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Tape 6


The civilization was crumbling, I knew for a while this was going to happen. Everyone had been so focused of their damn appearances and fake happiness to share on the internet as if to say ‘Yes I am really this happy! My life is amazing!’ it was always a lie. They wanted to ignore all the bad shit that was happening in the world to the point where in their eyes everything really was fine. It wasn’t fine. It wasn’t fucking fine!
I just wasn’t expecting it to happen this quickly though. I’m so scared I feel sick. I knew what was about to happen, this Earth was about to evolve, and the people of this planet would become the pillars of the new world. Most wouldn’t have the privilege of living in it however maybe no one would. But it was good to see many adapt and at least try. The ones who gave up, who made it worse would become examples of how not to live. They will be as the humans they once were and become the monsters we have to kill. They’ll become obstacles for the new civilisation. Their follower counts on Instagram won’t mean shit any more. Hell they’ve probably eaten some of their so called fans.

I felt slightly terrible leaving them, my family at least. I did all I could. But they wouldn’t listen. At least that’s what I’m gonna keep telling myself. They wouldn’t listen. They believed themselves to be indestructible. With their slave machines and that drug. That god damn drug. Why did anyone think they could define perfection? It’s subjective. But no, some money greedy cunt decided that it had to be something that everyone would view the same. True beauty. Because apparently beauty means becoming a drug addict and start acting like a rabid animal and looking like death.

Have they not heard the stories of the God’s? Or did they only read about their power. Gaea is the one true ruler. Nature is controlled by no one. Even Gods will fall beneath it. But, they didn’t listen. They didn’t listen.

They’re dead now. My family. My daughter got sick first, I stayed for her, and I’m not that cruel. But one day I came downstairs and heard her growling like a fucking dog. I- I don’t really want to remember. Just know they’re all gone. That was two days ago. I think.Everything went to shit pretty quickly, people could no longer ignore it, but they realized too late. These people could not be saved, you could only save yourself.

I’ve heard a lot of screaming and shouting in the last few days. Many sirens from police and ambulances as they’d fly past this abandoned apartment I’m in. At first at least. The roads are silent now. I have to leave now, those monsters I once called family nearly killed me, but I couldn’t bear to put them down. So I carried them outside while they were unconscious and left them. I felt like shit for doing it, especially when my daughter asked me where we were going and I told her I was taking her to her mom’s. Which was kinda true. She was out here too. I saw her sometimes, lingering. Maybe that was a shitty thing to do, but they could still be in there. Somewhere. Although, a part of me hopes they’re gone. My mom would really hate it if she couldn’t watch her documentaries.

I need to get out of Washington. American’s were hostile before, I think I’d be shot in an instant, I mean I look god damn awful and ah, is that a bite? I don’t remember getting that. Not that it matters. I think I’m going to die with these demons, maybe become one? I don’t know. I don’t care anymore.
Everything was perfect.

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