera, so it went on to the present.

In the present, Hannah and I were looking at each other suspiciously, and then we walked toward each other.

And then we stared at each other

And stared

And stared

And stared some more


And then she made the first move

And then, we kissed passionately, before going to the bedroom section of the base, when she pulled me into her room

And we stayed there all night long

Which the rebels were not impressed with, when they saw the sequence of events that had just taken place.

Point of View- Phil

The next morning, me and Hannah woke up together. 'So, do you think that we should make this official?' Hannah was asking me a lot of questions after we slept together last night. 'Why not?' I replied. 'After all, we love each other don't we?' Hannah nodded, and then went to get dressed.

When we went downstairs, there was a different celebration going on. Donna, who I had recruited before joining Waterloo road, was back after being sent out on a job to brainwash someone in Italy for me. She was just about to reveal who she had captured when I welcomed her back. The first thing that Donna commented on was the state of the base, which I still hadn't had chance to repair.

After a brief catch-up, she revealed that she had caught the person that I wanted her to and another two people on top of that. She then pulled off the curtain, and revealed something that we had invented together- the hypno-cage. Inside the cage was Melissa (the person who I sent Donna out to get), as well as a small girl called Hayley and a medium sized, medium build girl called Vanessa, who I knew very well (we had been best mates for a while years ago.)

Melissa had her long, straight, black hair down with a glittery gold headband on her head (like Hannah in part 5b), and a black hair bobble on her left wrist. Hayley had her medium-short length light brown hair down, and Vanessa had her medium-long red hair down with a blue hair bobble on her right arm. Hayley had blue eyes, Vanessa hazel eyes, and Melissa light black/dark brown eyes. However, all 3 of them had darkened eyes, and were on all fours with their heads down, due to the cage that they had been in since Italy.

'I'll take care of the new recruits in a minute' I proclaimed, 'but first, I have a big announcement. Me and Hannah (who was just coming down the stairs with her hair in a ponytail, tied back using a black felt scrunchee), are now officially in a romantic relationship.' 'Basically, what Phil means is that me and him love each other' Hannah added, giggling cutely, and then turning me around and kissing me passionately, to which I reacted by getting passionate myself. 'What will happen to Hannah in terms of her obeying you though master?' Allyx asked, looking a little confused. Hannah replied by saying 'I'm no longer his slave, but I am still obeying him, and I will do until I am completely evil.'

Then, everyone clapped, before me and my girlfriend went to deal with the new recruits, who were just starting to move. 'Master, I have made sure that they are obeying you' Donna pointed out, before opening the cage. 'Lydia, Freja, could you give us some help here please' Hannah shouted, realising that it would speed things up. They then came down, with Freja's hair down with a brown hairband keeping her fringe away from her eye. Lydia had her hair tied back in a ponytail with an emerald green silk scrunchee (which was imbued with darkness), which is how I had ordered her to do. Her blue eyes were darkened and soulless, and she spoke very slowly, and with a much coarser voice than before.

When they came down, I told the three of them (Hannah included), to sit down in chairs provided while I did their hair. Then, I started with my girlfriend. I let her hair down, stroked it for a few minutes, and then scraped it back, before using her scrunchee to tie her hair back in a high ponytail, before tying it back in a plait using another black felt scrunchee, and then putting a red hairband on her head (I had contaminated everything I was using with extra darkness).

Then, I turned my attention to Freja. I stroked her hair for a few minutes, before scraping it back, and using a blue hair bow to tie her hair back in a ponytail, before wrapping it round, and using an orange silk scrunchee to tie her hair back in a bun. Then, I turned my attention to Lydia. I let her hair down, stroked it for a few minutes, and then used her scrunchee to tie it back in a ponytail, before clipping her hair up.

We then got on with the task, with me bringing out Melissa, Hannah bringing out Hayley, and Lydia and Freja bringing Vanessa out of the cage. Once we had done that, we moved them to secure seats, and sat them down. Then, straps came out of the chairs, and locked the girls in the seats. I then got out a coin, and woke them up. Once I had done that, I held the coin in front of them, and using a strap on the top of the coin, began to swing it slowly from side to side, with them watching the coin swing. I then said the chant for using the coin for hypnosis purposes.

'Now girls, watch the pretty coin of gold, and you will do as you are told. You will obey only me. Now keep watching the coin. You are under my control, and you will bow down to my will. Now when I click my fingers, you will fully snap out of your trance, and do as I tell you to.' I then clicked my fingers, and they all snapped out of the trance. 'Now girls, who do you obey?' 'You master' they all replied at the same time, showing that they had no personality or will anymore. Me and Hannah then looked at each other, kissed, and then took Vanessa upstairs to find her something classy to wear (we were planning to use her as bait for more hypnosis.)

Meanwhile, Allyx and Jade were tasked with keeping an eye on Melissa and Hayley. 'How long are we gunna have to stay here do you think' Jade asked. 'However long it takes to keep them evil' Allyx replied. 'Hopefully not too long' she added, sounding fed up. However, while I had been with Hannah and Vanessa, the rebels had come up with their best plan yet- a counter formula to my power. They managed to make a potion quickly, and then, sent Becky and Emma up to use it.

They landed behind Allyx and Jade, and took a little bit of the paste like potion that they had made, and spread it on the back of the neck of Allyx and Jade. Then, when Scout spotted what was going on, Emma spread some on Scout's head. The paste reacted, and with a green flash, snapped the first 2 of them out of the hypnosis, but did not affect scout (she had been brainwashed for too long.) I came down to witness the break-out, but caught it too late to keep the three girls. Then, Emma suddenly threw some of the paste onto Madi, which snapped her out of it (the hypnotic spell.) Then, they threw a bit onto Freja, but she just wiped it off (the darkness possessing her was too strong for the paste.) They then grabbed Hayley and left, accidentally leaving Melissa behind.

A few minutes later, when I had realised what had happened, I checked to see that everyone who hadn't been taken was ok, which they were. Then, I decided to formulate a plan to counterattack. Me and Hannah had been working on it for half an hour when she came up with an idea- Lure them in to a temporary base to brainwash them. I then added that we could use that to recruit new slaves.

We knew that we would have to give them a reason to come, so we worked on a disguise for the base. Lots of ideas were suggested, but we eventually settled on one idea- make an obstacle course, and claim that the path leads to a tour of the local shopping centre's lower floors, where there is lots of free stuff to be given away. We agreed, and Hannah said the club motto (all for our master, all for the renegades.)

The next day, all of us (Me, Hannah, Mel, Vanessa, Lydia, Freja, Donna, Mollie, and Scout) went out under disguises, and prepared the base for the grand scheme we were going to undertake. This took several days and lots of hard labour. But when we were finished, it was worth it, for the base looked realistic of the underground part of the shopping centre.

After we had done that, we split into groups. One group (Me, Hannah, Vanessa, and Mel) were setting up the obstacle course that we planned. Another group (Freja, Mollie and Donna) were making the advertising posters for the offer, and the other two (Scout and Lydia) were putting them up around the city streets, at which time Becky of the rebels was walking around the streets of the city when she noticed the posters going up. 'Oh, when is this event?' she asked Scout, who was still in disguise obviously. 'Tomorrow' she replied to Becky, and then Scout's eyes glowed red, and then she made Becky's eyes go dark (she was controlling Becky's mind.)

'Now dear little girl, next Monday you will bring friends along to this event, and you will get through the obstacle course, and be brainwashed' Becky, in a trance, then replied 'next Monday, bring friends, to event, and be brainwashed', with her voice having gone very soft, almost in a monotone. Scout the laughed evilly, and Becky did, before Scout released control of Becky, and got back to work.

When she got back to the rebels later, she told them about this exciting event. 'Sounds good to me' Emma remarked. 'And me as well' Allyx said, being free from the hypnosis now. 'Count me in' Madi demanded. 'And me' Jade added. Ok then, well enjoy yourself tomorrow Sean said (Sean was a good mate of Joe's, but was actually an associate of mine, who I had sent out to make sure that the girls came.)

Meanwhile, I was discussing which of our group should partake in the plan. This bit did not take long. 'Now group, who do you think should' I said, before Hannah said 'I want to Hun, I want to be brainwashed again, and I want to be responsible for catching them.' 'Ok then Hannah, I will let you do it, but there are stipulations' I warned her. 'Fine, tell me what they are then, and I will do it' I then lowered the tone of my voice, and said 'Hannah, should you fail in the task tomorrow, you will be demoted to a hypnosis scout, and will not be eligible for promotion at all for a year. However Hannah, this is double jeopardy, so if you succeed, then you will become the president of the club as I am going to become an associate of the club, but you will have to take action on anything I suggest.'

'So in other words, I fail, and I'm at the bottom of the ladder, but I succeed, and I become the leader' Hannah clarified. 'Yes, if of course you want that role' I added. 'Yeah, I accept' She replied, sounding self assured. I then waited till our weekly evening meeting a few nights later, and then brought the subject up.

'Right everyone, tomorrow as you all know is the start of the Deadly Game. And we need a representative there. Well Hannah has volunteered, and she will be president if she succeeds in the mission, and at the bottom of the ladder if she fails. She has accepted these terms already, so I want to just check that no-one has a problem with her doing it.

'I, for one, believe in Hannah' Freja stated. 'And I do as well' Lydia added. 'You go girl' Scout remarked, giving her a yellow box. 'We support you' Mollie cried, before hugging Hannah. 'I haven't known you long Miss Cummings, but I know that you can and will succeed' Donna said, talking to Hannah like you would a Headmistress. 'I've seen how well you can do Hannah, and this should be your time to shine' Sean supported, before fist-bumping me and Hannah. 'Whatever is good for our master is good enough for us' Vanessa suddenly pointed out. 'I support you just as much as everyone else Mistress Hannah' Mel finished off by saying, talking as if Hannah had already done it.'

'Right then, it's settled. Hannah is our representative in the Deadly Game. I trust that she will do great things with the club, and I will keep an eye on her from the rafters' I included. 'Phil' Hannah suddenly said, using my real name, and sounding like she had a question. 'Yeah, what is it Hannah' I then replied, trying to be friendly. 'Two questions for you. 1. Can we still have a relationship if I become Leader, and 2. When are we going to repair the base?'

I thought about my answer for a good 5 minutes, then got out of my big leather chair, and grabbed a pen and some paper, and using the mental maths skills that I knew I had, started to do some sums. About 5 minutes later, Hannah looked over my shoulder, and realised that I was trying to work out how much the base would cost to repair after the raid a few weeks ago (from part 5a), and she then grabbed a pen and some paper, and started working out how much it would cost to completely finish a new base, just in case it came to that.

We were at it for a good 40-45 minutes, before we then had our final costs. I gave Hannah the piece of paper I had been working on, and wrote a note to her on it as well. She then gasped in shock of what she had seen on my paper, and then read the note and came to an important decision. 'Right everyone, pack up your stuff first thing tomorrow morning, we are moving out of here. I then looked at her maths, and agreed. In total, it would cost £9,720 to completely fill a new base, but it would cost a mammoth £26,750 to repair all the damage to the base and replace anything broken (including the entire door).

She then said that everyone could drop their stuff off at her house, which she gave everyone directions to, and then she would inform the when we could go to our new base. 'One very important question Miss Cummings: Where is our new base' Donna inquired, rightly looking extremely concerned. 'Firstly Donna, you can just call me Hannah like everyone else does, and secondly, it will be the temporary base that we have disguised for the deadly game.' 'Cheers Hannah, Donna replied to her, looking quite impressed.

'Now Hannah, that kind of decision is why I offered you the chance of being president- You are so quick thinking, and a born leader.' I then congratulated her. 'Uh, thanks I think, but I think I just take after my wonderful, amazing, hot boyfriend' She then replied, flirtatiously. 'Thanks Hannah, and your answer to the first question you asked me earlier is yes, of course we can. Hannah, with her hair down now with a black hairband on and while wearing sunglasses (due to the fact that the curtains had been ripped to shreds during the raid and it was a very hot day, then asked, while sounding confused (or as like to put it, being forgetful), 'What question was that again baby?' I replied by saying 'The question about whether we will remain in a relationship if or when you take over the club' I replied, reminding her, before passing her a bottle of water (hot weather= Dehydration), and holding her other hand.

She then smiled beautifully, before kissing me on the cheek and thanking me for the answer and the water (typical Hannah), and then taking a long drink of water while we all waited for her. Then, I noticed someone's shadow appearing in the doorway, looking in on us. 'So, I see that we have ourselves two little lovebirds have we' said the figure, and then, I realised that I recognised the deep booming voice coming across the room. I got up out of my chair, and went over to the doorway.

'Hey, what's up Niall' I said to the figure, before fist bumping him. 'Ah, nothing much, just thought I'd come to ask for my old job back' he replied, sounding as calm as usual. 'What, your job as my right hand man?' I replied to him. 'Yeah, that is the role I mean, not my other role as the Chef' he sarcastically replied to me.

'Well, the chef is actually me now, and the answer is no, because I'm no longer the president.' 'You what, you mean you've been overthrown!' Niall said, sounding extremely shocked at my news. 'Overthrown, no. I actually just resigned this morning.' I explained to him. I then continued on to say 'the new President will be decided tomorrow, depending on how a certain job goes.' 'What do you mean big Phil?' (Niall's nickname for me is Big Phil, even though I'm only 6ft 3in compared to his 7ft 5in)

'I mean that I have picked someone, but they have to complete a grade X job for me first.' 'Ok, are they here?' he asked. 'Yes, She is here today, and is actually Hand-picked as my successor by me. I then pointed over to Hannah (who Niall recognised, as they had dated briefly in the past.) 'Well Hannah, can I become your assistant if you complete this job tomorrow?' Niall then enquired (although it was more like begging.) 'Yes, I would love you to become my number two Niall' Hannah replied, and then shook his hand.

About an hour later, it was time to go to bed. The only people who decided not to go to bed were me, because I had lent Niall my bed, and Hannah, who was making sure that she was prepared for the Deadly Game tomorrow. 'Hannah, I can't let you do this alone tomorrow' I confided in her. 'I want you to become the president so badly, but I had to put the double jeopardy bit in, as part of the rules.' 'Phil, I want to do this by myself, because I need to prove to myself that I can lead the club as well as you have' she explained to me, sounding determined. 'Ok then Hannah, but let me just give you a map of the building so you don't get lost. 'Ok then, thanks, but please don't interfere tomorrow Phil' 'Ok then Hannah, I will wait patiently with everyone else and hope that you succeed. 'Thank you Phil' Hannah said, before hugging me. 'Now go and receive your destiny, you deserve it with that dark passion and emotion.'

The next day, after me and Niall moved all of the furniture out of the base and into Hannah's house (with her permission obviously), I went to see her. 'Hannah, you ready for this?' I asked. 'Yeah, I'm ready for this. 'Ok then Hannah, remember not to let the others see your crest.' They won't do, don't worry. After all, I'm Hannah Marie Cummings, the soon to be President of the Renegades.' 'You go girl' I told her, looking forward to seeing her go.

It was 10:00am when Hannah met up with Becky and the other rebels who were taking part in the Deadly Game (or as the rebels knew it, the shopping scramble.) 'Oh hi Hannah didn't expect to see you here, what brings you here anyway?' Hannah then informed Becky that she had quit the renegades and was trying to get back to normal life. They then went off to partake in the Deadly Game. Of course, Hannah actually lied.

When they got to the building where the course was, the security guard (Niall) gave everyone a uniform, consisting of a plain white shirt, and plain black shorts. He then pointed out the changing rooms, and they went to get changed. They were then pointed to the start line. They went off, and saw the other competitors, mainly female (as you would expect.) 'Right listen up everyone, the course is ready, and once you get into the lift, you need to input the entrance number on your shirt. Also, only the fastest 10 can progress- after 10 people enter, the lift will go down. Are you ready?' All the competitors said yes. 'Right then: Go!' At that moment, Hannah set off with everyone else.

The first part of the course was a mental challenge. There was twelve maths problems of increasing difficulty. Each room had a puzzle, and two doors. One had the right answer above it, and the other had the wrong answer. If a competitor gets a question wrong, they have to wait in that room for a minute, a lot of time in this contest, before going through the correct door. After all 12 puzzles were answered correctly, they could move into task 2.

The second task was physical. They had to swim through 1 metre of icy cold water, and that is why the instructions on the poster said to bring swimming costumes/trunks. If they had to stop at any time due to exhaustion, they had to stay for 2 minutes after they were ready to go again. After completing the swim, they could lift the barrier before task 3 (after changing out of their swimming gear.)

Task 3 was mental again- a laser field. They had to figure out how many lasers there was, and type the number in. If they were right, then the lasers would stop for them, and they could pass. If not, they either had to wait 30 seconds for the computer to let them guess again, or risk making their way through the lasers. If they were hit by a laser, they had to stop for 90 seconds, and they would be forced to go through the laser field if they guessed the amount of lasers wrong 3 times. Once they were through, they could press the button to let them on to the last task.

The final part was a physical challenge. They had to run up a steep hill, and then climb and duck under moving metal jaws. If they got touched by a jaw, they would have to stop there for 45 seconds. Once they had done that, they had to activate the lift and then stand with their backs to the wall to signify that they were done.

Straight away, Hannah was leading. Soon she got to the first obstacle- the maths puzzles. Luckily for Hannah, the map I showed her showed directions, which meant she knew which door to go through each time, and because of that, she was leading going into obstacle 2.

She quickly got her swimming costume on, and then leapt into the water, while a member of staff (Lydia) delivered her clothes to the third stage. Now one thing about Hannah is that she has won countless awards for swimming, which saw her complete the metre in no time at all. Then, after getting changed, she tackled stage 3.

Hannah took a moment, and then slowly counted the lasers. After a few minutes, she typed in the number 26, and the lasers vanished. Hannah then pressed the button and went onto stage 4. Hannah took a moment, and then powered up the hill, helped by the fitness training that she had done the previous night. Then, when she reached the jaws, she quickly ducked under the first one, then jumped over the next 2 and slid under the last one, before going into the lift, and entering the number on her shirt- 0707. The lift then took her down, and she was through

Eventually, 10 people, including all of the rebels competing, had made it to the lift and were in the lift, waiting to go into the underground section (all 10 were girls). Then, a big booming voice (me) told the ten of them to walk down one of the metal ramps, and then, under a disguise, I spoke to them from the top of that ramp.

'Well done girls, you have made it this far. You will receive your reward in a minute, but first, I would like to introduce my friend and colleague Sean, who has a gift for you 10 individuals.' Then, Sean walked beside me, and pulled out a bucket. I then revealed my identity, and revealed that this was a trap. Then I said the crucial words: 'Sean, the gas!' Then, Sean threw the contents of his bucket down towards the girls- a green gas that enveloped all 10 of them, and hypnotised them.

I then went down to see them. The gas cleared, and they were all just stood there, hands by their sides, without any expression, and their eyes were darkened. With Hannah and the members of the rebels were Elesan, Donna's sister, who had here long, red hair in a ponytail with a green headband, a yellow hair bow, and was medium build, Saiorse, who was an old school friend of mine, who had her long, dark purple hair down and had a medium build, and Megan, a small size, small-medium build girl who had her medium length blonde hair tied back in a bun with a black hair bow. . I walked around them for a couple of minutes, and then returned to in front of them.

I then said to them 'Now girls, you're past lives are over. Accept my power over you and be reborn under my control!' They then all said 'Hail our master, Hail our master', still without any emotion in their voices. I then told them to follow me down into our club base, and they did.

When they got down to the new base, I said to them 'Now girls, this is your new home. This is where you belong, and here you will receive power. Now I would like to speak to Hannah, Becky and Elesan by themselves, so everyone else, go and find your uniforms.' The rest of them then did that, while I spoke to the 3 that I wanted to.

'Now Hannah, you have become the new leader of the Renegades, so well done' I said to her. She replied 'Thank you', and then sat down. 'Now Becky, you have links to the rebels that I want.' I told her. She then replied 'Master, they are now my enemies, I serve you.' I then said to Elesan 'Now Elesan, You are Donna's sister, but also my slave, and you will do as I say.' She then replied 'Yes master, you control me.' The girls still sounded empty, so I then went into my bag, and got out the Psychic power crest, and then told Becky and Elesan 'Now girls, I will put this onto your foreheads, and you will embrace it's power.

I then brushed Elesan's fringe to one side, and then gave her and Becky the power of the crest, which made them grin, and turned their eyes blank for a moment, before the came up again, still darkened, but with a red glow now. They were extremely evil now, and I then tied their hair back in a ponytail, both of them, and then clipped Elesan's hair up, before telling them to get their uniforms. They then left, and I went to spend the night with Hannah in her office. And bearing in mind there was a desk in there, you can guess what we were doing in there.

A couple of days later, my bags were packed. 'Are you sure you're ok with this Hannah?' 'Of course I am- you need to spend some time honing your skills. And I need to learn how to be independent as a leader.' 'Thanks Hannah- you're an absolute angel.' 'No worries. Just stay in contact- I want to know that you're safe.' 'I'll phone you every day.'

'Master, why are you leaving us?' 'Scout, I'm only going for a few weeks- I have a few things I need to take care of. There's people I need to see as well- I need to look after the best interests of the club beyond the clubhouse. Hannah will lead you well.' 'Thanks master.' Hannah then walked up to me.

'When you come back, I want to have a baby with you. I know I'm infertile and all of that, but.' 'We'll work on it Hannah. I promise you.' We then kissed again, before I left. 'Hannah, may I ask why you're infertile?' 'You may, and it's a long story. Tell you what Jodi- I'll get everyone else back to work when we get in, and then I'll explain it all to you. You'll need some tissues though- talking about it is difficult for me.' 'I understand.'

How will Phil's trip go? How will the Renegades improve? And what happens when the Renegades target someone with very unusual DNA- a wolfblood? To find out, read on. You've seen What Makes An Army, now it's time to Viva La Revolution in The Renegade Revolution Chapter 1- Renegades Unite!

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