Mind Logs from The Cerberus Order

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Tape 1


“Don’t mock me child I know how to kill.” The Demon lady laughed.
She makes me so nervous, with her friendly smile but dark eyes. The rest of the crew call her the witch and honestly, when you a see six foot dude, hands that could crush my skull like it was nothing, act afraid of a slender, five foot six woman, you know something’s up.
Of course my comment that she couldn’t even harm a fly came before I saw my crew member’s reactions toward this mysterious woman. Still, aside from her eyes, I had yet to witness anything demonic or ‘witchy’ from her.

“But you heal people. You make them better. And I mean all you do is use potions.” She laughed at me, so did my brother.
“Ah Reggie, Reggie, you got much to learn.” The Witch always spoke to me like we were friends. We’re not.
This is a pirate ship and here’s this chick that was once part of a rich family. When she had the opportunity to escape this life and go back, after being kidnapped by the captain might I add, she chose to stay? Why would you do that?
“So much to learn.” My brother follower her comment, he always belittled me. Although I know his intentions are good so I can’t really be mad at him for it.

Everyone always says how my brother looks scary. I think it’s just what comes with the title of Captain. He’s a big softie really and that always showed when he laughed.
“I heal and that’s what I’d rather do.” A dark expression crept across the Witch’s face, “There’s been enough death in this world.”
She sighed, “I’ve killed enough and I don’t wish to do it anymore. He knows that I will only fight as an absolute last resort. Even then I won’t be fighting for him.”
She looked at my brother with a weak smile. I’m curious as to how long they’ve known each other. How did they meet? The rest of the crew might be afraid of her, but I admire her and I can see why my brother respects her.
“I’ve been many things little one.” Her statement was rather ominous I didn’t dare ask to expand on that.
“You claim I do not know. But I know. I know better than anyone else here. I know far more than your big brother here.” “I have been on this earth far too long and I have seen things you will only hear in stories. I have done things that exist only in your nightmares.”
She leaned in closer breathing calmly near my ear as she began to whisper, “Your crew fear me. You’d be smart to do the same child.” Her blunt tone sent shivers down my spine, but I wanted to prove to her I wasn’t afraid just like my brother.

“I’ve seen monsters worse than you.” I told her hoping I sounded more confident than I felt.
Her tail softly waved about as she laughed with the words ‘how adorable’ tasting her lips.
She’s undermining me, I looked at my brother who seemed to be agreeing with her. Did he have no faith in me? Does she scare him too?
“The Vultures and any other concoction of monster are stupid beings whose are lost without a master. Mind you, humans have evolved to become immune to and cultivate into something better.” She smirked.

“You mean the Bloodhounds right?”
I’d grown up surrounded by the Bloodhound guards patrolling the city to protect us, although I was never sure what from, we were in the city. Safe.
But my brother saw it as isolation and left when he turned sixteen before he could be sent off to the upper school and begin his service training. A few years later it was my turn. I was ready to go and serve the order, a part of me still wants to. But he came back and took me away to his ship, never letting me say anything to our parents. That was a few months ago.

She continued on talking about her clear hatred for the Order, my brother laughing along as though they shared a funny memory. I wasn’t really paying attention as I looked out to the sun setting on the ocean’s surface making it look fantastical with its bluey purple hue.
“-Cerberus hide behind those monsters. They make themselves into demons and call it power. To protect. Really they’re all just a bunch of power hungry egos who want nothing more than to be worshiped like God’s. But you know the dumbest thing?” Her question snapped me back to reality but before I could give any form of response she continued on. “God’s were made by us. Humans. We wrote and told those stories, spread them around and believed in them-”
I looked back to her, “-At the end of the day, it’s just a story made by mankind. That’s why they’ll never be God’s. God’s only exist because of us, striving to become something we made is impossible.”
I couldn’t really argue with that, she had a point and in honesty, she’d been around much longer than anyone else here, how long I have no idea, but if anyone knows anything it’ll be her.

“Speakin’ of those dogs, you were gone a while Hilda.” His voice went soft as it was accompanied with a frown, “We missed you and I know. I know you said you wouldn’t fight, but to ditch us like that was a low blow even for you. Don’t tell me you went back to them.” I felt like my time in this conversation was over but I was curious and hadn’t been told to leave just yet.

She scoffed, “Like I’d go back them. At least not willingly.” She sighed.
“It’s been three years Hilda. Where you been?” My brother sounded concerned which was rare when it came to her. She rubbed her left arm which was hidden under her jacket. I knew what was there though. No one told me, but I had my suspicions and our conversation from earlier had pretty much confirmed that she was once a soldier for the Order. Silence passed for a while, “Hilda?”
She looked out to the ocean with a cold look on her face, “An old friend needed me.”

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