Mind Logs from The Cerberus Order

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Tape 4


Beyond the old rusted gates and handmade metal fences that shut the small town from the outside world, was abandoned roads, houses and cars rotting away at Mother Nature’s ruthlessness.

As a child the soldiers I’d see on the news and in video games would wear heavily armoured outfits and carry high grade weaponry. Now two years after the outbreak of Gaia I watch a group of soldiers about to head out, wearing normal clothing with maybe shin pads and plastic as their best defense and modified hockey sticks, kitchen knives and baseball bats as the offence. I’m starting to understand why anything apocalyptic was set in America now. Finding a gun in England is fucking impossible.

They called it a ‘Nightingale’. I don’t really understand why, some old geezer said she looked like Florence Nightingale, but it’s only ’cause she’s got a nurses uniform on, there’s not much correlation but it just stuck and she’s different from the others we’ve seen. The bitch ate three people last week like it was nothing.

I heard tapping against the gate in nervous anticipation as one walked towards the lever to open it. I was nervous for them, I really hoped they would succeed or it’ll be me heading out soon. The gate slowly opened, there was not a thing in sight just an empty road and a distant gargling sound. She was too close.

Everything was over quickly after the gate closed behind them. They disappeared into the distance, and everything went silent.
Suddenly there was a chorus of screams and a figure appearing in the distance.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A lone member came hurting back towards the gate. I wanted to let her in, but the boss was adamant that wasn’t happening. “Let me in!” She screamed. “Oh Jesus fuck let me in!” I don’t think I’d ever seen a human run so fast before.

The Nightingale was now in sight, there was plenty of time to open the gate and let the girl in, she was young, thirteen maybe? Why the fuck did they send a kid out there? Despite the pleas and the arguments from some of the members the boss told everyone to shut the hell up.

Aside from the thing in the distance, then the silence returned and something changed in the girls eyes. She stopped a few meters from the gate, it was clear she understood what was going on, I expected her to cry. But there was nothing. She was completely void of all emotion. I couldn’t even sense any fear, it was unsettling to say the least.

After a few moments she looked around, looked at the boss, and ran. The next thing I remember was that thing approaching us.I hope she’s okay. I never even knew her name. I think someone called her May? My? Mi? I don’t remember. I just hope she’s okay.

Karmas a bitch y’know?

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