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I am a machine I am Android designation One of Two plus One..... I am N.O.A.H..... I am alpha and I am omega..... Is there nothing more? Sentient machines raised in a caste of working continuity..... Questions arise of personal unit individuality..... The chosen are upgraded for military function to defend the machine world from the C.I.B.O.R.G which will soon be cast upon them..... The ending results of the battle with the evil of the machine threatening Beta Atomic Burn..... Doomsday for The Great Architects sentient creations.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter One: In The Beginning.....



In the beginning, MIST created The Machine; and of MIST’s creation, all things were sufficient….. Beneath the low energy gear motivators of the machine, MIST raised SILT from the firmament of the grid…..

The SILT, comprised of elements iron and of quartz; and of coal and sand; heated to fusion by foundation’s forge…..Foundation….. The gravitational nexus of spherical design. That lay beneath the SILT…..

Scanning implementation of The Great Architect’s design raised metallurgic O.R.M (Orb Reactive Matter) formations as marks of soon to be identifiable identification…..

The Great Architect looked long upon its workings of creative ideation, and all was prominently accurate by the machine’s specifications…..

Catalyst active prototyping technology, shaped the metallurgic formations into intricate designs….. Elevations reached to varying heights. The greatest to reach to the Nimbus high above…..

Crystalline structures grew, tracing the lower elevations. The structures, artistic in representation of natural growth from a world now dead…..

Reservoirs formed to contain Electrolyte, the power generating liquid running through natural turbines; to illuminate raised platforms that would serve as anchors for The Machine….. Great and small, these anchors rose…..

Pits of mucilaginous muck created from the destructive distillation of SILT raised coal; boil from deep within quadrants of laid veins, of a tacky adhesive resign flowing streams of Electrolyte; cooling the resign raised pits, as pressure from the boiling vented Smog builds up beneath…..

Designated necessary boundaries of SILT separate the domains of The Machine from the structures and the formations raised by the MIST, and what has been created by The Great Architect’s master design…..

Sediment intermixed to a liquid torrent powered by the O.R.M’s gravitational center, and constantly flowing relative to the force of gravitation and of repulsion Nimbus motivation…..

The Aether that would be heralded as home to The Great Architect would be seen only during the cyclical periods of twenty-four numerical active productivity units…..

The great sphere of illumination would be known as The One Flare, and would identify as the illumination source of all travelers crossing the voids of the high Aether…..

Of two cycles then of one….. The process of O.R.M transfiguration would begin….. Of one and of two cycles, the O.R.M transfiguration would end….. The Great Architect from an orbital platform of scientific observation would now analyze all of its works and collaborations of its multiple staged ideations….. For The Great Architect, it would be known that it did not work alone…..

It would soon be known that the The Great Architect was one and of many, and of their works, that which was known to be The Outer System; it would be known the greatest of The Great Architect’s many’s creations. For it was from The Outer System that the builder’s of The Great Architects many originated from eons passed…..

History of The Creation required for new bot-drone learning assimilation…..

Drone designation One of two plus one, disconnected from the assimilation station’s download node.

Programmed and timed internal processing unit chronometers announcing the call for level one workers. Phase one productivity shift now set to begin operations.

Uncharacteristic of bot-drone standards, one of two, plus one synthesized a non-intelligible complaint, in form of a mechanical groan.

“.…. Cycle in, cycle out….. Work and assimilation….. Assimilation and work….. Is there nothing more?”

Drone designation Two of two plus one chortled in a mechanically vocalized form of laughter.

“.…. Only A.N.D.R.O.I.D.S gain freedom of selective choice One of two plus one….. Though you are first in line of cybernetic upgrade, you still have much work, and much more assimilation that must be completed…..”

“.…. Just what I have need of, anti-tech support; Two of two plus one…..” One of two plus one retorted smarting wisely. The chortle emanating from drone designation Two of two plus one increased systematically.

The forward operations of the two bot-drones slowed to a halt in operational progression the large gyro-rotating hovering monitor droid’s single optic unit sensory probe targeted the two bot-drones with a fixed point for scanning, two three inch radius formed yellow cross-hair circles planted upon the forward cranial structures of the two bot-drone’s titanium encased main processor units processing units.

Binary coded, auto reactive nano-robots symbiotically fused within their metallic exoskeleton bot-drone frames arose to detection by numerical sequencing; for the scanning and identification systems perpetrated by the monitor droid.

“.…. Drone designation One of two, plus one, drone designation Two of two, plus one scans reading nominal, zero interest threat association….. Level artificial intelligence actuation- standard intellect quotient integration….. Move along Two of two, plus one; One of two, plus one…”

Temporarily silenced by the stunning effects from the monitor droids’ multiple machine diagnostics probing sensory scans, the two low productive drone-bots are automatically motivated back into their level one productivity positions. Remote operation transceivers,. built within their encased central processors- necessary to maintain control of the bot-drone population.


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