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EIGHT is an android. She is programmed for one thing to detect, find and destroy the resistance. But when she meets the resistance, she starts to question everything she knows. EIGHT, looks like an every day Golordian female, from one of the moons of Golordia Prime. However, looks can be deceiving. She is actually an android. She has been programmed for one thing. Find the faction code named GABE, infiltrate them, find their leader Code named Zero, and kill him. But when she meets the members of GABE she starts to question her programming, and question the man that built her, her own father Norman Hunraken. This story is set on the same moon as my other stories of Subject: One and The Chronicles of the Wolf, EIGHT is a short story of things that happened on Rho 60 years before Behemet appeared on it in the Chronicles of the wolf!

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I am an Android

I realize that you may not believe me when I say it, but I will go on and say it. The designation I have been given is Esmerlda Isabel Gloria Hernandez Teal, or Eight for short. I am what many designate as being an android. My body stature has been copied from that of a Golordian female approximately of the status of young adult. Like the females of Golordia, I am much smaller than the male counterparts of this race. At a measurement of 185 cm tall I am considered small for a female.

The females of this race, the Golordians, range in height between 180 centimeters to about 245 centimeters tall. My stature of 185 centimeters is almost the status of being designated as a dwarf. I am unsure why my father created me to be this way nor why he decided to give me any of the other features he gave me. When I encounter new Golordians they always consider my built to be frail, and this term that I keep hearing them call me “thin.”

My subroutines define “thin” as having little or too little flesh or fat on the body. I suppose when I take that definition into analysis one could call me thin. The measurements my father gave me were apparently chosen because of extrapolations of the ideal body for a Golordian female. With this thin frame I am often left wondering if perhaps my designer was in error when it came to use this extrapolation of the ideal female Golordian body as his guide to create me. Even my olive skin, almond shaped eyes, and dark hair seemed irregular to most Golordians that I have met in my existence.

Although, my subroutines do not entail me to do such things as pondering or wondering and writing about them on my own accord, I have done so. Perhaps it is that that has led me to start logging this into a journal. I got the idea from a young Golordian female I saw write into a data pad once, I inquired to know what she was doing, and she told me she was writing about her events. When I inquired why she wrote down her events she stated it was to help her reflect on the activities and thus be able to refer to it.

Though the idea was flawed I decided to dabble into keeping a journal to annotate my activities. I had scanned this female’s journal without her noticing and know the basic structure of a journal. The female had started with an introduction of herself, this was a bit of unorthodox an android rarely had opportunity to introduce oneself in this manner. However up to now I have analyzed my self-introduction based on the scans of the female’s journal and believe I have provided sufficient data worth reverence.

Other scans showed that the female also noted where she was from and a general background of her upbringing. Well I was created on this moon, on which I live now. The moon is known as Rho, it is in fact fully named as Golordia Rho, however when one spoke to other Golordians (I have noted) one referred to this moon as Rho and others would know what one was referring to.

Golordia Rho is one of 12 moons of Golordia Prime. Golordia Prime is our parent planet. Per historical accounts; a long time ago the planet was once inhabited by the Golordians however that changed some time ago when the atmosphere of Golordia Prime was erased by a civil war that had occurred. The survivors of that civil war migrated to the 11 inhabitable moons of Golordia Prime. Golordia Rho was one such of these moons.

Golordia Prime itself was situated in the star known to other races as Deneb, it was the name given to this the brightest star of the constellation designated as Cygnus. The name apparently meant the “tail of the hen.” When I have seen star charts of this constellation, it does look like a bird of some sort with Deneb being where the tail may be. So I could see where the name came from. Many other races simply knew this star as Alpha Cyg, it is unknown as to why this designation perhaps some races categorize the stars in a constellation in order of brightness.

Deneb is categorized as a blue-white super giant. Due to this the sky of all the moons of Golordia Rho often shines a bright white-blue on a cloudless day. Golordia Prime and its moons lay situated about 2 billion miles away from Deneb, this distance from such a massive star has allowed the Golordians to come to existence and have been in existence for at least 300 million years, having space travel the last 3-4 million years.

I myself had been constructed in a region of Rho called the Ides of Rho this area was close to the equator of the moon. Perhaps therefore it was designated as the Ides of Rho. Though none of the definitions of Ides that I have seem to fit, thus I must make a supposition that one is referring to the “middle” as the general concept. I was created there not too long ago by a scientist by the name of Norman Hunraken.

I supposed you can designate Norman Hunraken as my father. Though he never saw me beyond that of an android he created. His actual daughter Persephone did seem to treat me like a sister, and I began to regard her as such as my subroutines could extrapolate and categorize Persephone as a sister as she was a person who I was related to in some way and we were technically part of the same family.

Perhaps my interactions with Persephone were all to see how Persephone and I interacted with each other. All I knew from the beginning was my sister Persephone. My interactions with her on a daily basis had become a routine and it was all I knew and I do know is that I would protect Persephone if any harm or ill intent came to her.

I never knew my father’s intent with me. Why did he create me? Perhaps he had created me to keep Persephone company? This was the idea that I had for a long time but when the rebellion began to break out he suddenly programmed me differently with a new set of subroutines. And perhaps this is where my story begins.

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