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Tape 2


I wondered when waited with my siblings for my new family. How many miles have I travelled? What would my new family be like? I feel the wheeled contraption that is my current home move. There was a soft female voice behind me, “Would your daughter like anything Madame?” I heard her ask with that voice, probably accompanied with a fake smile.

Unable to see my surroundings, I was curious as to who she was talking to. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand grab me. That was it, my moment, the day my life changed for the better. I bid goodbye to my brothers and sisters and that cramped dark place, as I’m placed into a plastic bag and given to my new family.

I was out in the open again soon after, which made me wonder what the point of the packaging was. Smaller hands held me tightly, “It looks like our cat!” I was faced with a girl, her big green eyes reflected mine along with her beaming smile.

“Thanks mum!”

“Ah, Chilli. That seems nice.” I remember the one called ‘mum’ saying. I saw the girl frown. The girl didn’t like my name, I wasn’t too fond of it either.

“Would you like to give me a new name miss?” I asked her.
“I’m going to name you after our cat. Max!” She cuddled me gently.

Good she’s happy again, “Max. I like that. What is your name?”

“I’m Lucy!” She giggled. She used to do that a lot. Not anymore.

Years have passed since that day, we have had many good memories. Over time she played with me less, but that was okay, we still talked. Lucy was grown up now and didn’t have the time to play. My old friend came home sick today. She groaned when she realized no one was home, no one’s ever home apart from me. I haven’t heard her talk for a few days, just make weird noises, I’m beginning to miss her voice.
She’d been looking ill for a while and had grown thin. She also hadn’t changed her clothes for some time. They’re filthy, she used to be good at looking after herself. But the world changed drastically a few weeks ago and she changed with it.

“Good evening Miss Lucy! How are we today?” I greeted her as always. She never responded any more. Not with words anyway. Just clicking and groaning. It was something at least. I wanted to remind her she wasn’t alone though.

The world had grown much quieter and sadder in the last few weeks.

As I watched from above the wardrobe that she placed me on a few weeks ago, the last time I heard her talk, she looked up at me with her dead eyes.



“Are you feeling okay Miss?”


“Miss?” She screamed at me. Did I make her upset? She was crying red tears. That was new.

“I’m sorry miss I didn’t mean to frighten you. Max is sorry!”
She groaned again, this time trying to grab me, she couldn’t reach. “I would help you miss but it appears my legs have rusted. Max is sorry.” She continued to try to reach me, causing the wardrobe to shake, eventually it toppled over and I was flung to the other side of the room. I managed to life my head to see Lucy flaying her arms around as half of her was crushed underneath the wooden structure. “Lucy Miss you’re hurt! Please don’t move so suddenly. Let me call for help.”

I called emergency services just as my programme tells me.
“I’m sorry but the number you have tried to reach is no longer in service.” Huh? That shouldn’t be right? It’s the right number. “I’m sorry but the number you have tried to reach is no longer in service.” What’s going on? Why can’t I get help? Huh? “Miss Lucy?” She was close to me now. “Miss Lucy your body is broken please don’t move!” She was bleeding a lot, barley looking human from the tangled mess of her torso and bone sticking out of various parts of her body. She continued wailing in pain, why are you still moving! Don’t move miss!

“Miss what are you doing?” She reached out to me. How long has it been since you’ve held me? Her blank eyes stared at me as though she had forgotten who I was. “Hello miss. It’s me Max! Don’t worry I still love you. Even if you don’t speak or smile any more. I still love you.” Suddenly half my sight went dark, that isn’t normal. “Miss what are you doing?” She’s breaking me? Why is she doing that? Is it because I couldn’t get help? I’m sorry you’re in pain. “I’m sorry Lucy. Max is sorry. I’m sorry.” I lost both of my legs. That’s okay though, they were broken anyway. “I love you Miss Lucy. I’m sorry I couldn’t- I’m sorry I could- n’t – Couldn’t.”

System Error. Corrupted Memory Seek maintenance.

System Error. Seek maintenance immediately.

“I. I. I love. I love y. y. y. I love you.”

System Failure.

“I love you.”

Shutting down.

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