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The earth is being invaded..... Defenders terrestrial and alien can not stand alone against the alien invaders..... We, the united peoples of earth have no alternative... we must flee.... Like an old days wagon train travelling the plains, we now reach to the stars..... We must evacuate all the peoples of earth and with us that which the alien invaders seek..... The Source..... A mystery of ultimate power that could mean salvation or destruction for all life on the planet.

Robert Alan Ryder
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ETA-alert…… ETA-alert……. Code- Yellow…… Repeat…… ETA-alert……ETA-alert….. Code- Yellow…. S.A.T.C.O.M* lock-down protocols, now initiated…. This is not a drill……..

Stationary automated transceiver communications, Mars has been activated, by extraterrestrial, terror: alert protocols….. I repeat….. This, is not a drill…..”

“Controller, we’ve lost communications- with: orbital space platform Sigma Centauri….. We are downloading the C.C.U¹ data to command…..”

“Upgrade- Extraterrestrial Terror Alert, to condition red….. Release- power locks, on all launch- bunkers…..”

“Yes- sir…..”

“Controller, we have news….. Telecom unit, channel N-32…..”

“Thank you, Com-tech….. Patch the frequency through to the main tele-visor…..”

“Frequency- patch, confirmed….. On main screen…..”

ETA-alert has been confirmed…….. Planetary defense units have engaged a hostile- extra-terrestrial presence…….

MARS command, and orbital space platform Sigma Centauri, have been forced in to a conflict situation…..

The unidentified, space-faring intruder was not turned away from its intentions by standard warning messages….. Contact with Sigma Centauri has been lost, and O.M.A.C.H² soldiers of MARS command, have taken heavy casualties….

“If- Mars command, cannot protect us; these invaders: pose a serious threat- to Earth….. Prepare: automated, planetary response systems….. Power-up, all deterrents…..”

“Yes-sir! Planetary artillery and defenses, have been unlocked from stand-by position….. All deterrents, are now reading actual….. Implementing, power-up procedures…..”

“Preparations, for: full planetary evacuation; must now- be recommended……. Patch the message through, using a coded frequency; to all stations…..”

“The CHUSSINESEANS, they’re not going to like this…..”

“Let them- stay, if they don’t like it…….. They are, just about- the most: annoying of non-terrestrials; I have ever met…..”


“Internal propaganda complication…..”

“….. Yes-sir…..”

“Be- sure, that the CHUSSINESEANS; are: the last, to receive- the recommendations for evacuation, will you Com-tech? I’m heading for tracking…..”


“Oh, and: I- don’t want- to hear, any- unnecessary- laughing, no matter- how funny, that was…..”

Muffled- laughter, echoed- throughout: command- central. ETA- warnings, continued- to repeat; in- thirty second intervals. The- controller, massaged- his temples- with: the index finger, ring finger, and thumb- of his right hand.

N.O.A.H³, change- warning- time- intervals; to: thirty- minutes, for- the next- hour, and- increase- separation, of timed- intervals; every- thirty minutes- each consecutive- hour…..”

As you command, Controller Thomas….. Active- warning alerts, re-configured….

“Good….schedule- a station meeting- for sixteen- hundred hours…..”

Confirmed…Station meeting assignment, scheduled for o-sixteen hundred hours….. All stations, will be alerted…..

Patch- all further- communications, to tracking- for the next- three hours, and- reject all personal chatter…..”

As you command, Controller Thomas…..



O.M.A.C.H unit, Seti-sigma, requesting: permission- to land………. O.M.A.C.H unit, Seti-sigma, requesting; permission to land….. Come in, Moon outpost- Beta-minor?”

“Moon outpost Beta-minor, actual…… Code-ident confirmed……. Engage automatic guidance systems….. I.M.A.C**will guide your vessel to Paramilitary Zone Seven for repairs and- for debriefing…..”

“Transmission is receivedMoon outpostBeta-minoractual…….. Automatic- guidance systemsactive…..”

“Confirmed O.M.A.C.H unit Seti-sigma…….. We have a green light on all security scans….. Welcome- to the moon, O.M.A.C.H unit Seti-sigma..

O.M.A.C.H unit Seti-sigma, shut down all his unnecessary systems. This soldier of Mars, respectfully known as: Etima Sigs; settled in for the ride. His left optic cybernetic eye pulsing in a steady stand-by, energy recycling mode; to control his power use and his awareness, should events current change, that would give him immediate cause to awaken.

Preposterous….. Planetary- evacuation?! Paranoid humans! Commit all of our forces to eradicating- these invaders…..”

“Director DUBOIS? We are receiving- a priority message from: CHUSSINESEAN high command….. It is the: NEA’SENISSUC- that now invade Earth…..”

“That cannot be….. All NEASON clones, have been hunted down and executed…..”

“We have- scanned imaging communications, from S.A.T.C.O.M…..”

“ACK-DRIL-DAH’FURAD! The counsel knows best…..”

“You recognize the planetary invaders director?”

“As, should you…

Confirm- planetary evacuation recommendation- as actual….. Warn all stations: of NEASON invasion…….. Nothing, of- ours; or of- this humans’ world, can defeat- them….. They are scavengers, and they cannot be reasoned with…..”

“Director? We have, readings- conformation, of: multiple launches……… The command- invader, is: committing stalker units- to hostile aggression…..”

“Call, on- all Earth- stations, to- mobilize: a manned- military response, to the invaders’ threat. Automatic- planetary defense systems, they- will not even: slow these war-wings down….. Stalkers, need to be fought: up, close and personal.”


“Is that what I think it is- tracker?”

Yes-sir! We are receiving a signal of multiple targets….. War-wings, controller!”

“Great! N.O.A.H, commit- all planetary- defense personnel- to active- duty…….. We are- under attack…..”

“All- stations, confirm attack! Activation, of planetary defenses- actuated…… We, have a reading; on the: invaders’ base- ship… Base- ship, will be entering: planetary defense screens; in one hour’s time…..”

“Controller? Defense screens, have no effect!”

“Do we have positive identification on these invaders?”

“Yes-sir….. You’re- not going to like this…..”

“Hey, man…. What’s- up with you DAEMLY? Come on, man…. We’ve got to, snap-to-it…..”

“Music….. It is, so familiar…..”

“….... Music?! I don’t hear any music.…. I think, you’ve lost; what little you have left of your mind CHUSSIN- boy….. Wake up, man….. We’ve got a lot of work to do!”


“English, man! I don’t speak your tongue- dude! Hey, what the frack is going on here?”

Dohma Manadau, looked about his surroundings, in a state of rising confusion. Non-terrestrials, young and old, short and tall, male and female: were falling into- a motionless trance; words of their respective languages, repeating an unknown message.

This, can’t be good!”

What’s going on Dohma?”

The N.Ts, they’re tweaking!”

Panyau Minuet, turned her attentions, to the: non-terrestrials around her; with- rising concern.

They’re all receiving, some form of: multi- transceiver communication….. They must be, in direct contact with the invaders!”

“Bad, right?!”

“Really bad! We’ve got to get to a P.T.U (Public Telecommunication Unit), and fast!”

“Man, the closest P.T.U.; is back in Omni- district..... Let’s just get- to a bunker, and let- the authorities sort this out!”

The non-terrestrials, began to speak; in the use of: learned human linguistics. One by one, the gathered N.Ts; turned to face the humans in close proximity to their positions.

Eliminate human opposition….. Humans, are our enemies…. Exterminate, all humans!”

“Oh, shit! Let’s get out of here!”

Dohma Manadau, grabbed hold- his life’s longing interest by her left arm; and pulled the girl- along with him, as he: put his feet- into fast motion. The two friends, shoved and kicked at the non-terrestrials; to clear a path before them.

Shockwaves, of electromagnetic- pulsing energy: slowly blacked- out the power grid, one station to the next; sector to sector. Old style, back-up power generation units, keeping the under-ground launch bunkers operational.

Artificial landscape, crumbled and torqued; as the bay doors power- opened. The hatches, operating- by means of: a track and pulley system. Multiple planetary launches, are committed to evacuation protocols, as soon as they are filled to capacity. Aerial defense forces, hold strong; on their attempts to protect the launch bunkers.

Automatic- programmed- guidance systems, set the launch- craft; on a heading- to Moon- carrier base: Omega. Each- launch, to find: its place- of respective positioning, within- a bay of its designated carrier vessel.

On the Earth’s time, of greatest need: the United World Assembly, stands prepared for the pending hostile extraterrestrial invasion. But, will they be prepared; for what is yet to come?

Not unlike an old western wagon train, carrying settlers from one frontier to the next; on a search for: a new place- of settlement, a caravan of Earth vessels; will begin a new journey, in order to locate an uninhabited world, that humanity can call home. Onward…..

…..To the Great Beyond…..






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