Mind Logs from The Cerberus Order

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Tape 7

AUDIO FILE 9087&*%2£$a7X***

“Who are you?” Despite how scared the girl looked, her voice didn’t display fear.

“I am the android sent from Scylla. I’m here to assess you.” The girl’s heartbeat had slowed, I have reassured her.

I analysed the confusion in her face, “Asses me?”

“Yes Miss. Scylla would like an update on your progress. Miss Hiroshi it seems that your vitals have improved greatly over the last few days.” I smiled. “Your physical exam is ready to be taken again.”

“Updated?” She is full of questions, has no one spoken to her since I last saw her three days ago?

I smile again, “Yes Miss. You will be sent to take another physical later today. Then you will begin your training.”

“My training?” Another question accompanied with an unexpected smile, “Does that mean I get to leave my room? And I can meet others like me?!”

“Yes it does Miss. There are plenty of children just like you, you will meet them eventually, but you shall begin with your solo training.” She frowned. “Now please get ready miss. Someone will be here shortly to begin your examination.”

“Okay!” She jumped off the bed with energy I didn’t know she possessed. “Thank you miss.” She grabbed her yellow jacket that had her registration number. “So uh. What’s your name then?” She spoke in a casual tone I’ve not heard her use in a while, but I was too thrown off by the question to correct her use of English. We’ve met many times over the last four years, but never once has she asked my name. Nobody ever did that.

“My name? I am Android 8932-”

“No, no, no. That’s your registration code, like mine. What do I call you? ‘Cause I ain’t usin’ that long arsed number.” She folder her arms waiting for an answer.

“Why are you suddenly so interested Miss? Nobody has ever asked me that before.” I fetched her shoes to encourage her to get ready. We really must be going."

“Well I’ve seen you a lot and well, uh, you’re the only one who talks to me.” She lowered her voice. That wasn’t true, was it?

“Well, Miss Reid calls me Eve.”

“Kinda lame.” I heard her mutter, “Well it’s better than a number. I supposed you already know my name. Obviously.” She scoffed.

“Of course I do it’s. It’s. Hiroshi.” The girl smiled, but something seemed wrong.

“Yeah you do know.” She began putting on her shoes.
I don’t understand that’s her last name. Her name. Name. What is her name?

“Miss?” She tied her laces as though she hadn’t heard me. Why didn’t she correct me? “Miss what is your name?”

“Man I can’t wait to meet people. It’s been so long. I’m kinda nervous though.” She looked up at me as I proceeded to repeat my question. Again she didn’t answer. “You’re right they’re probably the same as me.” She continued on. Why aren’t you listening to me? Can she not hear me?

Name name name namename. Her name what is it? ~ERROR MEMORY NOT FOUND~ “Your name is ~ERROR MEMORY NOT FOUND~ Name. Your name is, is- I don’t know- Know.” ~ER**OR CORRUPTED MEM*RY~

“Your name? What is your name child?” I looked at her again yet, she was no longer there. I was no longer in a room, just a dark void with lingering whispers.

“Give me a name you piece of shit.” I heard a voice say, it was male.
“Give it here lemme try.” I heard another.


“The fuck is manual 18?”

“Summit we don’t got so we’re winging it.” This time the voice was female, they sounded young. What is happening?


“The girl has to be her right? C’mon Leo how long we’re you two together?”

“No one like her has a last name so why would I know?” The man spoke in a solem tone. Was he looking for Hiroshi? I need her name. I need to remember! My vison was black but I could sense I was on a table of some, I must have had a memory relapse, how long ago did I see Miss Hiroshi?

“Di* **ey h*rt you?” I tried to ask, my sound box has been damaged.

“What? What are you talkin ’bout?” The one named Leo responded.

“W-w-who ar* y*o you look**g for?” I asked.

“I’m looking for a friend.”

“Giiirlllllfriend.” The two other voices seemed to mock.

“Friend.” He emphasized. “We were together a while ago but Cerberus broke us up.”

“A true tragic love story.”

“I swear to fuck Gina if you don’t shut up.” He sighed. “We may have uh, borrowed, you.” There was something about his choice of words that made me think her was lying, but I let him continue, not that I had much choice since most of my systems had been damaged, contacting the Order was something I could no longer do. “Anyways, after some searching we found a lead, which was you. So I need you to remember.”

“Oh wow, ask it to remember why hadn’t I thought of that!”


“It’s an android dipshit, askin’ aint gonna work.”

“Wh*t is her. Her. Her name?” I manage to ask.

“Maya.” He hesitated like he’d forgotten it himself.

“M*y*. Maya?” It sounded familiar. Was it her name? Maya. Maya. Maya Hiroshi. I don’t know. I don’t know. ~ERR*R **MORY NOT F**ND~

“Fuck.” I feel like I’m failing them. “Gin is there anything you can do?”

“Imma workin’ on it ya impatient prick.” I could heard her frantically typing away, a computer maybe? Moments passed in silence, “Ask her again.” She said after a while.

“What was the girl’s name?” It took me a while and eventually the darkness faded out back into the girl’s room.

“Who are you?” the girl was in front of me again. My previous memory was repeating, I tried to look around her room to see if the name ‘Maya’ was correct as the girl continued on as if I was talking to her. I grabbed her coat and looked at her registration number ‘376’, if he knew her maybe he would know this? How did he know her? Was he a student too? Why was he looking for her, she’d still be in the school right? Can’t he just go there? While I was thinking everything went black again and the voices of Leo, Gina and the unnamed male returned.

“It is her! You saw her! When! When did you see her?!” He sounded ecstatic, I must have done something right.
“Ar* *** * stu*ent?” I tried to ask but my voice was barley working. Why was I so broken? Did they do this? Did I do something wrong? I don’t remember. “Are yo* y- y- you * student?” I repeated sounding more intelligible.

“Student?” He asked.

“Yes. Yes.” There was a moment of silence, I couldn’t see anything which was frustrating. Why did he sound confused? Had I asked the wrong question.

“No.” He eventually spoke, “Eva?”

“What is the date of that audio file?”

“Give me. Me a mom*** Mr. Leo.” ~S**KI*G AUDIO *ILE *49***1~

“Anything yet Gin?”

“Mr. Mr. L- Leo *e fil* you. You have view** is from the 25th September ****.”

“What? What was the year?”

“2025” I repeated.


Moments pass.

More silence.

“Fuck.” Miss Gina eventually said. “That’s over four hundred years ago.” She muttered quietly.

“Four hundred Miss?” That couldn’t be right.

Further silence.

“Leo man.” She sighed, “I’m sorry dude.”

No response.

“We’ll find her alright.” The other male spoke. He didn’t sound too sure of himself however.

I was confused, this is what they wanted, I sensing disappointment. Was it really that long ago? What year was it? Why can’t I remember? ~*ILES CORRUPTED MEM**Y *AILU**~ “Have I done something wrong Mr. Leo.”

“No.” He sounded tired. “No you haven’t.” Pause. “It’s not your fault.” I heard footsteps leave the room.


“Fuck fuck fuck”

“Oi oi Gina shut it down!”


“Fuck that’s Suarez! Gina for fuck sake do something!”

“I’m on it ya cunt! Just shut the fuck up!”

“What the fuck are you doing?!”


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